Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 10 May 2017



Another 7 days has just whipped past....if I tell you that whiskey, brass and dolphins were involved (not all necessarily at the same time!!) then you get some idea of how life is panning out for me at the moment :-D

Some sewing has been done as well, in amidst the randomness! I'd offered to make some tissue holders as part of the local Knit&Natter Group's fundraising, also some felt ornaments. I thought I'd make a couple as samples for the ladies to see what I was on about...
Finding some suitable fabrics wasn't a problem with my newly sorted stash :-D

I really must sort out those embroidery flosses next.....

The brass part of my week was closely followed by whiskey when we came 3rd out of 8 bands in a tough category in a national welsh band contest but there are no pics to share which is probably just as well!

But I can show you these - Monday was a gorgeous day here in Wales and Mr LLJ and I decided to have another road trip to Cardigan Bay. We went to Newquay, what a charming little town it is, gorgeous painted Georgian houses set in rows on a steep hillside leading down to a very picturesque harbour. Just like this:

You can see what a glorious day it was! Boat trips leave from here to go out and view the marvellous wildlife, cliffs of nesting seabirds:

Seals basking in the sunshine:

...and Bottlenose Dolphins (not the clearest of pics but they weren't close)
It was so exciting to see these wonderful creatures - Cardigan Bay is renowned for them, also Minke whales, basking sharks and leatherback turtles. who come to feed on these:

Obviously this photo was taken back on land but those pinky blobs in the sea are barrel jellyfish, just like the one I showed you a couple of weeks ago. There were hundreds of them floating around and getting washed up too.

Mr LLJ and I had a really wonderful day!

We are really enjoying rediscovering our beautiful part of the world :-)
Have a great week! xxx


  1. you have settled so quickly, it's like you've been there forever - it was obviously the right decision. I love the photos of Newquay - what a gorgeous place to visit. Helen #??

  2. Lovely photos Jan, we do live in a beautiful part of the world. Dolphins are some of my favourite things. So lucky to have seen them. Brilliant! Not posted today but still looking around.
    Lynda B x

  3. Hi Jan, Your tissue cases will go down well.

    Well done on third place with your band.

    What a lovely area you have moved to. How lovely to see the Dolphins. We have seals here.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue #18

  4. Well stunning blue skies Lunch Lady Jan, gorgeous ++++ well done.. and love the dat fabric so cheering those images. My suggestion , unsolicited for the floss basket is wee zip lock bags sorted into colours for easy access. I've done it with loose ribbons. Need more buttons too, re last week's post. Happy WOYWW.
    Hugs Shazx

  5. Wow! Amazing photographs - thank you so much for sharing!

    Have a wonderful Wednesday!

    Bubbles (PatchworkApples) #13

  6. Congratulations on third place! What beautiful photographs. You do indeed live in a glorious place. Glad you had such a wonderful day. Anne x #17

  7. What a lovely post! Love all the photos, especially the last one..... looks like you found a bit of time to stand and stare .....
    Have a lovely staring sewing blowing week
    Christine #22

  8. What a beautiful part of the world you live in. Congratulations on 3rd place too. Sarah #25

  9. Hiya Jan, what glorious weather you had! We stayed at Newquay for a holiday once, along with Ant & Beck, and Mort who was maybe barely a year old, so we're talking 15 years ago!Congrats on getting third place, that must be very satisfying. Gorgeous pics of the seal and dolphins. Lots of love and huge hugs, Shaz XxXx

  10. Gorgeous photos, Jan! I've never seen dolphins, but I did catch sight of a seal in Cornwall once. His head was bobbing up and down in the waves, as if he was a human bathing in the sea. Newquay in Wales looks a lot more appealing than Newquay in Cornwall! We've only been as far as Tenby in Wales for a day trip. Perhaps we should venture further in this summer on holiday. Looks like a beautiful part of the world! Have a lovely week! zsuzsa #26

  11. Lovely to see you by the sea! Looks as though you have settled in well! I will come back one day for a big catch up! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. Oh, it all looks so idyllic, Jan, and you both look so happy too. Retirement is definitely suiting Gordon. Stunning photos too. You did get a good close-up of the seal. Love the cat patterned fabric. I keep trying to get my embroidery floss in order but it's still a muddle. If I find a method, I'll let you know. Have a great week - not sure I have to tell you that as you seem to be having a great life altogether :) Hugs, Elizabeth x #11

  13. Im playing catch up after my fun morning with little Theo.....he's a real pleasure to look after. He left after lunch and since then I've had to catch up with urgently needed sewing so am rather late joining in today.
    Lovely to see you're sewing. Well done you with your brass celebrations and I'm grinning to see your gorgeous pics of your day spent with your gorgeous man.....enjoy every minute.
    Hope you have a good week.
    Annie x #5

  14. Absolutely love visiting your page as you have the most fantastic materials and now includes photos of beautiful scenery. Anickoana

  15. Hi Jan. Congrats to your band!! Brilliant - sounds like the competition was really tough! What a boat ride. I think the whales come in greater number when there is a large number of those jellyfish - I seem to remember my grey cells hearing something like that on a TV programme. And that is a great photo of the two of you. SO glad you are both enjoying being back in the homeland!!
    No post from me this week as I have just spent the day at Bodnant gardens with a friend. Stunning!
    Take care. God bless.

  16. is that normal to have the boats all be up on the beach? I was very surprised by that shot. I love your scene photographs so much Jan, and the cat fabric looks fun! ~Stacy #36

  17. Sigh, what a lovely trip around your seascapes, thanks for sharing, especially the dolphins. BJ#21

  18. I'm not sure how you're managing to find time to sew with all that going on! Wonderful photos, thanks for sharing. Cara x

  19. Lordy, they've got you going on the Christmas decs already! Love love the photos from Newquay, gosh you sell the one of the harbour as a postcard. What perfect weather. You look happy.

  20. I love that cat fabric! And your photos of your outing - makes me want to visit Wales! Sorry I'm so late this week! Lindart#37

  21. Lovely photos Jan - those azure skies are fab - Newquay is really pretty. x Jo

  22. Well, despite all the hard work you could say life is beginning to turn into one long holiday. Not having a go at you, just jealous - you seem to be having a whale of a time (no pun there).
    How exciting seeing dolphins, I have only seen them once in a zoo type place (SeaWorld) and I was in love.
    You have settled in so quickly and I am so pleased, but then you deserve it you are a wonderful warm lady.
    Hugs, Neet 1 xx