Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 11 November 2015



Thank you for all the great tips on how to help the BPPV I've got..some interesting thoughts which I will investigate further. The vertigo meant I couldn't march with my band in the Remembrance Day parade, which I was very sad about. Oh well, let's hope it abates this week, eh? I'm fed up of feeling icky...

I've done quite a bit of sewing this week, but can't really show what I've made as they're for C......... presents!!
Some fun fabric combos - funky blues.....
....some of you will recognise this fabric too!!

The funky fat quarter that I got as a prezzy from Wipso and Twiglet in the summer has been cut into!  That bright green object is one of those fold-up bags you keep in your handbag. These have become a bit of a running gag between Julia and myself...this was a new one from her and I made a quick sachet in which to stash it....
Getting the apple smack in the middle was luck rather than planning!!

And why did it need a cover? Because this was the original.....
Frankenweeny mutant Dog-Pig scary thing!  The problem was it's 8" tall and way too big to keep at the ready in my handbag... Epic Fail, as herself commented!  You wait, Julia...I'll get you back.... :-)

Finally two pics that show the difference between me and my mate:
My pic.....hmmmmmmm...

Whereas Julia was all JAZZ HANDS!! (Are you doing it with her? I am!!)
Love this pic.....if I scrapbooked (never gonna happen!) this would be the photo I'd choose!!

Exhibitionists? Us? Whatever gave you that idea.... ;-)



  1. ha ha fabulous photos! hope you feel better soon. Helen #waiting for link - need to go to work very soon, if it's not up till later, can you link me??

  2. I love those fabrics, well you two do get up to mischief dont you but at least your are happy
    Bridget #1

  3. What fab fun you two ladies have when together. Absolutely love the photos of the pair of you with the great glasses on. Makes me wish more than ever I had been able to do the Halloween crop.
    Great fabrics on show and yes, I can see you needed to make the pouch for the bag even if the little fella is cute.
    Hugs, Neet xx 4

  4. Loving the fabrics especially the birdcage one - know a friend more subtle than me who would love something made from that. Were you at the NEC last week? I was - it's only a couple of miles down the road. Jackie #15 x

  5. Ha that was fun wasnt it....I propose another session in another garden centre. The Wipso Twiglet fabric is gorgeous. And erm, hae to say..good idea on the bag pouch.!!

  6. Had it not been fluorescent green you could have passed the dog/pig off as one of those Paris Hilton-esque handbag dogs. All your lovely Christmas makes look really interesting. I hope we get to see photos of all the completed prezzies after the big day. Happy crafting, Max #18

  7. Clever bag and gorgeous fabric combos.... as for the pics both brilliant.
    sandra de @20

  8. Hi Jan. It's good to see you've cut into the fabric :-) Love the fabric combos you're using. Esp love the last two mad pair but of course that's why we all love you so much.
    Annie x # 22

  9. Love the fabrics and the little cover is fab.

    I adore the Green dog thingy:)

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #19

  10. You have made this old lady smile this morning. I love all that blue fabric and it makes me want to sew again (Ain't never gonna happen). Very cute pictures of you two as well. Have a great week!
    Glenda #25

  11. Love those fabrics, and your exhibitionist pix made me smile on a dreary morning, thank you
    Jill #25

  12. Those two pics definitley sum you up! All smiley and happy. Loving the fabrics and that doggy! Take care Zo xx 31

  13. Ah, love the photos. Exhibitionists? I don't know what you mean! That birdy fabric is very lovely. Really hoping that icky feeling passes soon.

    Fiona #34

  14. hhehee I think your Frankenweeny pig-dog is cute - at least you wouldn't have a problem finding him in your bag! In our family we have an expression "laughing horse-dog" but in that case it means something a bit gaudy and tacky, like the plaster animals you used to win at the fair, couldn't tell if they were dogs or horses, but they were always laughing and you could draw hopscotch on the pavement with them .... does anyone else remember that? ... am I getting old? ... am I rambling again? .... and those pics most definitely need scrapbooking :o) Have a great week, Annie C #33

  15. You two are just the craziest ladies.. lots of fun and laughs .. Julia must've looked hard and long for that pig-dog baggie for you. Some more yummy fabric to show us - great colours. Have a fab week Jan, cheers RobynO#30

  16. Only dif I see is the pom pom placement! A good friend has positional vertigo and does some scary and very effective therapy. sending love and healing light !
    Robyn 36

  17. That song is going to be my exit song at my funeral ........ I always used to sing it when the children were little!!!
    Love that cover you made for the 'instant bag' as my DH calls mine. Can't resist those fold away bags but have never seen one inside a doggy/dragon/rabbit thingy!!!
    I feel for you missing the parade and not being able to blow your own trumpet ..... staying inside and crafting is much safer! lol
    have a good week
    Bishopsmate #41

  18. Hiya Jan,sorry your vertigo is still giving you trouble, and a shame about the parade.Lolled a lot at the pics of you and Julia- just what we'd expect from the pair of you. Are you running a competition to see what you have to do to get thrown out? It's very entertaining,lol. Julia must have searched long and hard to find the Frankenweiner dog, he beats all, he really does. Hope you are feeling a bit better now lovie, Love and hugs, Shaz xxxxx

  19. Well... they do say, if you've got it, flaunt it... now don't they? Great pics of the pair of you. Some lovely fabrics laid out there too - just the thing to cure vertigo.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #32

  20. Exhibitionists, where?????? Isn't that the normal thing to do??? You need to go shopping with my Mum, she will try on anything daft and press anything that makes a noise. It's like shopping with a 4 year old, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
    Sorry about your Vertigo, Jan. I know exactly how horrible it is, Rich suffers with it too, but he has some excercises to do. I'll email you them.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #44

  21. And that's why I love you and Julia. There's nothing better than a crafty exhibitionist! Those are the most fab glasses I have seen since I went to the Elton John concert a few years ago!! Lesson learned: when you're dizzy, throw on some fab glasses and have your own parade. It is amazing too how that apple landed perfectly -- love it! Well I have a very busy day ahead of me, and all I can think about is going home later this afternoon and hoping I have some energy left so I can stitch or glue something! Last night hubby brought me dinner for the BD, (we had also already celebrated over the weekend) and it was my favorite cashew chicken! In our town we have this thing called "Springfield Cashew Chicken" and it was invented by Chef Leong who came here from China and for many years you could only find that dish here, but now I hear that they actually serve Springfield Cashew Chicken in California, and even Korea. It is deep fried pieces of chicken with cashews an amazing gravy served on fried rice. Anyhoo, thought I'd share my BD dinner with you. Hugs! Sandy Leigh #45

  22. I'm drooling over that lovely fabric!
    And those photos really made me smile! You crazy lot! (A smile a day keeps the doctor away)

    Have a great week,

  23. Oh Jan you two crack me up. What a great friendship you have, something to be treasured indeed. How do you manage to keep your desk so tidy when you're sewing? I keep loosing my pins under piles of materials and siisors!
    Lynda B 49

  24. You are so talented - "I whipped up a quick sachet", like it's so easy, lol! How cool to be able to make Christmas presents. I'm going to attempt a few myself. Fortunately, my family doesn't read my blog, lol. Love the photos!

    Suzanne #46

  25. I love the photos, they are such a laugh and they sum you both up perfectly! I do hope you are feeling better soon, and that icky feeling goes away. Here's to brighter and happier days!
    Hugs and love,
    Diana xx

  26. Hi Jan - I hope you get better soon! I've just researched BPPV because my son got sent home today for feeling dizzy and faint. Some of the symptoms he described are exactly the same as BPPV. He has had a few episodes of feeling severe dizziness, but then he's back to normal within a few minutes. I'm hoping it's nothing serious. Love all your fabrics, especially the blue polka dots! Frankenweeny is so cute! Not at all scary! Take care and hope your dizziness will pass soon. zsuzsa @ InkyDinkyDoodle #39

  27. Great projects and glad to see you having so much fun.

  28. Always delicious fabrics on view...
    Hope you are feeling better soon

  29. just came back to thank you for linking me. MWAH xx

  30. fabulous fabrics :-) sorry you still feeling icky - shame you couldn't march. Hope you get better soon. great photos of you and Julia. Anne x #58

  31. Sorry to hear that you are feeling poorly. Horrible sensation! Hope you are feeling better soon. Great glasses - must be on your list for Santander! Ali x #61

  32. Love those pics, talk about peas in a pod. Still giggling, just love it. Now I have to ask, could the vertigo just be that you've hit the bottle a little too hard (mwa ha ha)??? I thought mutant dog-pig was a kangaroo at first and I have to say I prefer the new pouch. Gorgeous fabrics.
    Have a great week and I hope you feel better soon.
    Von # 63

  33. Hi Jan, I thought Dog-pig was a rabbit type thing. Lovely fabrics as usual. Have a great woyww and happy crafty week, Angela x 21

  34. Fun fotos..and fabulous fabric Enough "F's" for the day Good Luck with feeling better.

  35. Haha! (last two photos). Lovely fabric, especially the top two pics. They coordinate really nicely! I read post below. Looks the crop was a great success!
    RosA # 27

  36. LOL! Scared by Frankenweenie. So it's a BAG? Weird. Otherwise, lovely fabric. I would totally go for the blue birds had I not already gone for green ones :) And you and your bestie look fab. Lovely to see you at the crop and loved the photo - just catching up now....I'm such a bad WOYWWer recently. I'll get back on track soon!

    late ... again!
    Mary Anne (9)

  37. I love the mug shots of you two :) the fabrics look like a fun pattern mix too :)
    ~Stacy #67

  38. Wow. You are impressive, with the C---mas making and all, I am jealous!!!

    Thought of you this week--the husband and I went to an estate sale, and they had yards and yards of nice cotton fabrics, as in, some still on the bolts. (I bought them for my mom, who quilts and makes things for a fundraiser our church does for a local children's home.)

    The thing is, they were all animal themed prints, every single one of them!

    Anyway, and happy woyww to you, and thank you for the visit!!!

    (And you can't have my lamp)