Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 7 November 2018



A short and sweet post today - that'll make up for all the photo heavy posts I've been doing recently!

The weather has been so gorgeous, I have been out walking (and suffering the consequences afterwards but the sea and blue skies were calling....)  I have been dragging out more fabric to make items for the WI Christmas craft stall:

I have about a bag's worth of these colourful fabrics plus a bit left over for glasses cases. The doggy print in the background was gifted to me by Debbie Rock via Shaz at the Crop.

Those beauties brightened up the afternoon for sure :-D

I've had this hearts/check fabric for ages...a good few years in fact - and these were the absolute last items to be squeezed out of the original couple of metres. I shall miss it, it's been a good do-er!

There's been lots of prep work going on as tomorrow is the first WI Craft Club, we're making the felt ornaments and it's going to be at my house. The last time I had the WI entertainment group here for rehearsals, I offered teas or coffees and stupidly mentioned gin. OOOh yes, was the reply - not making that mistake tomorrow, well, not at 10am anyway.....we might have to wait until 11. *grin*

The JanCave is doing sterling service at the moment but then, so is the original ManCave:

The light's on, so something is afoot.......

I happened to mention to G that I could do with a small display set of shelves for the WI stall and a short while later:

A man happily pottering! It's amazing what you can do with decking cut-offs and some gash bits of wood :-D  A couple of coats of white then some cream and grey chalk paint and Bob is your Upcycled Uncle, lol!!  Extra brownie points for G this week, please :-D

Hopefully I'll have a few pics of the WI felty carnage to share next week - it'll be like herding cats.....



  1. Hi Jan definitely extra points for G. making that set of clever shelving will look forward to display.
    Love the heart and check fabric too great snippetty makes there can imagine you will miss it..yes can beat a walk along blue seas and skies can you.
    Happy WOYWW a bit early for you over there but late for us, will link up in few hours but must go our again.
    Shaz in oz.x

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  2. Good to see that G is getting busy in his mancave! Hope your craft club goes well (I am sure with gin, it will be a hoot!) love all the fabric. Helen #???

  3. Hi Jan, Loving the fabrics. The heat fabric projects are fab.

    Well done to your hubby for making the display shelves. Hope all goes well for your WI sale.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #9

  4. Happy WOYWW. Lots of extra points for G and yourself for being so creative. Good luck with the Craft Club. I got tired just hosting one friend for rock painting yesterday. She suggested advertising it more and getting a large group together. I said that I am definitely avoiding that! Blue skies and sunshine?? We may not be that far away from you, but we haven't had much of that weather. Farmyard is flooded this morning. Ali x #8 (ps Will email later and arrange a date to meet)

  5. Those little heart fabric items are gorgeous Jan and your man that can will make a fab job of your display shelf - great bit of upcycling - do you watch "Money for nothing" then?? xx Jo

  6. The sweetness of some men. They like to be busy and enjoy making us happy !!! Your fabric is all beautiful. Have fun with it. And enjoy your day of crafting. Lucky you...nice weather. I hope it arrives soon, mud/slush for days has given us a dirty garage floor and cars. Too cold to wash them right now. Have a great week.

  7. Hiya Jan, men do like to build & tinker, don't they? Dougs happy as a pig in muck building anything, especially in wood! He's redoing the trellis on the kitchen wall this week, weather permitting.
    Love the fabrics, especially the triangles one. Oh dear, gin and sewing may not play nicely together! Love and hugs to you all, Shaz XxXx

  8. Glad you are getting out and about again, even if you suffer for it afterwards. Sometimes a good "blow of the sea breezes" works wonders for one.
    Fab fabric on display and I love those hearts and tissue holders you made with the checks. Good luck for tomorrow with the gin club (oops, sorry, meant WI)
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx

  9. It's felt like a twofer this week. Your gorgeous fabrics on one and the talented G on the other. Aren't we blessed to have men that can do Jan. Good luck with the gin...ooops I mean craft session.
    Annie x #15

  10. I love the geometric fabric - such gorgeous colours, and your little hearts and specs cases are lovely - I don't know how you make everything look so professional and neat.
    Lovely to see your man happily pottering - I echo Annie's words when she says we are blessed to have men that can do!
    Hope you have a great week and a successful craft club tomorrow - I assume you'll have another craft club the day after to unpick all the crafting you did while under the influence?!
    Hugs, Diana xx #21

  11. What a super photo of G - love a creative man! Look forward to seeing the shelves.
    That is some super check material, I can understand your missing it.
    Christine #22

  12. What a creative household!! Love the photos :D
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire no. 2

  13. Hi Jan, you made me wait right to the end to figure out the reason for your musical quote but it was worth it. It's amazing what our menfolk can do when we 'just mention' that we could do with something wood based. The EM seems to have an endless stash of decking off-cuts with which to knock up just the shelving I wish for and it looks like G is the same. What would we do without them :) Enjoy the shenanigans with your WI ladies tomorrow and, while I would not want to encourage you, I should point out that when it is 10am here it is 10pm somewhere else ... gin time! Hugs, Elizabeth x #26

  14. Love your fabrics, especially the doggy paws and heart/check patterns! And how sweet of your hubby! Have fun making the ornaments!!
    Carol N #24

  15. Love what you can squeeze out of a small amount of fabric Jan. Nearly spat out my drink at the gin comment (coconut latte not alcoholic lol). I'm impressed with G's woodworking skills! Happy WOYWW. Sarah #17

  16. WI Felty carnage..nearly spat me tea over the screen! I love the triangle patchy colourful fabric very much, would make a lovely jacket. A ten o,clock gin..well I will if you do..!

  17. Jan you have an eye for fabulous fabrics, love what you have created. What a clever G, I remember when my Hubby used to be albe to turn on a heel and make up my little ideas.. I hope we get to see the finished article?
    It's already on my list for more machine sewing in 2019.
    Happy WOYWW it's always a pleasure to visit.
    Tracey #3

  18. Gorgeous fabrics and love those little hearts too. Hope you have a great week and a lovely woyww, Angela x15x

  19. Hi Jan, lovely fabrics. Nice photo of G demonstrating his woodworking skills, he's certainly earned his brownie points. I hope the WI enjoy the gin, I mean crafting. So long as the WI don't turn into WI (Women Intoxicated) all should be fine. Thanks for stopping by earlier- I'd forgotten how much I used to enjoy sewing. I'm not particularly talented or adventurous, but I can manage a straight line, so I'll see how it goes. Once I've spoken to my employer I'll let you know about my next fundraiser, thank you for your kind offer. Have a lovely week Heather x #7

  20. HI Jan, that is so sweet that your shelves are being put together so quickly :) and I had to laugh over the way you describe this anticipated visit with them all. and I love the hearts & checks print too. ~Stacy #29

  21. Gin in the a.m. is either a great story or not. LOL Have a great time. Dorlene #30

  22. Wow! Your hubby's a keeper alright! I want shelves for my herbs in the Laundry Room, and I'm scared to ask! I know the first thing he will say is "can't be done". Lucky you! I love the gingham with hearts fabric, and the gorgeous puffy hearts and eyeglass holders you made from it. I'm just starting on a project for my DD, hoping to maybe get some sewing done for gifts as well! Have a great week, thanks for your visit! Lindart #32

  23. Ooh, I do like that geometric design fabric and I'm sure you'll make something amazing out of it. G looks immersed in his project - my hub's happiest in his man cave as well playing with his toys. Whatever some people say - there are girl jobs and boy jobs and making shelves is definitely a boy job! Happy Sunday! zsuzsa #23

  24. Hi Jan. thanks for visiting me this week. I'm a bit behind. Stupid sinus stuff would not go away. Didn't accomplish hardly anything on my list. I'm trying this weekend. Hugs and creative blessings! Kelly #28