Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 24 May 2017


                                 CONGRATULATIONS AND CELEBRATIONS.....

Wow, what can we say? Eight amazing years of crafting fun, support and friendship around the globe - well done Julia for keeping us all going, we appreciate your hard work more than you could know. After the terrible events in Manchester, it's more important than ever to share the love. 

I'm looking forward to visiting desks today but it will be after the visit of the lovely Hettie, who's coming to's been ages since we last met. 

There has been a reasonable amount of crafty goings-on at the desk these past few days. My friend Helen (she of Knitted Boobs fame) came round for a coffee last week and was more than happy to be dragooned into some serious cutting out for me:

Oh but she had a lovely time! Once she'd got through what I'd sorted out, the riffling through my scraps box commenced; the next hour was spent cutting out co-ordinating fabrics for tissue pack holders...there would be a squeal as another good combination of colours was found.  We had lots of fun and chatting may have been involved :-D  Helen is my oldest friend, we've known each other since we were 11 and started grammar school together. She's seen me through my rebellious teenage years and is still friends with me!! It's good to be back in my old home town and see more of her x

This was the desk yesterday. I'm making a whole load of tissue holders, sunglasses cases, small zippy bags etc for a couple of charities. I'm in Production Line Mode, it's quicker that way. The fabrics were fat quarters that I got in a family Secret Santa last Christmas - I wouldn't have chosen these myself but am really enjoying the colours. Something a bit different!

I received a parcel on Monday - inside was this:
The most gorgeous mug! With a hare...swoon! But there were no details about who sent it. So I rang up Little Weaver Arts (whose logo was on the bottom of the mug) who sell gorgeous homewares and asked if they could help - the very lovely lady who answered the phone told me it was a Secret Squirrel present and she was under orders not to reveal who had sent it to me!! Friends on FB didn't own up and so if it was a desker, then Thank You! I love it xx

Hope you like the new header, I had fun doing that. Hope you all have a wonderful time moseying around the desks today. Long may the crafty madness continue.....



  1. your new banner is gorgeous! the hare mug is beautiful! what a surprise.. wonder if you'll ever find out who sent it. Happy Happy WOYWW Jan, sending you much love. enjoy the day with Hettie, and give her a hug. Helen #2

  2. I'm with Helen. I love the new blog banner. So you have a secret admirer. HMMM!

    You and your friend must have had a wonderful time, because there are lots of tissue containers ready to sew up now. And of course, I adore the lovely color combinations, too. Happy 8th Anniversary from # 1.

  3. Love that header Jan - so perfect for WOYWW on your blog! Happy 8th anniversary! It's great to get together with long time friends and wonderful that you can see more of them now you are back in Wales - enjoy evey minute. xxx

  4. Happy 8th WOYWW Anniversary, it's been so fun visiting you all these years. Last weeks post had wonderful fun photos, I was MIA on a getaway. Looks like a lot of great fun with oldie friends. And I do like your new header. Unique! As for that little cup, I love of my favorite kind of rabbits, cute. Now to live with the suspense. ENJOY, stay safe and party on.

  5. Morning Jan. Happy 8th WOYWW. Yes, I do indeed like your new header!! That mug is a beautiful gift - what a lovely surprise, and how much fun to receive it anonymously. Good one. A great day had with your friend! Do you actually have any stash left now, or has she riffled through it all, claiming it for your tissue holders...
    Thanks for your friendship when I came to the crop last November - and for all the times you faithfully visit and comment on my witterings. It was so lovely to share with you all when I came down - a HUGE adventure for me on my own - the first time I had done anything like that. ATC is in the post - should drop on your doormat shortly.
    Take care girl. God bless you both.
    Margaret #6

  6. Good morning my friend and a very happy 8th year anniversary. What a wonderful group we are part of.
    If anyone deserves a secret gift it's you :-) I'm loving all the fabric activity on your desk today too.
    Thanks for all your visits and for all your lovely comments.
    Annie x #19

  7. Happy anniversary, Jan, and thanks so much for introducing me to WOYWW. You're right, we need especially to focus on love in the face of such terrible events.
    I love your new banner. It looks like it was a lot of fun. Have a great day with Hettie, love Lynne #23

  8. Hi Jan, So nice to have crafting friends.

    You sure look busy with your various projects.

    Love your new header.

    Happy WOYWW 8th Anniversary
    Sue #21

  9. I adore your new header it is super and your mug, from a former HARES, is brill what a super surprise - no it wasn't me! Thanks for visiting me each week it is lovely to see what you have been up to in the craft room and on your beach too. BJ#22 at the moment

  10. Love your new header, Jan. Thought I'd come to the wrong place at first, lol. How lovely to back near your friend again. School friends are those special people who seem to stay in touch wherever life takes them don't they. Have fun with Hettie, say hello from me, I miss her on here.
    Love all your fabric goings on and the mug is just you, it has to be someone who knows you well. How wonderful to have a surprise gift.
    Happy 8th Anniversary
    Hugs Lisax #26

  11. Hi Jan. What a lovely time you are having with friends, so good. The world needs more of love and friendship. like the Header on your blog. Your ATC will be winging it's way over to you soon. Happy 8th WOYWWAnne x #27 ( at the moment :-) )

  12. Great header, perfect for the occasion. Glad that you've been having such a great time crafting with a friend. That hare mug is so cute. Lovely surprise gift to receive. Sarah #27

  13. oh...i like this blog...and what you make. Nice to see whats happening on your desk...;-)

  14. Ooh, I love the new header Jan - just perfect! The colours in your new fabrics are very pretty but I thought they were Christmas baubles at first - probably because the white one is upside down - it was only when I looked closer at the grey bag that I saw the clouds and couldn't figure out what they had to do with Christmas!! Anyway, they are perfectly summery and pretty now I know what they are!
    I love the hare mug and I have to say if I'd found it I don't think I would have been able to give it away, it's really gorgeous - you lucky gal!
    Glad you had a lovely time with your friend - it's great that you can see more of her now.
    Hope you have a great week and Happy WOYWW Anniversary.
    Diana xx

  15. Hi Jan, just received my first ATC and how appropriate it is from you, plus RHS peony card. Many thanks,they're beautiful. love Lynne xxx now #20

  16. Hiya Jan, loving the new header! And wow- looks like I'm sending an ATC to you- you were on my list to get one, so how cool is that? We too are so happy we met through WOYWW- proving that sometimes it works out great to go and stay with someone you met on the Internet! lol.
    The thing that really annoyed me, wasn't actually being cancelled, clearly there are people who are a much higher priority than me- but that they have their MDT meeting on a Tuesday, so he'd known for almost a week that they hadn't looked at mine, so they could have let me know sooner.
    Lolling at the Secret Squirrel gift- like the scarf I received back last year- still have no idea who it came from. Great choice for you though, someone knows you well.
    Heres' to many more Wednesdays, Crops and visits, Lots of love and huge squishy hugs from us both, Shaz Xxxx

  17. Yep you are a very good reason for loving WOYWW, that ability to spot a kindred spirit by tinternet divination is remarkable eh? being 'home' is lovely... so glad you are there, I am hoping to drop in on my way north in October when I visit the UK. I might even send you dates and demand a bed so I can indulge at the Gin Haus... I will have a small dog ( who sleeps with cats) in tow mind you..... doone @23

  18. Oh Jan! I wouldn't have met you if it wasn't for WOYWW! So glad I did! Love your new header and all the lovely stuff you are making!
    I am looking forward to seeing you at the crop this year - I hope you will come it is in Wales ha, ha, isn't that where you live now?? :-)
    Love and hugs to you my lovely lady,

  19. LOVE your banner, bunny mug and all the usual busyness on your desk. Thanks so much for the digital friendship all these years! I'm excited to get your ATC- email coming by email!
    Robyn lucky 13

  20. The banner is fabulous Jan.
    Love the mug - what a thoughtful gift.
    Toni xx

  21. Looks like a lot of sewing and laughing had been taking place. Love your mug, how wonderful that it reminds us of the kindness in the world. Your new header is fab too! Cara x

  22. Love the new banner! The mug is a really fun gift. No hares in the garden but we did have a rabbit the other evening. No sure whether to happy or annoyed that it will be eating what I plant this year. Lots of lovely makes going on - always enjoy seeing the fabrics you've collected and are making.

    Could you please send me your address so I can send you an ATC? Thank you! Happy WOYWW anniversary

    Sharon K #37
    Ipswich2 at aol dot com

  23. Thanks so much for sharing your desk, week after week, time permitting Lunch lady Jan, and occasionally even taking up the helm to steer good ship WOYWW!! You are loved and appreciated...
    ... oh, and happy 8th birthday of WOYWW!
    We can really say WOW to eight whole years, eh? For me, of fun, friendship and learning!!
    I so agree re Manchester having family living there in town centre, brings it close to home even way over here (have edited my post re this... since you popped over).. relief when heard they were not even in UK.
    I LOVED the new banner, when first clicked on blog, I stared at it intrigued at first then smile dawned as picked it out, very clever and welcoming colours too.. nice to have friends over isn't it!! kind of what we do each week!?

    Happy 8th WOYWW!
    Prayer hugs,
    Shaz in Oz.x #32

    {Shaz in Oz – Calligraphy Cards}

  24. I think your new header is super duper - and I have a copy of it right in front of me now. Thank you so much for the atc. Mine are isn the production stage - got the figures to cut out and then that is it. Off they go - and be sure one will wing it's way to you in Wales.
    Lovely photo of your friend. Must get in touch with one of my school friends as soon as the house is back to normal.
    Just keep enjoying your new home and friends old and new.
    See you soon.
    Loadsa Hugs,
    Neet xx 12

  25. What a thoughtful and beautiful gift - such a cute hare logo :)
    Have a Wonderful Wednesday!
    Bubbles #36

  26. Like your new header. We are lucky to have a special friend who is always with you through thick and thin. Lovely secret gift wonder if you'll ever find out who sent it to you and what a great idea a Secret Squirrel sender. Have a good week. Anickoana #15

  27. That is the cutest mug Jan :) haha that is funny they call it a secret squirrel gift I have not heard that one before. ~Stacy #42

  28. Your sweet mug is definitely swoon-worthy!!! ADORABLE hare. So charming. Today's special banner is very clever - it makes me smile. Happy 8th!
    Rose of Rose's Art Garden #50

  29. Happy 8th WOYWW Anniversary!
    How fun to spend time with a friend! I can just imagine the squeals of delight! And such a great gift from a secret friend! You are truly loved! Hope you have a great week!
    Carol N #38

  30. Secret Squirrel! How cute is that! I love the mug, what an awesome surprise! It must be so nice to have such a long lasting friendship, I moved countries at 14, so my oldest friend is still in California,I've only seen her once since, and that was many years ago. My oldest friend from here is from when i was 14, and I just saw her the other day. Amazing how time flies! Her hubby that I met when he was 19 years old is now in his 70's! I can't be that old! Looks like you have been very busy with your sewing machine - I'm sure the charities will be awed! Happy WOYWW Anniversary! Lindart #51

  31. How lovey to be spending crafty time with a friend! Your mug is adorable - what a great surprise - clever squirrel to know that you would be delighted! Hugs, Chrisx 48

  32. Jan, what a super heading, really smart, and so you.
    Sounds as if going back home has really be great for your friendships, crafting with a friend is always such fun.
    We are enjoying our boating, Max is generally enjoying being with me,although he is having a few health problems, I
    think he would still prefer to be home.
    Chris #3

  33. Aw, love the new heading, clever many times did those little red beads roll out of control? Oh my!!! What a lovely pic of Helen. I really like the fabrics you're working with, it's good to get out of the comfort thingy isn't it, because I would never have picked them either, but they look great.

  34. Yes, love the new header. Gorgeous fabrics and the mug is so sweet, I have a stamp with that image. Thanks for the comment over at mine. Of all the days for my friends to come round and insist I go out so I am at this late hour trying to get some visits done. Happy woyww anniversary and big hugs, Angela x17x

  35. Hi Jan, the new header is gorgeous - love it. And aren't you the lucky one - a Secret Squirrel present and it's got a hare on it - what could be nicer? Happy 8th WOYWW anniversary! Aren't we so lucky to be part of such a friendly and caring community as WOYWW and may it continue indefinitely too! Thank you too for supporting my blog over the last goodness knows how long. Have a lovely week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #45/46

  36. Happy 8th Anniversary! I'm glad you got to spend it with Hettie and had a great visit with your friend Helen. Have a fabulous week.
    Hugs! -K #39/40

  37. Ooh yes, I like your hot air balloon fabric. Lovely to see Hettie. Yesterday went a bit pear shaped after I blogged my own desk, but better late than never. Happy 8th Anniversary and here's to the next eight x

  38. Busy, busy and you still found time to send me an ATC - thank you so much, it was a lovely surprise.
    I don't have your new addy but, if you send it to me, I will send you one of mine!!
    Have a good stitching week
    Christine - now settled at #22 (I hope!)

  39. Hi Jan Happy 8th Anniversary!!! Looks like your busy as ever that is one cute coffee mug and what a fun new header :) I've a new WOYWW #8 Blog button up now
    hugs Nikki last place

  40. that is a lot of beautiful fabrics and you are one busy person! Love the mug! I have a few friends that span the time but we are all scattered about the states but when we meet up it is like we were never apart! Happy WOYWW 8th Anniversary! It has been a lot of fun blog hopping with this group! Hope you have a great week. Vickie #55

  41. Love the header, mug and most especially visiting your lovely sewing desk. Have a lovely week and thanks for all your positive comments over the year. Where would we be without woyww?
    sandra de @27

  42. what a lovely mystery present, enjoy, happy belated WOYWW, Vicky

  43. Belated annivesray wishes Jan been away. I love your WOYWW header what a great idea very inventive . Cute mug and kind friend, what great pressie To recive ..nothing quite beats a surprise. thank you for your support and stepping in to keep WOYWW going when julia was poorly its appraciated and always will be ...kept the family together.. happy big crafty hugs andrea #48 x

  44. I didn't have acces to a computer last couple of days so I'm very, VERY late visiting desks and celebrating the 8th anniversary... anyway, here I am! I love the 'secret' mug you received... happy mail is the best! I, too have a friend in whom I know since I was 10 years old... friends that 'old' know you through and through and are very special aren't they? Thanks for visiting my blog last week, it's so nice to be part of this lovely group of crafters. Hooray, hooray and on to another year of 'desking' and crafting! Hug from Holland, Marit #29