It was tough to top the Boobs lyric from last week! Today's is a little more mundane but all will be revealed later :-D

There's been no crafting done in the JanCave this past week, but plenty elsewhere!

In fact, it's pretty much how it looked last week - just too many other things going on at the moment. I bought a metre of fabric that spoke to me in the shop:

Be still my beating heart!! It's got it all - hares, patterns and that wonderful graphic lino print that has always been a favourite of mine. I bought a metre of it and am going to make something for me, but am not sure what yet. It might even get framed, I honestly could live with it on the wall!

Some more cardmaking went on at the kitchen table workdesk - Janet, my friend, came over for a cuppa and a play. She is a scrapbooker and wow, did it show. Her cards were beautiful!

Is that enough of a mess for you?! Ron looks seriously unimpressed :-D  We had a wonderful couple of hours and made quite different cards.

Janet made the two at each end of the bottom row and the second from left on the top. Just fab! I had a go at making Man Cards, using up a couple of prints of G's photos. They turned out ok but it taxed this newbie cardmaker's brain, that's for sure!

G and I went for a day out to the Mumbles, a cute little seaside town on Swansea Bay - we had a coffee and a mooch as you do. And then found this place:

Now, a new quilting shop is reason enough to take the pic but the flat above it is special too! I spent quite a lot of time as a child visiting my mum's cousin and aunt who lived there. They were old even then and I remember the rooms being dark brown with lots of Victorian bits and bobs. Uncle Ron had a study that was tobacco brown, with bookshelves, racks of pipes and a desk and battered leather armchair. Such strong memories for me, just standing there took me back to being about 8!

But apart from having a Proust-type Madeleine moment, I HAD to go investigate the shop!

Small but beautifully formed! There was a lot packed into a small space - they do classes and online too, see here for the link. This was where I got the hare fabric from, don't you think that was restrained?!

But the thing that made me hoot was this:

And mine was there....and he pretty much said that....but I was a good girl. Well, it's got to happen sometime huh?   *grin*

Have a great week everyone!


Helen said...

what a shop! what a gorgeous piece of fabric, I would be tempted to frame it too, it is as pretty as a picture that's for sure. It just had to be, given where you found it - the only thing that would have topped it would have been to see inside the flat again! have a great week. Oh, and fantastic cards - you're getting quite good at this paper lark!! Helen #??

BJ said...

Just had to look the shop location up on Maps, good job there was a bit of road name in the photo. Yes know the area well but this shop is new to me. Adore the sign. Love the HARE fabric, will have to pop in next time I'm visiting Mum. BJ#2

Neet said...

Oh that fabric is fabulous! It was there waiting for you - a gift from the aunt who used to live there. What memories it holds as well as being just perfect for you. If only those hares could speak!
Great shop, love the sign - someone has a nice sense of humour.
As for the cards, you want to know which are y favourites? The men cards!± Jan, if you are making cards like that you are officially a card maker - they are fab and I would buy one of those in a tick.
Love the bright colours in the first picture, last week or not, they shout 'spring' to me.
Hugs, Neet 6 xx

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. No wonder you bought that fabric. Just my sort of thing too. I would scan it and use to make some papercraft stuff. We love Mumbles - great foody places there and always good for a stroll. I forgot about that shop. Haven't been there for years (we normally drive on further down to park). I was hoping to get in contact and arrange our next meet-up, but my health is not allowing for a trip out. Hopefully I will feel stronger soon. Ali x #12

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Jan, that fabric is amazing; no wonder you couldn't resist it. I laughed out loud at the notice in the shop. Some excellent cards again! Sarah #10

Heather Marshall said...

Hi Jan, even I might have been tempted by that fabric, and I don't buy fabric! Love your man cards ... I might have to rummage through Mr M's photos ... Great idea! Yes, you were very good and very restrained. The notice in the shop was fun ...every craft shop should have one. Have a lovely week Heather x #11

Anne said...

Hi Jan. What fabulous fabric and a fabulous shop. Love that sign :-)
What wonderful memories were evoked as well, do the shop owners live in the flat? I wonder if you would have liked a peek or prefer to remember as it was?
The cards you made are fabulous! You are very adept at card making now!
Once again thank you so much for my zippy bag - hop you got the email. Anne x #15

Annie said...

How restrained were you! I’m seriously impressed especially if you’d been given permission to buy....as you can see on my blog I don’t need telling twice. I’m loving the cards too....well done you.
Annie x #14

lisa said...

You seem to be able to smell out fabric shops, Jan. We are seriously short of them around here. I adore that hare fabric, it's far too luscious to use, yes definitely just frame it!! How amazing that a family home is now a fabric shop, there has to be something in that....lovely memories for you. I am seriously impressed with your card making too, what a great crafting table you had with your friend, how I would love to have joined you at it.
Glad you survived the horrible weather.
Hugs Lisa x#17

Julia Dunnit said...

Good girl. My roundly Apple shaped bum. I love the sign in the shop, love the story of the flat..did you ask if it was the flat for the shop? what a find, all the way in Mumbles!
All the cards are lovely, great idea to use Gordon’s prints for boy cards, and I couldn’t tell Janet’s apart from yours, so don’t be too modest! That’s a lot of table covering for just a couple of hours - proves the old thing about you use as much space as you’ve got!

Diana Taylor said...

What a lovely shop you found, and the fabric is 100% gorgeous. It definitely needs to be framed and yes I agree with you, I'd love a feature wall covered in it! A fantastic fabric shop and a wonderful trip down memory lane too - it sounds like the perfect day out.
Those are beautiful cards too - I love the man-cards, the images look great against the text and wood effect, and it looks like you had a fun couple of hours with your friend.
Have a great week,
Diana xx

Twiglet said...

Oh such a lovely post Jan - fabric and your stroll down memory lane - perfect. I too could happily live with that gorgeous fabric on the wall. xx Jo

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, what an amazing coincidence that shop was! I'm sure it will get many a visit in the future- just for the purposes of memory reliving, of course. :) That fabric really does have your name all over it, doesn't it? Designed with you in mind without a doubt.
Great job with the cards again, and love how that die cut works with G's photos, Brilliant, as you say, perfect for Guy cards. And that sign made me laugh! Thanks for all the good wishes,lots of love and hugs to you both, Shaz XxxxXX

Sue said...

Hi Jan, I cannot believe you only bought that beautiful hare fabric. I would hacve been drooling the minute I walked in the door:) LOL

What a nice surprise the shop was under your relatives flat and it brought back memories.

All the cards are fab. You obviously have a great eye for colour combinations.

Sue #18

SusanLotus said...

LOL! I love the sign-board.
And all the lovely fabrics!

Your friends cards are beautiful too.

HAPPY WOYWW, Sussie nr 24.

glitterandglue said...

Hi Jan. Well, what a trip down memory lane that proved to be!!! Glorious fabric, lovely cards, and lots going on in your neck of the woods at the moment. Well done for using the torn paper technique on the man card!!!
I'm not playing today - too much going on here...
Take care girl. God bless.

Stacy Sheldon said...

Hi Jan, oh that is amazing, that the cool shop is under that old flat. I could totally picture everything, and the sign is fabulous. I love the cards with the beach scenes on them so much. :) ~Stacy #28

Kelly said...

What a lovely memory. I've always wanted a flat above a store. The shop looks fabulous! Our local shop is taking part in a shop hop the first weekend in April. Come hop with me! Creative Blessings! Kelly #28

StampinCarol said...

What precious memories! I remember times with my grandparents on their farm. Great looking shop and your print fabric, definitely frame-able! Your cards are wonderful and your masculine cards are great! Hope yo have a great week!
Carol N #25

Sharon Madson said...

Oh, my goodness, so much in your post, today! Lovely fabric that called your name! I am sure you will do something wonderful with it! And your friend is quite talented! What gorgeous cards she made! A lovely tea shoppe and what neat memories of the flat above! Love that sign and saying! We all want our husbands to say that. Mine pretty much gives me a free hand! Thank you for stopping by already! #26

My name is Cindy said...

Great post Jan - love the memories and what a delightful store (mistake you made was having hubby with you I think). The hare fabric is gorgeous and just the kind of thing I would go for as well. I did get your email by the way, will respond appropriately!! Thanks for the earlier visit, Cindy #21

okienurse said...

love reading your post and looking through the pics. It looks like you had a busy week from the looks of your desks. I think that the hare fabric would look awesome framed. I love that fabric shop. Do the sell the fabric in 1 yard bits or in most stores is it sold by the bolt more in the UK? Seems most of the folks sewing nowadays are quilters and they sell the fat quarters etc. We have one fabric store about 6-7 miles from me that sells off the bolt. Walmart and Target no longer sell fabric. Hope you have a great week. Vickie #34

misteejay said...

Isn't it great when you find these wonderful little shops. So many have closed where I live and do miss them.
You continue to be busy and I love the items you have created.
Toni xx

Crafting Queen said...

What a get set of cards. Hope you have a great week.

craftyani said...

More gorgeous fabrics bet you will be going back there and not to relive memories. Your cards are great how long have you being making them, they look very professional. Ani#1

Lindart said...

We have a Red house in Kingston too - only its a great artisan bar! Great food, all the "young 'uns" go there, we love the atmosphere and the energy! But I digress - yours looks pretty awesome too! As for you wonderful fabric piece, my first thought when I saw it was FRAME IT!!! It's perfect for framing! Have a great week, and thanks for your visit! Lindart #32

Elizabeth said...

Another lovely post, Jan. (I looked earlier, thought I'd left a comment and then realised I hadn't - yet another of my senior moments!) The fabric could have been designed with you in mind - it's beautiful ... I thought it was a print at first sight. Mumbles - I'd love to live in a town called Mumbles ... the stuff of children's stories. And the fabric shop is perfect. How nice that it brings back happy memories too ... makes it doubly perfect. You were remarkably restrained despite the message on display :) Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs, Elizabeth x #30

Cara said...

Wow, you only bought a metre of that stunning fabric? You defo need to go back and buy more! Hope you're keeping warm and well x


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