Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 26 February 2014



Guess what's missing....
Honestly, I'm bereft!  It was making graunching sewing machine that is *wink*  So he's gone to visit the nice service man in Franklins in Salisbury. But I don't know exactly how long he'll be gone and I'm getting sewing withdrawal symptoms...

But other crafting is filling the void - the baby blanket's finished...

...and I'm just about to sew three buttons onto this little cardi which is a prezzy.

Last Friday, Julia and I had a fun day with Janet Fairythoughts and Di (Pixie). A little crafting was done between the chatting and eating, lol!!

Janet seems to be amused by the amount of stamps Julia has.

While Di enjoyed having a furtle through the button bag!

Janet had brought her knitting.....

Di brought these funky crochet hooks... that Julia could teach her the basics of crochet. Now Julia will probably be embarrassed but she really is a terrifically good tutor. She doesn't overload with too much info unless you're ready for the next step, is patient and gives you time for the technique to sink in...comes from years of experience of workshops I guess. Di left with a rather good sample of crochet...well done you!  It was a fun few hours well spent in good company. Thanks ladies!!

My fingers are firmly crossed that my machine will be back by next week - oiled up, revved up and raring to go.  Oooh, I've just had a moment.... ;-)

Naughty LLJ....*grin*

Wednesday, 19 February 2014


(Picked just because the WOYWW number reminded me!)

This is a shot from last week - the little doll's quilt has now been received so I can show you. The initial choice of fabrics went out the window, I wasn't getting the right vibe..but when I found this butterfly fat quarter, I realised that all the pastels would go with it and the rest, as they say, is history :-)

Pretty pastels......not usually my colour scheme at all but I enjoyed the way the colours of the butterflies are echoed by the polka dot fabrics. And the little bows are a nice finishing touch - and not at all there to cover the fact that I can't mitre corners for indeedy....*cough.*

Yesterday's desk!  I'm following that Debbie Shore Tutorial again as I liked the shape of the bag. This is my bargain £3 a metre fabric that is STILL going strong!  I found the perfect green/multi spot in my stash for the lining and a blue zip to echo the flowers in the print.

enjoyed making the little tags for the zip ends too!

A fun bag - bit like me!! ;-)

And the first one I made. I know the pocket seems large but I wanted to put crochet hooks and scissors in it.
And rows of overlapping squares for a lap quilt I'm going to make for JoZart's LillyBo charity. I've sewn the squares into rows but haven't made a start on sewing the rows together. This was inspired by a selection of fat quarters that Kay sent me - the mad paisleys, dark turquoise and zingy orange were part of that. The rest are what I already had in my stash and just thought they'd go together well. It's not quiet, that's for sure!!

Two more sewing excitements:  The Great British Sewing Bee is back on TV..wahoo! I've got my favs already. Wonder who the slow burners will be this time?

Secondly, check out this wonderful craftshop website - The Homemakery - go there at your peril. It's chock full of fabricky, yarny, papery, sewingy goodness and is SORELY tempting my stashbusting willpower. Be strong LLJ, you CAN resist those gorgeous ribbons and lacy bias bindings.....whimper.....

Have a good week everyone!

Wednesday, 12 February 2014



Well, here's the desk ready at the start of another project..I've nearly done the little quilt from last week but don't want to post a pic before it's been delivered to the recipient.
I bought a book called Half Yard Heaven by Debbie Shore before realising that she was a main presenter on Create and Craft TV.....duh....she has a blog where she feature some tutorials.  Hence why it's up on my iPad there - I'm going to make myself a tote to lug my crochet/knitting around in rather than the usual tatty carrier bags! Interestingly, although she's a well known 'face', there's only a few comments to each post, whereas Lucy at Attic 24 and SandraCherryHeart get oodles.

Here it is a little later. The white fabric is fusible fleece which I'm using for the first time's useful stuff. I dragged Julia to Salisbury in order to buy it and we enjoyed ourselves browsing and drinking coffee. It's gotta be done!

Remember the basket of yarn last week? Well, I've made a start on a baby blanket - it's growing really quickly - think I'll do a scalloped edge with the lilac and green.

This pic is just to show Vonny that we have had some blue skies after she very kindly emailed to ask how we were coping with the weather.  Everytime there's a gap in the rain, I'm off out for a walk. Other chores can be done when it's chucking it down...

But spare a thought for the poor souls who have been flooded out of their homes - some have lost everything. It is truly catastrophic in some areas.

And even though the weather has been dreadful, there are still reminders that Spring IS on its way - little pink cyclamen in my hedgerow. Good for the soul....

Have a great week :-)

Tuesday, 4 February 2014



The desk is looking a bit barren fact, it's downright dull!

It gets better when you close in a little - I'm just playing with some fabrics for a project for a young 'un who, and I quote, 'Loves ALL colours!' These cottons are more vibrant in reality, it's a funny old flat grey light today..doesn't bode well for unprofessional photography! I'm not sure about that pale fabric on the right....I'll just have to play some more :-)

When I had my big sort out a couple of weeks ago, I rediscovered these. The doggy fabric is already cut out for an apron, it just need hemming and ties putting on. I'd forgotten all about the green and gingham teapots! There's a reasonable length of would make a pretty pinny too!

This is my Downstairs Desk! (It's on the floor by the window so I get more light - I hate using the flash)  The variegated wool is being used to knit some wristwarmers for a friend. The green and lilac are saying 'Baby Blanket' to me, with some ivory to lighten it.

My friend Helen from band, passed me on this big tub of beads, so my mission is to sort them out, make up a bag for the local charity shop and keep a few for me..

This would be a great pic for a jigsaw, don't you think??

I spent a happy half hour furtling.....

I'm keeping these....pastel, pearly perfection!  Now, what to do with them.....

Have a great week y'all!!