Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 5 July 2017



Another week has whizzed by! I've got both sons and future DiL at home, which is really fabulous but expensive when it comes to bread, cereal and milk!! :;-)  Only joking, it's lovely being surrounded by my very tall sons..honestly, if they stand either side of me, it's like looking up at skyscrapers and I'm not exactly short!

I'm also pleased that Julia is home safe and sound - it was good to chat and have a bit of a catch up..yay xx

Some crafting has been done...

I found the ditsy flower print when I was looking for something else and thought that it needed using up! So I matched it with the pink gingham and a purple spot in order to make a craft bag.

Mix and Match but the colours go quite well!

It's got pockets inside and out and a recessed zipped top. Hope someone will like it at the RNLI open day craft stall :-)

And then my hubby asked if I could knock something up for him that he'd seen on a camera website - a sort of bean bag thing to rest the camera/lens on. I had a quick suss out of some photos online and had a play:

I'd forgotten all about this fabric! I just made a boxed corner bag, filled it with stuffing and slip stitched it shut - took all of 15 mins....

...and does the trick! Now G can use the shutter release on his camera without it tipping over. 

It was the carnival in our small seaside town last Saturday - the posters had mentioned a Medieval theme and they weren't joking!

We really enjoyed the jousting performance - the guys in yellow and black were the baddies with the others being the Good Guys. We had a lot of fun booing the baddies and cheering the heroes! They were excellent and put on a great show with lots of hammy acting...the jousting and tilting bit was really exciting:

This guy in particular really went for it - he'd put his head low, urge his horse into a gallop and charge down the course. It was quite stirring watching men in full flow, so to speak!!!!

Take care and have a great week!!


  1. Wonderful makes! I love the bag. I wish I was close enough to come to the RNLI stall. Wonderful jousting photos - the bottom shot is stunning!

    You're early to WOYWW so I'm probably the first to comment lol. I might not have a post myself. Haven't been feeling too crafty lately - only the photography thing. It's been nice enough to get out and about. I suppose the crafting might come in the cooler months.

    Take care!
    Sharon K

  2. Lovely bag Jan and a cool camera rest for hubby. How clever you are. Great photos of the jousting. BP carnival is always a good day out. Holidays soon so hopefully time for a catch up. Hugs Lynda x

  3. what a fabulous post - loving all the fabric, especially that for G's camera rest. The jousting looks amazing; what fun! Helen #??

  4. Super makes Jan - lovely bag and what a great idea for the camera rest. Thank you so much for all the fabulous goodies that you sent to add to our efforts raising money for the RNLI - you are such a treasure.
    The jousting photos are amazing and I'm sure it was a great day.
    Have a super week.
    Toni xx

  5. This 'move' you two made is just getting better and better. What fun the medieval day looks. I loved the views of the beach last week and now this. Wonderful.
    Have a great week with tall sons, know what you mean, I am quite tall but my son towers over me, I have an impromptu photo of us gathering greenery years ago at the bottom of our garden and I look like a little pixie at the side of him. (well, can't be a fairy so pixie was the only adjective I could think of).
    Hugs, Neet 10 xx
    see you soon - the crop grows near

  6. That's a pretty bag Jan and I better hubby was chuffed to bits with his camera rest. It's lovely that you've settled in so well and are enjoying your new hometown
    Lynn xx 12

  7. I think we all love to see men in full flow Jan.....I will just have to make do with Ross Poldark 😍 Love the bag and I'm sure Gordon appreciates having such a talented wife. How lovely to be surrounded by your gorgeous family....enjoy every minute. I'm happy to send you a food parcel....I know just how quickly the cupboards empty with youth around.
    Annie x #14

  8. Hi Jan, Loving the bag. That will get snapped up.

    I'd have loved the jousting as well. Years ago went to an event that was based on King Arthur. They had knights fighting, but no horses.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #15

  9. Hi Jan, fabulous photos of the jousting, especially the one of the man in 'full flow' - a very impressive sight. Bet he got more than a few ladies all aflutter. Love the craft bag - it's sure to be snapped up - and the lens rest thingy is fabulous. We do get asked to make some very odd things for our menfolk - I recently had a request for 'something to put my chiropody equipment in'!!! Have a lovely time with your sons, even if they are eating you out of house and home. Hugs, Elizabeth x #17

  10. Hi Jan. Your post has made me chuckle - 'men in full flow' great photo :-) Loving the bag - I'm sure it will sell. I wish I could make something in just 15 mins - seems to take me ages to do stuff. Have a great week. Anne x # 13 (at the moment :-) )

  11. That camera pillow is sheer genius!! Love all your lovely fabrics!
    Happy WOYWW!
    Claire no.9

  12. I remember a colleague of mine complaining that his teenage son used to eat a whole box of cereal for breakfast LOL! How is that even possible? Lovely bag - looks so well-made! The beanie bag for the camera lens in very clever - never seen those before! The photo with the motion blur is fantastic! I used to know how to do that but forgot! Use it or lose it, they say and that's so true for all sorts of skills as well! Happy WOYWW! zsuzsa #20

  13. Another lovely bag! - hopefully it will inspire me to get the sewing machine out and use up some of the vast arrange of fabric I've been hoarding - holidays are here now so I've no excuses! Some kind of fighting with swords and staves on the beach here at the moment but the outfits are less attractive - I think they are filming for 'Game of Thrones'
    Bernice #22

  14. How can anyone NOT want that bag - so fresh! Love the ditsy print inside. Amazing photos of the jousting..and what an amazing thing for a small town to throw into its festival. Fab. You'll be like us soon then - get the boys back to their respective places and live on beans for a couple of months!

  15. Hiya Jan, that bag will go like hot cakes! It's beautiful. Awesome the lads & DIL to be are there,give them hugs from us! What an awesome Carnival- love the knights, and the jousting is fun to watch, isn't it? We went to the Festival Of History a few years ago, and they did that there. Lots of love & hugs to you all, Shaz XxX

  16. Happy WOYWW - and hope you are enjoying this glorious Welsh summer weather. We don't get the really hot temperatures so often over here in Pembrokeshire, but the sun is out today and I think I will get out in the garden later to do some more weeding. Love that bag - and how clever of you to create that photography 'cushion' so quickly. Ali x #25

  17. The bag is gorgeous and your eye for colour is outstanding. Clever little lens rest. Have a lovely week.
    sandra de @24

  18. Stirring stuff indeed ;)
    I love the bag and your sewing is always so neat and beautiful.
    Have a wonderful Wednes-YAY!
    Bubbles #7

  19. Wow, fabulous crafting this week. Your husband's camera stand reminded me of the little beanbag I use to rest my tablet on my knee when blogging etc. It's just two squares of fabric sewn the opposite way at each end to make a triangle if you know what I mean. Good luck with keeping the fridge stocked!

  20. Happy WOYWW #422 thanks for sharing xx Jan (31)

  21. Hi Jan. Thanks for visiting - yes - it was extremely hot!!! But, it's done, and is going in a special suitcase (the one guaranteed to get through 'cos it has the jar of coffee in it!). I've also made a banner which the team will use as a teaching aid - and that is going in hand luggage. Golly, am I privileged or what???!!!
    Lovely to have your family around you - even if you do need step ladders to see them properly. That medieval carnival sounded great fun. The photos are great - G's handiwork? Congrats on getting that horserider stationary. I think the lens cushion is a fantastic idea - I always have difficulty when using a longer (ergo heavier!) lens. The bag is lovely too. What a productive week you have had young lady!
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #2

  22. Your bag is Gorgeous.... It will be snapped up... Love the fabrics you have used... What a great idea for hubby to rest his camera on... I love that fabric too... The Jousting performance looks a great fun day... Have a happy week ahead... May#4

  23. What a fab camera support - infinitely easier to transport than the whacking great Manfrotto Tripod - and good looking too... might swap you a bean bag for a mini hare? I never used to prep - just picked up my media and hit the canvas - but that makes for expensive mistakes - so when a sheet of watercolour paper is a tenner and your salary no longer exists and time is no longer pressing I find pleasure in perfecting my style... not in an arrogant way- but a bit like taking your time getting ready adds pleasure to attending the party kind of way... thx for the visit today dxxx

  24. Loving the camera support, great idea and another gorgeous bag too. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x16x

  25. That camera stand is superb. Thanks for the visit BJ#19

  26. Have fun with the family. Great job on the bag and lens pillow. Awesome photos of the jousting.
    April #7

  27. Love the camera stand thought you where making big foot stools or soft chairs to flop in but that's just a brilliant Idea for a camera :)
    hugs Nikki 6

  28. You had mentioned previously your sister was taking the same online course. Let her know I said hi.... I don't want to stalk her online :)
    sandra de

  29. Great bag, I'm sure it will go super-quick. Gordon's lens rest is brilliant. Maybe a footstool to look down on nos 1 and 2 sons? Have a great week with them all. Love the jousting photos, love Lynne x

  30. Thank you Jan received the gorgeous bag yesterday. I didn't think men did 'full flow'! Like your other bag think there could be some orders from that. Maybe you should make a bigger camera pillow then you can stand on it and be the same height as your sons. Anickoana #3

  31. Oh my - that jouster! I envy you in your world of Medieval times! Someday you may just find me on your doorstep! You also have such a way with combining fabrics - the bag looks wonderful! Thanks for sharing (sorry I'm late!) Lindart #37

  32. The bag is brilliant - you pick patterns I would never think to put together and they look amazing. I love that spotty fabric combined with the other two. Just pops.

    As for the camera rest! Genius! I am saving up for a grown up camera for my course - I may have to come back and buy one when I've got it if that would be OK?

    Sorry I am so mega late - just in time for tomorrow!

    Carmen x #26

  33. What a cool post! Those wedding cakes were, um, very interesting! I really like the craft bag, it's just my style. The camera bean bag is a great idea. My husband is also a photographer and could use that, but seeing is not a skill I've picked up, at least not yet. Have a great week!

    Suzanne #33