Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 13 March 2013


( In Loving Memory of May Williams, my Mum)

It's been absolutely perishing these past few days...flurries of snow, winds from Siberia....perfect weather, in fact!! For staying in and crafting, I mean :)
I can probably show you this's the finished article that I started last week...

It's a knitting needle case or a carrier for paint brushes or crochet hooks or anything else that takes your fancy!! I had fun making it, it was reasonably quick, used up scraps and is useful...I don't think crafting gets much better than that really!
I know I was supposed to be stash busting... but it's all Jaki's fault *grin* You see, she gave me the heads up on some gorgeous Spring fabrics (Andover Fabrics, if you're interested) and after finding out that there were local stockists...well, I just had to go and see for myself!
I ended up at the Studley Craft Village near Royal Wootton Bassett and went to a lovely little shop full of beautiful quilting cottons and quality yarns. The owner was very helpful and chatty...she has an online presence. Give a look. Anyhow, there were some lovely fat quarter bundles...I could have bought so many but limited myself to one pack and a single...
Here's the pack...I love these tones, so fresh and pretty!
And here's the fab is that?? The large buttons were part of a fab display. I bought 6, they're going to be a raffle prize at the Crop.  I had a lovely time riffling through this little lot....
Don't you just want to dive in?? 

I was a very lucky girl on Mothering Sunday (which was a toughie, as it was my first without Mum...) My boys spoilt me rotten and gave me these as a present...
Cool, huh? They're jolly useful and will last longer than chocs or flowers... (actually, I had some of them as well!!) Oh blimey, Hettie, it looks like I'm going to have to do a bit more patchwork now!

And finally, DH and I had such a laugh reading your Log stories and comments last week. The amusement continues...DH found these whilst log blog surfing...
Um, like, wow!
I saw a fern here, DH saw a creepy crawly...
Owls are on-trend everywhere! Look at the moon and icicles and axe in the log. That's so amazing.....

I think that we're going to have to try a little bit there's a challenge  *grin*

Have a great week!


  1. Those log pictures are just fantastic. Well done for finding those gems. It makes our log pile looks bit pathetic really. I just wish we had a good material and aggressively shop round here. We seem to have lost all those when we were turned into a New Town. We used to have two wonderful wool shops too, but they vanished under the concrete of the new chain stores, the ones that have now gone bust. Progress is not always good. Have a good week. xx Maggie (as usual, no number yet)

  2. Hullo there Lunch Lady Jan,
    What fun you had shopping - love those buttons and spotty dotty fabric is gorgeous!
    And feel for you with your mother too - no-one like a dear mum is there? the worlds irreplaceable treasure. Glad you family spoilt you- and look forward to further quiltings :D

    Happy WOYWW no number yet our day is nearly over here in Oz, but two hours till 6am over there :D
    Shaz in Oz.x

  3. You were very controlled in your shopping and I love your colour choices. Im going to show mum the log pics as she is into wood carving now, at 80 year old.
    Lynn 29

  4. Nice show of control! I keep saying I am using what I have and end up spending on more. Decided I am going to have to get more control and purge the Room of Stash of things I bought years ago and never have used! I think this is going to have to have some parameters set up to keep me in line so I don't end up with more then I started with. Love the log art...can't wait to see what you and your hubby come up with! Thanks for sharing. Have a great week. Vickie #1

  5. Hi Jan, oooh I love your new fat quarters and the single piece with the buttons is just gorgeous! Those log pics are amazing - there really are some very clever people about! Lovely pressies from your boys too. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #23

  6. Love your new fabrics Jan but I do have to say I REALLY love the log piles...aren't they stunning?
    A x # 44

  7. Your new fabrics are stunning! love those buttons too. The log pics are amazing and I must say that your DH must have it bad to be log surfing but what a result.
    Sweet memories of your dear Mum. They never go away.
    love Jo x

  8. WOW! What fab log photos! The fabrics are pretty too, I'd have been tempted by those as well. Sending hugs for Mothers Day - absent parents and all

  9. Great needle/painbrush case and I love your new fabrics! - I didn't dare look up the website - I'd be too tempted and need to use up some of the stuff I already have!
    Bernice #57

  10. Morning Jan, You look as busy as ever. It's no good trying to resist temptation, it never works and sometimes we just need a treat, so good on you for buying some beautiful new fabric. Love the blues. Sorry, the buttons have made me go all weird, can't cope with them so no i don't want to dive in thanks, will leave that to everyone else!!
    Love the logs sculptures, how amazing. Your Hubby needs to go to Austria and admire their log piles, they really know how to stock pile over there, every house has them.
    Your Mum will always be with you in lots of little ways but I'm glad you had a nice day on Sunday and were looked after as you should be. Sending you a special hug.
    Happy WOYWW
    hugs Lisax #59

  11. Beautiful fabrics Jan and those buttons...... I really need some of those. Buttons are like sweeties, the more colourful the better - not sure that is right but it's what I think anyway. Not seen the log blog but I will have to go and look at earlier posts.
    Ann B

  12. Morning Jan

    Happy WOYWW.

    Love the wallet you've made, it's gorgeous and perfect for my crochet hooks that l keep losing in the bottom on my bag. Are they for sale on your webbie?

    OMG, not sure whether to show hubby the log art or not lol. There are some clever bods out there clearly with a LOT of time on their hands :)

    Have a good week xx

  13. yes, rummage rummage in those buttons!! The log art is fabulous - all of them. Definitely a fern though....the owl is my favourite however. Glad you had some fabulous Mother's Day gifts... lucky you! Have a lovely week. Helen, 11

  14. Love your needle holder/ looks fab x
    The materials you chose are great and thanks for showing those photos, so clever :)
    Happy WOYWW Heather #46

  15. What a great idea that needle holder is. Might just have to make one - think I can manage that but it won't be patchworked as yours is.
    Love that singleton with those big buttons - perfect pairing.
    Happy WOYWW - Hugs, Neet xx 16

  16. Oh what a lovely post and all those pretty bits of material and buttons! I really like your I would call it "brush case" Need one at the moment as all my brushes are on the floor! Huh! The log stories are amazing!
    Lots of hugs,

  17. Adore the big buttons but the log blogs just take the biscuit. How cool are they? Happy WOYWW BJ#42

  18. I stacked all our wood ready for this year and boy it was a lot of work. We still have to go again at the start of next month to get a little more then we will be all ready to snuggle in front of the fire all winter yay.. I had never thought to try to put a pattern in it but these look fantastic love the owl.. I so need some more buttons those are just so pretty I always admire Julia's big jar of buttons on her desk..
    happy WOYWW
    Sandy :) #4

  19. You beast! It wasn't my fault I merely tagged you in a post! I have tried to find the fabric to no avail so I'll check out your link.

    Bitter-sweet Mother's Day for you, it must have been hard.

    Love the log art, hope your husband will take note

    Jakixx #86 (yay we share end numbers so I can legitimately visit you!)

  20. love the fabric colours , happy woyww, jill #30

  21. wow those log photos are amazing all the creations and those buttons with the singleton are to die for. xx

  22. I would imagine most people would freeze rather than start pulling those amazing wood piles apart for heat! Best you just keep yours as they are! It's probably your fault the snow and cold returned anyway! If you hadn't bought all those logs you know.... just sayin! Love the new fabric, especially those turquoise pieces! The first few milestones without your mum will be hard, glad your boys made it up to you.

    Brenda 88

  23. Hi Jan, I;ve been crafting on my lap tray again, as it;'s so cold upstairs - brrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!! Looks like you had some lovely Mothers Day gifts, and your new stash ( I won;t tell anyone lol!!) of spring fabrics are bee-oo-tee-full!

    Happy woyww

    Debs #84

  24. how perfect is that knitting needle holder, I might just need one of those now I have pulled out my needles again! loving the log pictures, how amazing!

  25. I love your little make as you say simple but with so many uses and so pretty as well. What great boys you have buying you craft items for Mothers Day.
    Oh my word just look at those logs please thank your husband for those images
    Happy WOYWW
    Ria 60

  26. Oh such a gorgeous post Jan - my idea of heaven - beautiful fabric, buttons AND owls!!!! x Jo

  27. Alright, first of all, you can't imagine how cool it sounds to say that you went to "Studley Craft Village near Royal Wootton Bassett." Especially when you compare it to me saying, "Oh I went to Michaels." Or..."I ran into Hobby Lobby." You, soul sister, are waaayyy cooler!! I'm going to dream about that knitting needle case until I make one! This week, I'm going fabric shopping at the FM Store. Here's what's funny...nobody around here really knows what the "FM" means, because it definitely doesn't mean "Fabric Mart" like you would think. So, I'm finally going to ask them. I'll also take some pics if I can, they have floor to ceiling fabric everywhere in that store--and fat quarters, which I also love! Now, my daughter who collects owl things, is going to be thrilled to see the logging owl photo!! So how much more winter do you have to endure? I'm really over it now, and starting tomorrow our temperatures finally get into the 60's!! Hugs and happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #20

  28. Wow what amazing wood pictures! Such pretty colour fabrics - I can see why you have to only have a couple, it would be so easy to fill your basket!!! Happy WOYWW! Karen 123 x

  29. Gorgeous fabrics, will pop onto that link and have a look, though I'm still working out how to sew. Sorted the basics of threading machine etc but going in a straight line still eludes me! I will practice. Those logs are amazing! My desk is bare, went to footy last night so very little will be done today and a bare desk is a bit boring! Take care Zo xx

  30. Ha thanks for the heads up about the craft centre at WB - we are often that way in our travels. :)I love your needle holder and just look at those logs! Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner@109)

  31. Almost did a double take at the Studley Craft Village- there is a village called Studley about 2 miles away from me, lol. I love getting practical stuff for Mothers Day & birthdays- eldest son usually gets me something for the garden, as he knows I hate dusting ornaments. Youngest son is even smarter- he buys me Baileys, rofl! Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #121

  32. Oh my goodness! YES~I DO want to dive in your bowl of buttons! lol! Log art! WOW! I'm lovin' it!

  33. Eeeeeee! Buttons!!
    I have finished my first string of bunting (inspired by you!!)
    Still to photograph it though...
    I'll get round to it soon
    Happy WOYWW

  34. Fantastic paintbrush holder. Look at all those lovely buttons...I do just want to dive in! Those log piles are amazing too. Thanks for sharing. Have a Happy WOYWW. Caro x #61

  35. Oooh, wha do I come to your blog? I ALWAYS leave with a serious case of fabric envy! Love those Fat Qs but I swear I am NOT going to shop. I'll jus wait till you cut it all up and beg for some scraps LOL!

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (21)

  36. oh jan fab post .... you were very lucky with your presssies no excuse for not patchung now. just love the log blogs.... showed them to the handyman, he thought they were fab to but worried what would happen when they wanted to light a fire... bless
    janet #19 off to look at that shop now grin!

  37. Oh what a great gift, how thoughtful. Blimey, you'll be cutting like the ladies in the quilting shop any minute! Love the needle roll, very pretty, and of course, nothing beats a useable and pretty present. That WIlliam Morris bloke, he really said it huh!

  38. Hi there such gorgeousness on your post. Lovely, lovely fresh colours of fabrics and buttons. Have present envy as I really want all of those- not sure I can justify them though. not sure I will use them enough. Happy WOYWW Anne x #137

  39. Ooh those logs are amazing!!! I saw a fern too. Another shop I need to go to them... ;-)

  40. Your fabric finds are lovely! I have never seen logs made into anything...those are cool. Brigita #116

  41. Those log pictures are goodness. It made me momentarily forget about the beautiful spring fabrics you have now added to your stash! And what a great carrier you have made for traveling with paint brushes, knitting needles, etc. Did you use just regular batting between the layers? My knitting needles could certainly use a bit of organization, and then I might actually stop buying duplicate sizes. Lol. Do you suppose it's bad of me to hope for a snow day tomorrow so I could stay home and make one? Sadly chances are slim, but I understand your opening comments. I tell people I am the great indoors woman! Hope you have lots of play time this week.
    sara j #27

  42. I couldn't find you on the WOYWW Linky list. Ad for some reason I missed you last week too. Anyway, love your case, it's beautiful and that material and buttons are gorgeous. Love the logs, very funny.
    Famfa (89)

  43. Hello LLJ,

    I don't know where to start! The fabrics are amazing. I love both the bundle of fabrics and the one piece you've selected with the buttons. Very cool indeed. Yes, I can see myself picking up buttons and letting them fall through my fingers.

    Happy belated Mother's Day to you.

    The log designs are amazing!

    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (108)

  44. I think DH should start his own B-log for all the log pics he can find. These are totally spectacular wood heaps. Maybe 'heap' is blasphemous in this instance.

    Fabrics are so pretty and yes, running hands through a basket of buttons is irresistible. I love it and always end up buying a few, and I don't even sew. Lovely fabrics too. I can feel Spring (collectively) in all your posts round the other side.


  45. Lovely needle carrier! Fab colors and fabrics you've acquired. Oh! You mean these aren't your log piles?! :) They are pretty cool! a couple days late Happy WOYWW! Nan #25