Well, who'd a thought it, eh?? One whole year of blogging and I'm still not bored! It has been a voyage of discovery for me - mainly how many amazing people are out there, when all we hear on the news is the bad stuff. It has been wonderful to have been on the receiving end of friendship, joy, support (oh, boy did I need THAT recently...) but most of all, FUN and the sheer enjoyment of creating. This sums it all up for me....
We had such fun - thank you Di, Elizabeth, Alan for coming to see Julia, myself and Gordon. It was a day of laughter and chatting....oh, and a little bit of shopping too! Doesn't get much better than that :D  Elizabeth had made beautiful albums for us...

This is mine - isn't it gorgeous? It's so detailed - I wouldn't know where to start!! Thank you, Elizabeth, I love it.
I made something small for the ladies as well...
Bling Bins!! I know that crafters find these little hanging bins handy, but I used some of my extra special trimmings...

I bought these from an Indian lady at Ally Pally at least three years ago and have never brought myself to use them...until now :) I think the bling adds a certain jazziness, even though I say so myself!
OK, in honour of my 1st Bloggaversary, I'm going to hold a giveaway, the prize being a Bling Bin. But the eventual winner will have a choice of fabrics and blings! If you would like to enter, please indicate your preference for both!


from top downwards: PEARLS: PINKS: ORANGE/TEAL: MULTI.
So, if you fancy the top fabric with the third row of bling, just indicate BUBBLES/ ORANGE & TEAL on your comment. I don't mean this to be complicated, it's just that the winner gets the colours that they prefer *grin*
It'll be interesting to see everyone's colour preferences!
Please can I just add that this giveaway does extend to those overseas, but I would ask that I send the bean bag part out empty for you to fill yourself and slipstitch shut, otherwise the postage will cost an arm and a leg!!

Thank you again for the wonderful camaraderie over the year and to Julia especially, for getting me started and for being an awesome mate.
From L - R:  Elizabeth Silverscrapper, LLJ, Julia Dunnit, Di (Pixie's Crafty Workshop)




I freely admit to having a butterfly mind - something will catch my imagination and I'm off chasing a new interest. But something I have held off getting involved with, as I know it would be a long, slippery slope, is beading and jewellery. Those crystals, the colours, the sparkly goodness - I would end up like Smaug the Dragon in The Hobbit, atop my stash, unable to bear the thought of giving any of it up. Until this week...
Now, it's not much but it's made with love and bits and pieces that were passed on to me by my niece. It's a charm or shamble for an iPad cover that I made for my mate Lynne. We've been friends a LOOONNGG time so I included:
A pearl for 30 years of friendship...

A spiral for our joint appreciation of the weirdy woo things in life...
A feather for our Guardian Angels....
A butterfly for the joy of life...
Beads and buttons for our shared love of crafting...
So, not the most amazing piece of beadwork but I enjoyed making it and Lynne loved the thought behind it, so we're both happy :D
Here it is on the cover - which is remarkably similar to the Kindle cover last week!
I have been trying to catch up with the backlog of commissions as well. Someone who bought a couple of my aprons at a craft fair rang up wanting a Man Apron! 
Modelled very fetchingly by Mr LLJ!! Ooooh, I do like to see a man in an apron with his utensil in his hand....what??? I only meant he's got a large one...SPOON, that is. Good grief..what are you lot like?????
Do you remember there was a craze for these...
Well, we've got a variation on that theme here at LLJ Towers....
Do you think it was one OCD mole or a synchronised troupe of the little b*&&*rs! Mr LLJ was not pleased!!
And finally, for the musical cognoscenti - you know there are terms for the tempo of a piece, andante, lento etc...well, how about very, very slow...
My file was open in our living room cos G3 and I had been practising. I came down this morning to find this on my music...
??????? I have no idea either! No silvery trails across the carpet..nothing..nada.. I can only assume he's a jazz freak as he was on 'Basin Street Blues' - good choice, mate!
Right, I'm off to prepare for some VIPs that are coming to lunch today - all will be revealed next week when, unbelievably, it will be my 1st Bloggaversary!! A giveaway is needed, I think - Yay!!


( Sung by the Cheeky Girls. I had to Google the lyrics. My eyes are burned, I tell you, they may never recover. And why did I find these deeply inspiring lyrics??)

I present to you, The Alternative Cheeky Girls...
ATCs courtesy of Doone!! They were reunited during an evening of Sangria and dancing on the tables Chez Dunnit!! What better way could our friendship be immortalised? Thank you, Donna, we both love 'em very much!
A couple more ATCs arrived this week..
                     'Music' by Sandra De and 'A Patriotic Thank You' from BJ
             They're both absolutely gorgeous, ladies, thank you so very much!

Ok, the desk... (you knew I'd get there eventually...)
This colourful sheepy fabric was passed to me by a friend from band who has pet sheep of her own! She asked me to make a cover for a V Pillow..
This was the old cover that I used as a template. Instead of doing poppers though, I made an envelope type opening at the back (I hate doing poppers..... mutter, mutter) It seemed to work ok and Bev was pleased with it, which is the main thing. This is the woman who once held a 'Guess the Weight of my Ram' competition at her local fete. Polite comments only, please!!

The stamp fabric shopping bag is still in bits, but I did make a Kindle cover with a stripey ticking inside...

I used a double layer of quilting batting as the wadding and it gave a nice bit of protection without being too bulky. I think I'm going to upsize this design for an iPad cover for a friend who's recently got one. Should work ok.....

UK ladies of a certain age may well remember a wonderful cartoon series called Willo' The Wisp, voiced by the wonderful Kenneth (Ooooh, Matron!) Williams. Well, anyway, I was looking for a new Facebook profile pic and who should spring to mind?? Mavis Cruet the fairy, that's who!
                                   (copyright Spargo Productions for the BBC)
You see, I may want to look like Julia Roberts, but deep down, I know I'll always be a Mavis *grin* Lolololol!! And I can live with that!

See you next Wednesday!!



Well, it couldn't be anything else after this weekend, could it?? I have enjoyed all the festivities both national and local..pics to follow in a minute!
Please can I say a huge Thank You to the lovely people who sent me ATCs and other little gifts to celebrate last week. How kind you all are, I really enjoyed getting the post and ripping open the envelopes to see the treasures inside!
A few things are winging their way in return - slightly late...sorry.. but I have been away.
Thank you also to Frankie who made G3 the most wonderful Steampunk hanging IN THE WORLD!! See it here to witness the creation of it - the detail is stunning! You're an amazing artist, Frankie :D
Anyhow, The Desk...
I'm just making a quick shopping bag with the stamp fabric - more to see how it makes up really. It's a bit thinner than most of the fabrics I work with so we'll see how it goes but it's a start into making again. I sold all bar one of my Jubilee bunting at the craft fair last Friday - PHEW!!

The Jubilee was celebrated in style in my village in Wiltshire...I take my hat off to the organising committee who came up with this idea!! The artist must have taken ages to paint this and the construction team erected it with the minimum of fuss and disruption. Well done chaps :D
The Queen of Burbage arriving in the Carriage Procession!
A regal wave to all her devoted subjects...do you think she'd been practising...LOL!
It was a fab afternoon but we couldn't stay long as we were off to stay with my brother for the weekend as we had tickets to see Jools Holland and his Orchestra. What a brilliant concert, I wish I could play boogie woogie like him!!

While musing about the pictures from the weekend, my DH reminded me about the Golden Jubilee ten years ago...I was working as a Teaching Assistant and was asked to create a crown to be part of the floral display in the Church.  I don't know what they were expecting, but this is what they got!
I had forgotten all about these! It was such fun making them......

It is amazing what you can do with card, a plastic ball. beads, gold spray paint and plastic 'jewels' *grin*
Hope you have had a fab week whether you swapped or not. See you on the round next time!


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