This is what the JanCave looks like at the moment:

Bit sad, huh?! I've had to clear my stuff out as Romeo is coming to plaster my walls :-D  Yep. not kidding, he really is called Romeo and is hopefully going to make everything all smooth again so I can slap some paint up - this is all to make good the mess that was left after we took the wallpaper off!

So my desk has moved downstairs...

More cutting out for Christmassy stuff, the sewing machine is on the floor but will be called into action in a minute. See that orange stencil? I bought it whilst away at the weekend from a proper old fashioned stationery shop (you'd have loved it Julia!) 

I mean, how many circles does a girl need??! But I've got one for every occasion from now on. A bargain at £2.95!

The Use-it-up blanket is coming on well and I'm getting through some stash yarn. Woohoo!

Last week, I heard that a dear old friend had become a Grandma for the first time - it makes you feel old when you remember the new mum as a young girl! Anyway, they chose a fab name:

They're bright and breezy folk so I had a lovely play with colourful stash - hope they like it!

G and I were attending our third wedding in 9 weeks last Saturday! An old friend from our Wiltshire village was getting married after a tough couple of years. She and her hubby had specified definitely no presents on the invitations but I wanted to give her something so spent a happy hour making a charm for her:

I tried to channel some of Judy McCarthy's talent as she does some beautiful vintage work...I really enjoyed myself making this. It's good to try something different occasionally eh?!

Have a great week xxxxxxxxxxxx


Helen said...

Hope the wall gets plastered quickly so you can return to the Jan-Cave... the heart charm in beautiful though; and so is Mabel's bunting and well done on using up wool... soon be able to buy more! Helen #?

craftyani said...

Love the holey template I am always looking in the cupboard for saucer, plate bowl etc to draw a circle. Hope the Jan-cave is back in action soon. Anickoana

Annie said...

I love my visits to yours each week Jan. The colours in the blanket are fab...so cheery. The bunting is gorgeous...I’m sure it will be loved by all. The heart is simply beautiful.
Good luck with the craft room decorations....hope all goes well.
Thanks for my birthday card....I guess that’s you, Julia and Me on the front? 😂😂😂😂
Biggest hugs,
Annie x #9

Christine said...

What a stupendous, wonderful, breathtaking creation!!! Dearest Jan, you have excelled yourself on that heart, what a treasure - well done!
Enjoy your new plastered walls, I am sick of looking at mine now .... if only I could paint them!
Have a good week
Christine #14

Neet said...

Isn't it funny how the old names are coming back into fashion - what goes around ... The bunting is gorgeous. But the heart ... well that is something else. What a beautiful gift. Funny thing is I was thinking of Judy only last night as I lie in bed. You might not have a craft room at the moment but you certainly have had a lot on the go. Look forward to seeing what you do, paintwise, in the room when Romeo has finished. Romeo, really?
Hugs, Neet 2 xx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Mmm, love the goodies, esp the gift for the weeding couple it truly is beautiful Lunch Lady Jan, and Mable ... yes well done, looks great and older names are here again, Molly was latest girl at our church. ;-)
Thanks so much for your great desky share.... hope the renovating goes to plan.
Happy Belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x #8

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Your CR will be like new once you have painted.

Loving the colours in your blanket. Glad you are able to still do sewing projects.

The heart is beautiful and will be a lovely keepsake for the bride.

Sue #15

AliWade said...

Happy WOYWW. I look forward to seeing the craft room freshly plastered/painted - and your stash returned to its rightful home. Gorgeous wedding charm. Ali x #20

Sarah Brennan said...

Hi Jan, that blanket is coming on no end (it is the one you had just started at the crop isn't it?). My grandmother was called Mabel and one of my work colleagues has a two year old daughter of the same name; it must be slowly coming back into fashion. Good luck with the plastering. Sarah #19

Marit said...

One can never have too many circles - I just bought me two circle-stencils AGAIN last week - I must have over twenty circle-stencils-and-stamps now ;) I love the blanket made from left-overs... I knitted a granny-square last Summer that is as colourful and I'm still way happy with it, all those colours make you smile isn't it? Happy woyww and a big hug from Holland, Marit #17

misteejay said...

Can't wait to see the "Jan Cave" when it is all sorted.
You have certainly been busy and I love that wedding charm.
Have a super week.
Toni xx

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Wonderful projects, Jan! I love the riot of colours in that blanket, the baby gift is adorable and the wedding heart is just stunning - classy and elegant! You've been a very busy girl, I can tell! We'll see if Romeo lives up to his name - whether he can plaster or not is secondary LOL! Hope the Jan Cave will be back to its full glory soon. Thanks so much for visiting earlier. It's always lovely to find a comment from you. Have a great week! zsuzsa #18

BJ said...

Adore the wedding charm heart closely followed by the "use it up" blanket. Both for their colour ways in different ways iyswim. Hope the plastering goes well and you are back in your cave soon. Yep beaches are cool in the Winter months aren't they? Sorry I missed this particular visit but I am even hopeful after 4 years of mixed up cycles that I am on the way to freedom (and not only being an empty nester hehehe) Thanks for the visit BJ#5

Diana Taylor said...

Ooh Jan, that heart is stunning - it's so stylish and a little bit vintage - perfect! Such pretty bunting too, you have been busy despite not having a Jan Cave! That circles template has brought back memories of school, I'm sure I had one in my school bag, but no idea why - I don't recall ever using it, but the same goes for set squares, compasses and protractors!!
Yes, my splatters were totally random as I knew they were being covered by leaves (I'm not a good splatterer) but otherwise I have a rubber stamp of splatters that is brilliant, and more accurate!
Hope you have a great week and hope you get your plastering done OK - should be fine unless you have a balcony!
Have a great week,
Diana xx

StampinCarol said...

Love the banner! And the little vintage heart... gorgeous!!! I know what you mean about children growing up. Thanks for the visit and I hope you have a great week!
Carol N #22

Twiglet said...

That little heart is beautiful - you are a clever thing - everything you do turns out so lovely! xx Jo

Stacy Sheldon said...

that charm is just stunning Jan, I love the layers of texture on it and oh, how exciting that soon you will get to paint smooth walls :)
~Stacy #25

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, I love that heart charm, what a beautiful piece. That's set to become a valued keepsake, I bet.Do you have a colour in mind for the Jan cave, or will it be white. Was indeed lovely to have a catch up, will be looking forward to doing it in the flesh hopefully in the not too distant future. Love and lots of hugs, Shaz XXxx #3

Felicia said...

Jan, I LOVE all that goodness on your table! I know you will be glad when your "room" is finished! It will be well worth the wait, I am sure! That blanket is going to be so yummy when you are through! I absolutely love that charm you made for your friend's wedding! I KNOW she loved it as well! :) Blessings, Felicia #27

Lindart said...

First thing I thought of - "Mabel Mabel, set the table.
Do it as fast as you are able.
Don't forget the
(Keep repeating salt, pepper, ketchup, mustard while turning the rope.
If the jumper misses on "pepper", then the turners begin turning fast or doing "hot peppers".)
I remember jumping to this as a kid! Hopefully the kids of today have long forgotten that rhyme! The bunting is beautiful, and so is the gorgeous white heart, sure to be a be a treasured memory of their wedding! Thanks for sharing, have a great week! Lindart #29

Anne said...

A girl can never have too many circles Jan :-) Love the heart and the banner. Hope the plastering is soon done - a messy job that! Sorry for the late visit I have come down with the lurgy :-) felt very under the weather Thanks for visiting. Anne x #10

Cara said...

I hope your room of stash is back soon albeit with smooth walls! Love the baby bunting and beautiful wedding gift x

Dorlene Durham said...

I love all your projects. The new baby banner and wedding heart are great. Handmade gifts are always great! Have a great week. Dorlene #26


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