Well, that was a busy old week! A trip to Carmarthen for the first time since last October resulted in me having to get new glasses...boo.... and we refuelled the car, having last done in it early December. I know...the excitement of it all! *grin*  Lots of other jobs got done but that was the boring stuff.

This, however, was a proper surprise and a real treat:

I'd commissioned Cindy to make a card for me and it arrived at the weekend in a Box of Hugs! Lots of lovely treats, a beautiful Persian tile card and a box of positive thoughts with lots of Lavinia stamping (if I really did proper cardmaking, it's Lavinia all the way for me). The sentence that resonated with me most was 'If Plan A doesn't work, there's lots of other letters in the Alphabet', so very true. I am quite bad at giving up at the first attempt sometimes.  Thank you Cindy, you brightened up my day xxxx

I also got a new tool to play with:

A circle cutter! I've had a lot of fun cutting out discs from masterboards or just a painting (do you think I need to get out more?)

But there has been some action in the JanCave as well - I know, fever pitch stuff eh?

Your guess is as good as mine at this point ;-)

If I tell you it's all for Betty, does that make anything clearer?  The above pic has arms ready to be turned out and stuffed, some legs need doing too. They're being passed over to Kim who's going to create some regal limbs (we're on a team to create a figure for a WI contest but I won't be able to share much more for a while)  I'd taken the header tape off a curtain and have just pinned in some darts to make a cloak.
Looks a bit haphazard here but now I've sewn the darts in properly, it looks good. Just waiting for the Ermine to turn up (ok fun fur from Ebay!)

I'm also trying to do a painting for the contest but all attempts are finishing in the recycling so far - but as Cindy told me, if Plan A isn't working, try the other 25 letters.... something will turn out ok in the end!

I shall be attending Shaz's funeral online on Friday morning, it's going to be so sad but we have to give our great friend a good send off.  Love to you all xxxxxx


Sarah Brennan said...

Sadly I can't make the funeral Jan. I have a circle cutter identical to yours - I will have to get it out and have a play now you have inspired me. Hope you manage to get a hair appointment soon as wales are ahead of the game on that front. Stay safe. Sarah #6

Helen said...

I am quite envious you Welsh folks are allowed out and about!! Looking forward to it here too, hopefully on schedule!! Love the gifts from Cindy with the card. I like her thinking re Plan A.. I'll be joining on Friday too. Helen #3

Lynnecrafts said...

Hi Jan,
Ooh, Betty is looking very grand, isn’t she? I love Cindy’s card and the Alphabet plan.
Glad you got out for a shop. Can I come to Wales for a haircut? 😏
Take care,and happy WOYWW
Lynnecrafts 7

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. Good grief! What a week... all that activity - driving (I actually drove 9 miles yesterday - 4.5 each way!!), filling up with fuel (just checked and I last put any diesel in was the middle of November), sewing (not done any since my neighbour asked me to mend some trousers for her), receiving gifts (they are gorgeous), cutting out circles (used to have one of those cutters - wonder if I still have), well... I am positively exhausted just reading about it all. Sounds like you have had a great week - enjoy the marginal improvement in getting out and about.
Love to you both.
Take care. God bless.
Margaret #1

Caro said...

How nice to have a trip out (even if you do need new glasses!). Your figure is starting to look really interesting - with the red and the ermine is it going to be a member of the House of Lords?! Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#11)

Annie said...

I love your parcel of goodies...very you. I can’t wait to see Betty when she’s finished...you’re so clever. Jo and I (and Dod of course) will be at the funeral Friday and will have the hearts of the group with us....it’s going to be a sad day.
Annie x

Neet said...

My oh my, that's a bit Regal isn't it! Love how Betty is looking today - quite the Queen of the Crop.
What a lovely Box of Hugs you got from Cindy , isn't she a wonderful lady!
Jan, your circles are beautiful (as was my birthday card - love it) and just goes to show that you are turning into a very multi talented artist, or should that be artiste? Just love this style of watercolouring you do and wish I had found the idea before you did. You own it!
Hugs, Neet 15 xx

Lisa-Jane said...

I don't know why you are using the recycling bin for your paintings - I think they are awesome and I love the circles especially. There's something "extra" (because I can't word today) about things that go off the edge like that. I did think you were making trousers and then realised that would mean the person had a very narrow crotch. Which then made me laugh, and hubby too when he asked why I was laughing to myself. His response, "only you"! Stay safe and keep smiling, Lisa-Jane #8

Twiglet said...

Oh my word - dressmaker to the Queen now! No end to your talents and it doesn't matter if its A, B, C or even plan Z you will make a fab job (still chuckling at the "ermine". I am quite jealous of the circle cutter - what a clever thing. xx Jo

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

What a nice little care packet from Cindy - I sure like that motto and will try to keep it in mind! Your mystery project is very intriguing - will be exciting to see more! And circles - who doesn't like circles? - although I'm not familiar with that particular tool. Friday is a workday for me but I'll see if I can pop in to watch the service if there's enough virtual space - a sad day indeed. Doug said he was going to post the link on the blog so will keep my eyes peeled. Have a lovely week, Jan! xx zsuzsa #21

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Your happy post looks lovely. I had something similar from a Cindy in my group (might be the same lady).

What is the name of your circle cutter and where did you get it from. I think I may need one of these:) LOL

I shall be attending Shaz funeral online as well.

Take care.

My name is Cindy said...

Hello Jan!! Thank you for the lovely comments about my sister's artwork, I do hope she carries on as she can only get better. So pleased you liked your Hug in a Box - I didn't quite get the Lavinia question yesterday but glad you like the little cards. It's the style as much as the stamps, I use other silhouette stamps too. Just like that fantasy/magical look. It must be the Queen surely? Well I guess we will have to wait and see. I do love the look of that Mandala card (if I say so myself). It just needs a bit of patience rather than any skill but the die is so good it just looks stunning. Happy WOYWW, have a good week, stay well, stay safe, Cindyxx #22

creativeseconds.com said...

Hi! What a great package in the mail ~ lot's of wonderful treats to enjoy. Have fun with your new circle cutter too :) Blessings, Karen #29

Morti said...

I am thoroughly enjoying seeing your paintings, and also watching CeeCee and Nia. I usually put them on while I'm stitching - it's quite soothing. It's also making my fingers itch and I may yet break my own paints out. Like you, I've got ancient sets - one which was bought for me in my early teens for school, and one my Mum gave me at around the same time. I'll send you some pics on messenger... Your guess is as good as mine as to how old it is, it's made by Reeve and belonged to Mum. I've barely used it so she must have had it AGES!

Can't wait to see what's going on with "Betty".... the mind fairly boggles!

Felicia said...

Jan, I'm gobsmacked that it's been since early December since you fueled up!! Oh my gosh, you guys really were on lockdown!! It was like that last year here until the fall and then things let up as far as travel. Wow!!! What a lovely treat from Cindy! Love the card!! and the positive thoughts box is precious! I love Lavinia stamping as well and I agree with you on that score!! Sadly, I'm not the best at card-making!! What a cool cutter tool! I have never seen one, but I love it! And love how you cut out some of the watercolor art that you did. They will be cool in other projects!! And who doesn't love MORE circles???? Cut away my friend!!! LOL Love what's going on in the Jan Cave as well! Can't wait till we are allowed to see the whole deal! Looking good so far though!!! I love, love your curtains by the way! Toooo cute! Have an awesome day and rest of your week Jan! Blessings, Felicia #27

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Thanks for the comment about the card, pleased you like it. Some very interesting projects on the go here today. I just love the things that the WI get up to though never been a member. The local agricultural shows (that were) always have lots of stuff the the WI have made and I love to go round and look. Good luck at getting the project finished too. Have a happy woyww, Angela x18x

StampinCarol said...

What a wonderful package of goodies!!
Your contest sounds intriguing.
Hope you get your painting made to your satisfaction!
I'll be thinking of all and Doug on Friday. Definitely a sad day.
As to Arizona daylight savings time... I have no idea why the state doesn't but it is nice not having my internal clock screwed up twice a year.
Thanks for stopping by!
Carol N #23

Crafting With Jack said...

My what a lovely box of hugs from Cindy, do let me know what the tea is like, I haven’t tried that one. Liquorice and Peppermint is one of my favourites and I love those Lotus biscuits. Betty is looking very regal in her red velvet. I have two punches for cutting circles, something you can change the size seems brilliant! Have a great week Angela #17

Catriona said...

Busy lady and I love the idea of the competitions. Late today because I was sewing. I’ll be with you online on Friday as we say goodbye to Shaz. X

Shoshi said...

I'm very interested in your circle cutter, Jan. I've had a number of different ones and have never got them to work properly. One of them has a revolving disk with holes in it that you insert a little blade into, and it was so inaccurate that the end was always "out" from the beginning of the cut. It now sits under my cloth craft tools holder to form a revolving base, which it does brilliantly - much better than cutting circles!! I usually have to resort to my cutting machine if I want a decent circle but it's a bit of a pallava if I've only got one to do...

What a fantastic pack of goodies you received! Really lovely and pretty things. The Betty project looks interesting - are you turning her into a Duchess?

Thank your visit - I'm glad you found my idea helpful for planning blanket layouts. It's a lot easier and more convenient for me than messing about on the floor, and has the added advantage that I can be working on it on the computer without my hubby being aware of what's going on.

Happy WOYWW,
Shoshi x #20

pearshapedcrafting said...

Ooh! I thought you were making surgical stockings at first glance!!! Sounds like a fun project! Slightly(for that read 'very') jealous that you can get out! Hmm, I have had a reminder that I am (over)due for an eye test!
Take care, Hugs, Chris#33

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jan, you didn't need to refuel since December - we're gobsmacked! Alan may only pop to and fro to the supermarket but he's had to fill up more recently than that. Betty's a lucky lady - she's going to look very glam in velvet and 'ermine'! Have a lovely week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #22

Anne said...

Hi Jan. I did comment last week but I think I lost it. Many thanks for linking me up. I wonder if Betty is the Queen, something for her 70 years as Queen?
I had a similar package from Cindy at Xmas, so kind. Loved the positive thoughts. We have only filled the car uponce since last March. Take care. Anne x 26

Kathryn Frantz said...

Hi, Jan!

Sorry to be so late, but it is still Wednesday here.

Now Mabel and Myrtle are envious of Betty’s new clothes!

We also line up all tasks and appointments and try to accomplish them all in one day. Sure shoots that one day, but it’s worth not having to go out again for a while.

Stay safe and well,
Happy Wednesday

Kathryn #32

Eva said...

WoW! First let me say - what a great thing, these Alphabet plan. It's good to have this in real life!
Congrats to the wondeful dress. And the idea, sewing it from a curtain. I'm curious who it looks like with the Ebay fur...
I have the same circle cutter like you! Good investment!
Stay strong tomorrow at the funeral. Time to say Goodbye.
Eva from Austria with a big Hug for you

Lindart said...

Wow! Lucky you! Especially the box of Lavinia cards! I'm hoping to get fairly good at the "Lavinia style" with all of April in my BUJO dedicated to Lavinia! Lots of other treats too! I have no idea what you are making - pantaloons maybe? It sure looks like a fun project though! Thanks for your visit, Lindart #31

BJ said...

Oh My I looking longingly at the kitkat as I gave up chocolate for Lent!!! Drool Drool... Super circle cutter, it so is fun using new tools, you go girl. ARMS? And yes I too will be attending Shaz's funeral tomorrow on-line.
Thanks for the visit BJ#9

Spyder said...

Well, I wasn't expecting legs and things on your desk this week. I came across a black cape while I was looking for aomething else, don't remeber when or who I made it for. Probably a plan A that didn't work out! Sorry I'm late I've been trying to catch up! Stay Safe! Keep crafting. Happy WOYWW ((Lyn)) #19

Susan Renshaw said...

A lovely box of hugs!
I look forward to the legs being made and that's a super cloak!
I think I need one of those circle curlers!
Sorry I am so late visiting.
Susan #11


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