Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 12 September 2018


(Except it's Autumn, but you get the idea!)

Well, the Crop was another huge success - thank you first and foremost to Margaret, who did her usual masterly organisation to make the day run so smoothly. For a full photo post see here. Then it was thanks to the folks who came to LA for the day as it wouldn't work without you. It was so lovely to see some familiar faces and wonderful to welcome some newbies - Twiglet, Heather and the special guest Shaz from Oz. Wow, it was so good to meet these lovely folk. Shaz seemed to beam all day!!
The generosity was also so wonderful, items brought for the take-it table, contributions to the raffle - we made £170 profit, split between the RNLI and Margaret's Ugandan schools charity. Special mention must go to Debbie Rock too as she made some beautiful things.

The Family Appleton are here for a week in a cottage...well, I say 'cottage', in reality it's the wing of a 16th century manor house!!
Tucked into folds of the Clwydian hills, it's easy to bypass it in the rush to visit Snowdonia, so we picked this specifically to explore a new (to us) area.  We've enjoyed it so much, I'm going to do a fuller post when we get back home.

So my JanCave Mk 3 has been this beautiful room:

I bet coming here for Christmas would be magical!  Ancient oak panelling plus huge slate flagstone's idiosyncratic for sure but amazing.

I did a teensy bit of Sashiko at the Crop and have continued with a few more lines.

But mostly I've been sitting in the kitchen gazing out at this view...

I came back from the Crop LADEN with spare stash, donations, what seemed like the entire contents of Shaz Silverwolf's folder...I sorted it out in order that we could fit it in the car for the journey home, lol!  Debbie's beautiful artworks are front of shot....

We've done some great sightseeing since but I shall leave you with just one taken from our visit to Chester zoo:

D'awwwww! I adore orang utans and have actually seen them in the wild in Sumatra. The team at Chester are doing a fantastic job with conservation - this species needs all the help it can get - but in the meantime, they are looked after incredibly well. 

Have a good week y'all :-D


  1. I always try and watch the programmes from Chester Zoo; and another friend goes regularly with her grand children.. gorgeous end photo. So glad the crop was a great success and raised lots of money too . Helen #??

  2. oops, and what a fabulous place to stay for a week!

  3. What a great post - and wonderful Crop photos in the previous post :)
    Happy WOYWW :)
    Claire no. 2

  4. My word Jan, that’s a gorgeous, powerful Orang photo. The ‘cottage’ looks divine, but I’m glad you aren’t there mid winter, bet it’s a bugger to keep warm! Wonderful views and an area so ancient, bet you’ve loved it. Did you go to Chester city I wonder, i was very struck by how old and lovely it was. Anyway, am glad you’re having a great break...deservedly so. You seem to be laden with post Crop stash, and Debbie’s arts are just amazeballs, how generous of her.

  5. Jan, What a lovely place you are staying at. Fab photo of the Orangutan mum with her baby.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #12

  6. What a fab place to stay Jan - lovely view. I can just see you all cosy in that beautiful room with your sashiko in your lap! xx Jo

  7. It was so special to see you at the crop. Your holiday home looks amazing and it looks like you’ve used Snowdonia as your inspiration for your sewing....hilly peaks! Here’s to catching up again soon.
    Annie x #14

  8. What a fabulous place to stay - it must be wonderful to sit, relax and craft in such beautiful surroundings. The Shashiko is coming on beautifully, you are incredibly neat and accurate with your sewing, I know my lines would be all wobbly!
    I adore orang utans and your photo is heart breakingly gorgeous, they are having such a tough time in the wild - I've been a very long standing supporter of Jane Goodall and Birute Galdikas, and the Orangs plight in particular is something very close to my heart. What an amazing experience you must have had seeing them in their natural habitat, you lucky, lucky gal!
    I would love to talk Orangs with you one day!
    Enjoy the rest of your week,
    Hugs, Diana xx #17

  9. Whilst in Chester you must go to the Falconry Centre at the Cathedral. We had the most wonderful day there. You pay a paltry sum and can come and go during the whole day as you wish but the flights are wonderful and some are so funny.
    The house you are staying in looks beautiful, what a wonderful way to unwind - and get on with that sewing which I forgot to look at. Tut tut, smack my wrists.
    Oh Jan it was lovely to see you again, and everyone else. It is almost like a little community now with it being the second time. Just wish we cold meet up monthly. I never want it to stop and wish I was 20 years younger so I could look forward to so many more.
    The Orangutang photo is absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful photo, it would win a prize in a competition. Honestly it is wonderful. You have captured the look in mothers eyes that says a lot and the coat shows how much they are looked after and cared for. Thanks for that but seriously it is a winner!
    Hugs and miss you already (Bet too)
    Neet 8 xxx

  10. Happy WOYWW. Glad you had a fab time at the Crop. Your temporary home looks amazing - and that is an area of Wales that me and hubby do not really know, and only said recently that we need to go and explore. Orangutans are one of my favourite animals - and I used to go to Chester Zoo just to see them. Incredible photo. Brought a tear to my eye. Ali x #21

  11. Wowah, that place looks amazing and 'embroidery' fits perfectly in these scene... I ordered fabric and thread in that English shop you got your stuff from, I expect it in the mailbox every day now... exciting!!! Have a great week, happy woyww and a big hug from HOlland. Marit #18

  12. Not sure how I missed your post because I went from Neet to Heather. You are staying in a gorgeous old and stately place. It is a place I could enjoy, too. I admit I loved the Orangutan photo and the items you brought back from the crop had me doing flip flops. Happy WOYWW from #3.

  13. Hiya Jan, wow that place is fabulous! I can just picture that with a tree and Christmas trimmings, it would look amazing. We all had a fab day, but then we always do with so many crafting friends to meet. The Orang Utan photo is so lovely- Doug is often called an Orang due to arm length, lol. Murder trying to get him anything with sleeves in that doesn't end half way up his forearms! Have the rest of a lovely holiday, Love & Hugs to you all, XxXxXx

  14. WOW ! I'd get lost before all leave and just stay there. Some great photos once again. With your crop I forgot, but I love seeing that the guys are enjoying the gathering also. Loving all your goodies. Such beautiful things people create. Enjoy a great week

  15. Wow! What an incredible holiday 'cottage'. The crop sounds incredible and so much fun... hopefully one year I will get to join you! Thanks for sharing. Have a nice week. Caro x (#19)

  16. Now that's what I call country holiday style Jan! Such a great time on Saturday. Enjoy the rest of your week away. Sarah #5

  17. Beautiful place for a holiday ..... well done on stitching in front of that view!
    Hope it stays dry for you, enjoy your break and thank you for Saturday.
    Take Care
    Christine #25

  18. This is one amazing house and the view is fantastic. Great collection of goodies too. Happy woyww, Angela x13x

  19. Hi Jan, looks a lovely place for a holiday, and a bit of crafting! The orang utan photo is beautiful, well done on capturing that moment. Thanks for stopping by my blog, and your kind words. Enjoy the rest of your holiday and have a lovely week Heather xx #11

  20. I can almost smell that wood panelling, what a magnificent place to holiday I would not want to move away from that view from the kitchen. Hope the weather is kind to you and you can enjoy the rest of your time there.
    The shasiko is coming along very nicely.
    WOYWW Hugs Tracey #4

  21. Beautiful photo of Mum and baby orangutan! They have such incredible expressions, like "old souls". So many goodies from the swap! Wow! Someday, you never know, I may show up to one! So glad you enjoyed the "cottage"! Not like any cottage I've seen before! Have a great week, and thanks for your visit! Lindart #23

  22. HI Jan, OOOoooh what a fabulous place to spend some time in :) love all the shots. ( I am surprised you are getting any stitches in haha) Looks like lots of fun things are going to follow you home too. ~Stacy #24

  23. Hi Jan. I am REALLY late getting around this week - been so busy hosting Shaz in Oz - but she is now safely tucked up with a friend in America, so I can begin to think...
    Finally - a few mins to go round visiting!! What a place - goodness - I hope you really enjoyed yourselves - making full use of the fact that you were Lord and Lady of the Manor for a week!!!
    Thanks for all the help last Saturday - a great day.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #20