I think we're all going to remark on what strange times we find ourselves in at the moment - there are so many folk who are finding life tricky with no easy answers. I'm grateful that we have good and varied forms of communication so keeping in touch with family and friends is easy. Let's hope that the majority of the population obey the new advice so the social distancing is kept to a minimum.

And we have our crafting mates to keep us company (and possibly sane.......)

So, like me, the desk is a mixed bag this week!

I haven't shown a wide shot of the JanCave for a while. There's bags waiting to be made on the desk, together with a shirt that needs mending. The mannequin and dress was for a WI competition but I don't know if it'll take place now (it's in July). Anyway, she's called Betty and I'm rather fond of her!

This was an old duvet from a friend in the WI, I cut it up whilst chatting with Margaret (Glitter & Glue) on speakerphone!  It's nice to have ongoing projects - here's what I've made in the past week:

I'll roll them up ready for when the local shops open again. And Diana, the little WI tag is the right way up for you this week, lolol!!

And with the lovely weather forecast, I'll be tackling the garden, though having a coffee waylaid me ;-)

And after featuring one tall son last week, here's the other!

We have a table tennis table set up in the garage, it's good fun and is better exercise than you might think!

Other random things to share:
The sun streaming through my beautiful blue glass bowl stopped me in my tracks - gorgeous!

And whilst we're admiring greeny blues, here are a couple of pics that G took in Sussex:

I like coots, so ungainly on dry land, so effortless on water..

And the ripples please me in this pic!

There you go, a miscellany of random things to hopefully amuse you. 

Have a great week, take care and keep as cheerful as you can - your desking friends are always here for you xxxxxx


Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

Oh lady, what beautiful photos you have shared on the past 2 posts. Loved all the fun things you shared on the previous one. Good Looking sons. And you changed your side blog page, to pretty spring colors. I lost the box that lets me do that on blogger and they have given me no response so far. We gave no where near the green grass and lush plants. NO SUN, wind and dampness until next week. So happy for the TECH I can use to communicate with people thru all of this 'Stay In' thing. Keep happy and Enjoy all that comes your way

sandra de said...

Looks like you are prepared with all the right activities to keep you occupied during this surreal period in our lives. You definitely grow those kiddies tall in the northern hemisphere and what a lovely idea to play ping pong for exercise. I have plans to start a veggie patch, have always had a herb garden and now with all this free time :) Stay safe and keep crafting.
Sandra de @6

Neet said...

Love the ripples and the glass bowl, something soothing about them.
Wow your son is so like you. Peas in a pod springs to mind.
Keep going with the good work, you will have enough bags to supply the whole of Wales before long but it is so lovely to see what a loving and generous person you are. Keep 'em coming on #Cheers too and thanks for the support. Hope we gt many more joining in.
Lastly, love the beginnings of Betty, I think you should proceed regardless. Surely you will all need something to do and show when this is all over and you have that great big party.
Take care, stay well and thanks for the lovely telephone call idea.
Hugs, Neet 7 xx

Helen said...

That blue bowl ....stunning shot (I always did love that bowl when you showed in previously) Glad you have your family around you, I am sure it is a blessing. Betty looks fab, hope she makes it to the competition! Have a grand week.. need to get ready for work now although I am already at the desk lol!!

Sarah Brennan said...

It's so good that we have the technology to keep in touch isn't it Jan. There's really no excuse for unnecessary social mixing. Love the variety of photos this week. That glass bowl is amazing. Stay safe and Happy WOYWW. Sarah #10

craftyani said...

They should call it human distancing not social, then I think more people would understand it. Glad you have lots to do to keep you busy now no one can complain about the stash of materials we all have, knew they would come in useful. Ani#14

Lillianb said...

Such lovely photos, Like you said the sun streaming trough the glass bowl it stunning, What a love view you have and a great garden, You sure have been busy with the bags,

Take care and stay safe,

Lilian B #13

Crafting Queen said...

Your garden and the view looks lovely. Such a great idea to make those bags. Keep safe. Anesha x

glitterandglue said...

Good morning young lady. Sounds like you are finding plenty of things to amuse you down there in the South... Great pictures - I love watching swans and water birds - as you say, so effortless - a friend had a magnet on her fridge... "I'm like a duck; serene on the surface and paddling like **** under the water"!!!
So, keep busy with your bags, and everything else you have the imagination to make, play more table tennis (I cheat and do that on the Wii, and continue to admire the effortless way in which Betty models that dress.
It was great to chat during the week. Thank you.
Take care. God bless you both.
Margaret #8

Twiglet said...

Love that blue bowl pic - such a simple thing but a stunning snap to spot Jan. You both have a real eye for a photo. Glad the sewing is keeping you sane. I need to find myself a little project while the sewing room is free for me to use! xx Jo

Julia Dunnit said...

Ha, I wont warn you about chatting to Betty...because I bet you already do. Garden looks great already, my word from that angle even the big patio looks small. What a lovely day. So fun to chat yesterday. I did cut the grass. I shall let the new height dry out and cut it again, it somehow looks worse! It was much wetter than I thought it would be and caused me some effort. I have a plan to do edging today, but could be distracted ever so easily! Are you taking in repairs and alterations now? Asking for a friend!!!! Lovely photos, I might try a few arty shots myself. And they laughed and laughed.

Glenda said...

Oh what beautiful photos my friend! I'm glad you are well and crafting on! I love all you have been into and I especially loved the sunny shot outside! Have a wonderful rest of the week!
Glenda #18

Annie said...

Hello lovely lady. It was so good to hear from your yesterday. We are so very blessed to be part of this wonderful crafting gang....it will get us all through the mad times I'm sure.
I love the pic of the Jan cave with Betty standing in the corner :-)
Fab pic of Gordon on the patio too....the garden is looking soooo different to when we saw it last.
Well done you with all the bag making...your saving the world all on your own there gal :-)
Stay safe and keep crafting.
Annie x #15

Sue Jones said...

Don't know how we would cope without the technology - there would be a big melt down in this house! Your room looks lovely ( not cluttered like mine!) Betty looks posh in her silk dress. You have been so busy - I still use my bag all the time <3
Ha all my children are taller than me ( and hubby of course) .
Take care - keep safe.

Debbie Rock said...

Goodness me! What is it with you & Shaz this week ...numbers 1 & 2 in the linky-list thing!!!!!
Absolutely love your photos Jan ... your beautiful sewing room (I'm a fabric sniffer .. you know that smell when you walk into a haberdashers? Mmmmm if only it could be bottled!) The reflection of your blue glass bowl is breathtaking ... just stunning and, well, all your photos have left a lasting impression this week. The solitude of your garden - once to be sought after but now enforced for a while. Then the closeness of your son (he's TALL!!!) when I am longing for cuddles and kisses and hugs from my lot. The calm beauty of the birdies and those amazing ripples surrounding the serene swan. LOL - can you tell I am an emotional wreck right now (laughing face!) Take care my dear - much love Debbie (sorry, no idea what number I am this week) xXX

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, was just laughing at your FB post- I'd literally done the same thing about 15 minutes earlier, lol. Great minds, eh? Or maybe slightly demented ones is more appropriate. The light through the glass bowl is quite stunning. Said to Doug back last week, there'll be more gardening & DIY done in the next few weeks than ever before! Love your pic, how gloriously sunny it is, what a beautiful view you have.Huge hugs and lots of love to you all, Shaz #1 XxXx

lisa said...

Hi Jan

Even though we can't go out and about it feels like we had a whole day out going round the desks this week. What a lovely lot of photos you've shared. I feel like I've played table tennis with you, sat by the seaside and had a coffee and played in the Jan cave, just wonderful and very much cheered. Glad all is good in your little patch of paradise. Stay well
Hugs Lisax #25

Crafting With Jack said...

Beautiful photographs, I love the shadow of your bowl! We crafters have just got to keep on crafting - it's a good job most of us have got lots of supplies :)
I could get on to Julia's today so here is my link: https://craftingwithjack.blogspot.com/2020/03/woyww-564-and-getting-slammed.html

sta safe, Angela x

Diana Taylor said...

Such lovely photos Jan, I love the pic of you and your boy. The garden is looking beautiful and the scenery behind it is gorgeous - can you walk the hill or is it private land? You really are lucky having so much on your doorstep.
Keep safe and well and have a lovely productive crafty week!
Hugs, Diana xx #22

Belinda said...

Hi Jan! Where to begin? I love seeing your bags all hanging there waiting to be gifted. Your garden looks lovely and a wonderful place for me to read and have a cup of tea! The weather looks really nice. Your son looks so much like you. I bet you get that all the time. Table tennis is definitely a workout. The times I've played (or should I say chase the ball when I inevitably miss), I have tired rather fast.
The photos are so lovely. The sunlight through the vase is so cool! I am happy you noticed and took the picture. Oh and the ripples and beautiful birds, those are just lovely. Thank you.
Stay well, my friend!
Belinda #33

StampinCarol said...

That is a nice batch of bags hanging up! The blue ones remind me of ticking fabric my gram had.
Love your garden. We're a bit chilly in the mornings but we do have our lunch outside on the patio.
Absolutely love your photos of the bowl shadow and the coot and swan. Those ripples are gorgeous the way the sun and shadows play.
Thanks for popping by and have a wonderful and healthy week!
Carol N #28

My name is Cindy said...

Hiya Jan. so lovely to be back but the garden has tempted me for most of the day so think I will be doing the rounds into the evening. Your space is looking lovely and you have one hell of a borrowed landscape - those hills are gorgeous. As for the tall son, I have one of those as well - when does that happen and suddenly they are resting their chins on the top of your head? Gorgeous photos, but I particularly like the blue vase - stunning!! The whole situation at the mo is frankly terrifying, and we are all so close here in London. But on a personal level I am enjoying the chance to re-connect, re-focus and re-evaluate. Our weeks away, where we lived very simply, were a lesson in the pleasure of every day (the weather was gorgeous I have to admit) and the benefits of a somewhat pared down existence. Food for thought. Keep well, keep safe, Love n hugs Cindy

Kathryn Frantz said...

Oh, I love Betty! I have a Myrtle and an Ethel! Myrtle is older and showing here age. I guess I shouldn’t talk..
Love visiting you. Stay safe!

Shoshi said...

I always like to see the wide angle shots of the Jan Cave, Jan - it is such a lovely bright room, filled with lovely bright fabrics and projects! Nice to meet Betty, too (nothing to do with Betty Foster of "Adapting to Fashion" fame, I don't suppose?). I always like taking phtotos of things like the sunlight through an interesting glass vessel - such things always catch my eye. Yours is a real work of art, both the bowl and the light streaming through it.

Happy WOYWW and keep safe and well,
Shoshi #35

Caro said...

I love table tennis - one of my favourite sports although I havent played in ages. Love the look of the Jan cave and your garden. Take care of yourself my friend. With love and God bless, Happy WOYWW. Caro xx (#15)

Shoshi said...

Thanks for your visit, Jan, and I'm so glad you like my latest projects. I still don't feel I've perfected the metallicy (love the word lol!!) look but I continue to work on it. It's very difficult to achieve. I also want to be able to render transparent reflective surfaces like glass, which is also very difficult! I shall have to have another search on Youtube because last time I looked, there wasn't a lot of help with it. I do find adding a drop shadow to things brings them to life, and it's becoming a bit of a trade mark!

Shoshi x #35

Mrs.D said...

Love the bags, bright and cheerful, and really good example of recycling. Well done.

Little Dorrit does... said...

Hi Jan - a very lovely miscellany of random things...
There's nothing like a hug from a big grown up son is there?
The effect of the sunlight shining through that gorgeous bowl would have stopped me in my tracks too! Thanks for sharing that lovely image.
The JanCave looks very bright and airy as well - no wonder you have been so productive. Love those blue and white stripey bags!
Amelia #36

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Great photos. It's nice to see the sun but unfortunately it has had the effect on some people of making them do some very silly things. We are still walking the dogs once a day but don't see many people in the park and the ones we do see keep a good space from each other. Sadly I cannot cuddle my mum at the moment as I'm worried about passing anything on to here, she is 91 and my father is 92 so we have to be careful. Take care, keep safe and craft on. Sending hugs, Angela x3x

Dorlene Durham said...

Great pictures! I love the tote bags too. I’m getting through some UFOs of my own and it’s great. I (almost) feel guilty doing all this while I’m home. I am working remotely, but can only do so much without my files and equipment. Have a wonderful week and thanks for your earlier visit. Dorlene #32

Tracey@Hotchpotchcreations said...

Looks like you continue to enjoy life to the full Jan, fabric crafts on the go, beautiful shared photography and fresh outdoor air. Good idea about the table tennis, now if only my garage was clear i'm sure we have a multi game table somewhere amongst the spiders :/
I adore the sun streaming through the blue glass so well captured keep them coming Jan. Keep well & safe & happy WoywW Tracey xx
P.S I think Betty could do with a little make over.. maybe you could fashion her weekly to keep us entertained :P

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jan, lovely post to cheer us up this week. Hope Betty has enjoyed her moment in the limelight! Your garden looks a suntrap - great for coffee breaks. Lovely pic of you and your boy. Belated WOYWW hugs to you and your family. Elizabeth x #27

Eva said...

Thanks for giving me a little smile in these days. The glass bowl photo is lovely, you and your son too. Great job with the bags.
Eva from Austria

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Jan, love all the shots and haha I giggled when you said the other son was tall I think compared to his mama this one qualifies for that status too :) ~Stacy #31

BJ said...

Hi Jan, just thought I'd pop by as I've just been watching a you tube video on making a face mask and thought of all your lovely sewing and wondered if you'd ventured into this area yet? I guess not, but thought I'd say hello anyways. Hope you are keeping well. Hugs BJ xxx


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