Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 20 March 2013



It's been a busy old week...I don't know why because I can't remember what I've done but it hasn't involved much twiddling of thumbs......!!

Anyhow, the desk...
The rotary cutter has been christened...oh yes, indeedy, I LOVE it! It just speeds up the whole process of measuring and cutting....not that I measure much...cough... I tend to do it by eye. I'm good at guesstimating accurately :) So I've been making another needle holder except this one's a little smaller and not for needles!! It's scraptastic though, which is pleasing! You can also see the cardi I knitted for a friend's daughter's first birthday. I found some buttons from my stash...hope it fits!

I've just top stitched around the edge of the case.. the loops are made from a really pretty woven narrow ribbon and I've been a brave girl and used two of my spotty buttons....I'll get over the trauma soon... *grin*

And that's it for my crafting but of course there's other stuff to share!

We woke up on Sunday and had a big surprise when we opened the curtains! Harry the Cat is not impressed....

Looking out on a monochrome world...

My junk hare sculpture looks good against the white background :)

Harry's done a bit of mountaineering but nothing's improved!!

So it's just as well, with all this freezy weather, that this was finally installed:
It caused a bit of grief going in (nothing is ever easy, is it..sigh) but finally got going yesterday - yippee. And I've always wanted a basket of logs by my fire...stupid but true...that's another thing ticked off the list! Parascending's next, lolol !!

Have a great week :)


  1. Hullo there Jan,
    As usual a great creative space today, love the bright colours of the needle holder - and well snow think you can keep your cold weather, am afraid! parascending??? well I never :D
    Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #no number yet

  2. Wow Jan, love your new fireplace and the logs look very impressive! Also love the hares on the top. We are expecting blizzards again this weekend - and today is meant to be the first day of Spring! The little cardi is beautiful, such gorgeous colours and well done on getting the rotary cutter, it will save you time if nothing else. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #34

  3. hello Jan, gorgeous fire place i wouldnt be without ours we toast marshmallows on ours ;)

    gorgeous bright 'springy' colours on your desk lets hope spring appears soon im a bit 'over' winter now

    Happy WOYWW tfs Mrs.C #43

  4. Love that song, Jan. I'll be humming all day now!!
    We had that scene on Monday and it's doing it again today......oh how i wish it were Spring!!!!
    Love the colours you are sewing with, you always have so much going on. If I lived in your house I wouldn't be moving far from that lovely fire. enjoy!!
    Good Luck with the paragliding!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #71

  5. Oh I love the fire! Not something I can have in my maisonette, lol!! Your desk looks very busy (and pretty) this week. Can't believe how long this winter seems to have been - enough now!! Isn't the desk great? I love it. I agree about an apothecary's cupboard, that would be amazing... Helen 8

  6. How lovely to see you cosy fire on such a cold day.....we have one too and love it :-)
    How brave of you to use special buttons like that :-) I have lots like that hehehe
    A x # 62

  7. Morning Jan, happy WOYWW.

    Wow, I know how that lovely creation turned out - perfect :)

    Before l get onto that lovely fire, I ADORE your hare's on the mantelpiece (old fashioned word there). I love hare's, they are truly magical creatures, if only l ever had the chance to see one in the wild, maybe one day! Anyway, that fire.......looks, so welcoming and partnered with perfect logs. I wonder who selected those???? I bet at some point soon, one of you will say 'boy, it's hot in here', my hubby can never stay in the room five minutes when our fire is on tee hee which means l get to toast nicely.

    Enjoy the warmness and many thanks again for your kind gift - I love it!

    Big hugs xx ❤

  8. Good to see you're loving the rotary cutter. I wouldn't be without mine :o) Your fireplace looks fantastic and there's something so cosy and homely about a big basket of logs. Bring on the parascending!!
    Fiona xx #76 (trombones!)

  9. Good Morning Jan, Lovely post today , glad your liking your Rotary cutter. Happy woyww Jill #15

  10. love your little cardi.......... the new fire looks great and the log basket so homely

  11. Ooh, I love the basket of logs, the effect is fab! No envy for the snow, comical in how we missed it (snowed in Harrogate AFTER we left and roads blocked etc).
    Glad you like your new cutter and some fab work going on as usual.
    Hugs, Neet xx 2

  12. Strange weather indeed! I have a rotary cutter and I use my WRMK magnetic cutting mat and magnetic ruler, however I STILL can't cut straight!

    It's always a struggle getting it in? OOoo er Mrs

    Jakix #94

  13. Gorgeous fabric there, and yes I can see the benefits of a rotary cutter! Snow pics are fab! Love your hare against the white! Enjoy desk hopping. Take care Zo xx 87

  14. That hare sculpture is ace-I love to see stuff made from reclaimed scrap. And you're a cat person- yay!!!! I've just tried out a rotary cutter I've had for ages- ruined a blade going up onto the metal ruler. Doh! Off to e-bay for some spares, I suppose.I couldn't cut in a straight line to save my life without a ruler.
    Have a great week, Hugs Shaz #77

  15. I miss my open fire! There is something most wonderful about real flames and baskets of logs and I am truly jealous. We had no snow at all just along the coast! Amazing really. Have a wonderful week!

  16. Oh your fire looks so lovely and cosy. I love my wood fire they are just awesome.. Love your patchwork I have a rotary cutter but have not used it yet must get it out..Kitty looks quite happy really exploring in the snow.. Love the rabbit sculpture.
    Sandy :) #9

  17. Pretty photos.Adorable little sculpture. The weather ones are exactly our windows this week, everyday. Big drifts from the wind and hubby is tired of moving them. 3x in one day only to be blocked in the next.
    Your tiny cardi is so cute...I'm sure will be handy with the change of seasons. Cheers to the logs, something about nostalgia, coziness of a fire and logs!! You'l enjoy it. My dream is SPRING in all its loveliness. Enjoy the week

  18. Toasting your toes, whilst knitting cute cardis. Blimey..about 40 years too soon for that, huh?!!

  19. Never mind the log burner, not that it’s not very welcoming…..…..I just love those hare’s on your mantelpiece……beautiful!
    You always manage to have such bright and pretty things on your table Jan and it never fails to brighten an Wednesday morning. Think I may have to commission you to made a needle case for me now that I’ve started knitting again.
    As for the weather, well I hate to boast but down here in my little corner of the south east we’ve managed to miss the snow so far. I was expecting to get up to it this morning but no, the sun was shining although it’s overcast now and threatening to rain.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @98

  20. Very pretty colours on the workdesk, and take a deep breath and release - spotty buttons going to a good home lol!! this weather is getting a bit much innit - snow in March for goodness sake!

    can't wait to see the parascending pics [big grin]

    Debs #85

  21. Ooh Jan, lovely photos! Happy Spring, lol!! Looks like the mister knew a thing or two when he ordered those logs then after all! Love your pretty table this week, a lovely antidote to the white outside. Beautiful cardi for the little one, and I do love your hares, in all their guises.

    Brenda 112 I think

  22. your desk looks as though you havWishing you a very Happy WOYWW
    Riae been really busy with lots of lovely things going on. I am loving that fabric you have used really pretty

  23. Beautiful makes as always, such pretty fabrics and love the baby cardigan! Your hare sculpture is amazing and I spotted some on your fireplace too! Do you get them around your garden? We used to get them a lot when we lived in Scotland, I used to love to watch them. Love your log fire, I am sure you will be enjoying it with that white stuff out there!

  24. Me, I cannot WAIT for spring :) Sick to death of the white stuff, even if we had less of it this year than the last 2 or 3. And OMG - am I reading it right? Did you only JUST get a rotary cutter?? Nothing like getting dragged, kicking and screaming, out of the 50s.... Funny, it makes me remember, when I was little and we lived in Brooklyn, there was a guy who came round to sharpen scissors. Not quite with a horse and cart but not far off. Yes, I DO pop round to Fabricland every so often - FQs at 4 for £3.50 is a steal, even if they do often veer towards the twee :)

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (4)


  25. are so going to love the rotary cutter. It will save you so much time and your cuts will be so even!

    The little sweater is adorable and the tiny card is so lovely too.

    Thanks for sharing your garden...I so love to see those little glimpses of the gardens around the world...Your hare sculpture is superb and i also love the hares on your mantelpiece.
    Scrappymo #37

  26. OMG do you want some sunshine and warm weather, we have heaps here down under at the bottom of the pond. How can that cat stand to be outside in the freezing weather? gosh he is making me feel cold. I think I prefer my backyard even though it is not completed yet LOL Hey the pool is in and the sun is shining. Lopve the new fireplace. Also have fun with the rotary cutter.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 24

  27. My garden looked just like yours on Sunday - quite a surprise to me too! Love the butterfly fabric - think I might have seen it before somewhere!! Your little cardi is so pretty - fab colour mix and so neatly done. x Jo

  28. It's so cold here, I wouldn't be surprised to have snow either...brrrr.....!!! Love the hare and poor old Harry, how put off he looks with snow. The fire is the best bit, nice and cosy and definitely warm! Happy WOYWW! Karen 140 x

  29. Your week has been so busy.
    Love your snowy photos, gorgeous fire and as for parascending!
    You are so much braver than me to even consider it :)
    Happy WOYWW and have a great week Heather#133

  30. Great projects going on there. That little cardi is too cute. Love the snow photos. #110

  31. What a snowy garden love the hare sculpture in the snow!
    Like the pics of Harry in the snow..... Bet he wasn't out for long in that
    Jackie 17

  32. That's a very pretty little cardigan. (It's my new word for this week. cardigan in Spanish is el rebeca. Strange eh?). Those snowy photos, and your animals enjoying it bring back some memories, but I think I'll stick with my Spanish sunshine, thank you !
    Kate x #57

  33. Hi LLJ. Lovely fabricky desk again - hope the cardi fits - it looks lovely! I loved my rotary cutter so much I went and bought another one!!!! They're great, aren't they?!?!?! We had the snow too - your garden looks prettier than our with it though! Harry doesn't look too impressed with it!!!
    Have a great week
    Happy WOYWW

  34. I am glad that the cutter is working so well. That cardigan is so pretty and I love the snow photos. Poor Harry doesn't look too impressed though! Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro xx #81

  35. Hi LLJ
    you really have gone all patchy haven't you, love the fabrics and well done for using some of the buttons. I hope you can bear to give it away. Love the fire, looks like it was just in time too..... AGH all that snow.
    have a good week
    janet #28

  36. Pooh Bear said "if it was easy...they would all be doing it", yesterday I was heard to mutter through my tears of self pity "I just want ONE THING to be easy" today I realise it is a bit like saying 'it's not fair' so I guess today i feel more grown up than yesterday, if you need to be a child for a bit get out in the snow and play and forget fair or easy and just play, and in playing for a little while we forget our reasons for grief...Mr Rabbit looks damned fine...and your patchwork proves you have a good eye (or two)

    dxxx 153

  37. Pretty fabrics Jan. Fire looks very cosy - been glad of ours - hear we might have snow on Friday!!!!! Here we go again. Happy WOYWW Anne x #161

  38. i can totally relate to the basket of logs. I loved our fire in Turkey, but the central heating in Scotland is much more appealing in this weather.
    caroline #99 (akilli melek)

  39. Hi Jan,
    What a HANDSOME fluff-ball is that Harry, and I love the photo of him watching the white and black world around him. That really takes my eye. I was hatching an idea in the shower (as you do) that relates somewhat. Watch my space. ;-)
    Speaking of eyes - some people have good spatial sense and some don't. I do a lot by eye too, and can tell if something is skewed half a millimetre. And what a fine woman you are, parting with some favourite stash. I get so mean with the best stuff because I like to look at it and know it's there.
    Good to catch up,
    Ros. #47

  40. PS You wouldn't believe how it's overcast, raining, blowing a gale and decidedly cool here today. Mad March!

  41. Oh my goodness...I'm finally home from a long, crazy busy day, and am finally settled in with the cats beside me, visiting my dearest soul sister across the pond! Now, your scraptastic stuff, is actually fantastic and never looks scrappy. But I think you have an eye for gorgeous fabrics! By the way, I had so much fun loading up my roll with knitting needles. My needles finally have a home, and it's so pretty! Love that you got a new rotary cutter! You won't be able to live without that thing now. And I am like you--I like to eyeball it! So, it is highly likely in the morning I could drive in to work, the snow storm hits mid-morning, and I could be stuck! Dreading, dreading. We'll see, and I'll hope for the best. Hubby would rescue me in his big truck. What a way to start spring, Jan dearest! You are a gorgeous, English rose, by the way, and maybe the roses will bloom when this crazy winter is over!! Hugs and love! Sandy Leigh

  42. Well, shoot, LLJ, I couldn't have picked a worse week to show off my sunshine and posies, could I? Sorry, tweren't done on porpoise! Harry looks pretty miffed about the whole thing, too, and I'm sure he's equally delighted to have the roaring warm fire and basket of logs!

    The highlight, of course, was the sweet and perfect little girlie cardi you knitted. Love it so much!!!

    Thanks for coming by my place already! I hope you enjoyed the spot of sun and managed to take it back with you. Have a super-duper week! Darnell #42

  43. Pretty snow! Traditionalist me never thought I'd like a rotary cutter. LOVE IT! Cozy fire looks inviting. Creative Blessings! Kelly - who isn't playing this week, just window peeking in the neighborhood hehe

  44. Wow that cardigan looks so cute!!

    Keep warm!

    Happy WOYWW!

    StampinBoots x #144

  45. You can't beat a real fire ... even if it is supposed to be Spring! Love the fabric and what gorgeous bunnies you have too. Thanks for sharing and Happy belated Woyww Liz @ 80

  46. Brrr! I am sat here freezing and could do with your fire as well as mine!!
    Loving all the colourful projects on your desk this week. Your hare looks great in the snow!
    Now, can the snow please go away and let Spring do itself!!

  47. Hi Jan, you've found a fab use for those little scraps of fabric ... nothing wasted by the looks of things :) Harry looks just as though he's mimicking the hare's stance - maybe he wants to model for the next sculpture :)) Love your log fire and I don't think there is anything daft about wanting a basket of logs by the fire - it looks so homely.

    Hope you have a lovely weekend despite the awful weather. Hugs, Elizabeth x #55

  48. Cozy fireplace. Love metal bunny sculptures! My old guy, UBZ the Cat loved the snow. He would burrow in and chase the field mice. :) Me and 'the girls' are Florida peeps. No snow for us, thanks. a bit late finishing my visits. Happy WOYWW! Nan #3

  49. Usually I visit you first these days, but the Kindle battery was flat on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning so I barely had enough power to link up. Now I am very late. Your fire looks great. Just what we all need if we are as short of gas in the country as they are saying. We had ours put in a couple of years ago, and that was chaos - I think the plaster dust is still in the air from then. We are off to buy another free standing calor gas heater so we can use our huge gas bottles which are both full. I hope Harry has acclimatised to the snow. Our old cats would go to the back door as usual to be let out, put one foot over the threshold, and rush straight to the front door to see if the weather was better there. When they found it was just as bad, they would just give us a filthy look and retire back to bed. Take care and keep warm. xx Maggie #32

  50. brrr...cold snowy pics but a great log fire.

    So, parascending at the next WOYWW crop then? :-)

    Kyla #129