Greetings you fine body of crafters!  Hope you've had a good week..mine's been busy (all the wallpaper has gone - woohoo!) with lots of decorating. It's amazing how many coats of white paint it takes to cover up purple :-D

Consequently, my crafting has been all about knitting - the JanCave is way down the list of what needs to be done I'm afraid - and I'm on a mission to stash bust at least two bags of wool before I start on the stripey blanket with the yarns featured last week.

The view from the sofa! I'm making either adult beanies with chunky yarn or baby beanies in DK or 4 ply.

I always think that rib beanies look better on the head - at least they stretch to fit most sizes. The little moss stitch beanies are sweet, I think I'll make more of those (for the local Special baby care unit) in an ivory colour yarn that needs using up.

I took a quick pic of the local knit and natter group - well, there's only two as this was before most people arrived (!) - but the view from the venue's not bad, eh?
Lovely ladies with a fine line in crafting and humour!

We've got out for walks too - this reminded me of the Giant's Causeway :-D

and Spring is definitely on the way now....
I love pussy willow, it's bonkers!  When you really look at it closely it's like some mad mutant alien life form. Amazing bright colours on a drab old grey day though, it made me smile.

Have a fun week!


Helen said...

Well done for getting rid of the wallpaper! I had a purple bedroom as a teenager, it was very on trend!! Great beanies; although they look weird on me... Happy painting/knitting. Helen #?

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I love the velvety, silvery grey pussy willow too, before it explodes into crazy catkins, which always make me smile. Hooray for Spring on its way and the end of the wallpaper. Have a great week Jan x

Fiona #4

misteejay said...

Gosh you have been busy - decorating and stash busting - you are a wonder. Love those beanies.
In my first house I had a purple kitchen and navy hallway to contend with. White paint doesn't cover navy artex very well so after umpteen coats I gave up with the white and opted for a soft milky coffee colour LOL
Toni xx

Neet said...

Just about to close down when I spied you had posted - couldn't leave you and am so glad I didn't. Love pussy willow and especially like to put a bit in a vase with some daffodills, they go together so well.
Yes, the view of your 'natter' groups window is fab - well I mean the view you have to natter with. That sounds all muddled, must be the pussy willow got to my head.
The hats are great and the words "moss stitch" reminded me of the time I used to knit, love the effect of that, must look up how to do it and do some somewhere.
The pile of logs reminds me of the dentists. She has something similar in her huge fireplace, must take a photo for you to see.
Well, I seem to have left you a muddled comment, hope you follow it all and well done to you and Gordon for getting all the paper off. Oh dear, we have a purple wall - does it really need a lot of getting rid of when the time comes!
Lots of Love
Neet 8 xxxx

Annie said...

You've done so well with getting all that wall paper off Jan.....and there was me really looking forward to helping you with it 😉 It's good to hear you're still finding time to craft and create.
I love the pussy willow too and am thrilled to say I've even got a few little daffs in bloom now.
Have a great week and brace yourself ready for next week.
Annie x

Sue said...

Hi Jan, Why on earth would you want to cover the purple? (it'smy favourite colour):) LOL

Loving the beanies. I'm sure the baby ones will be very gratefully received.

Certainly a nice place to knit and natter.

Lovely photos of the outdoors.

Sue #20

Judys Lace Creations said...

Love those bright beanies Jan! Nice and peaceful walls now!

glitterandglue said...

Morning Jan. Well, it certainly won't take you long to clear two bags of stash at the rate those beanies are growing!! Do you mean to say that with a view like that your knit and natter group actually get knitting done??? I certainly wouldn't - that view is gorgeous. I feel a need to travel South sometime to see it and enjoy it!
Take care young lady. God bless.
Margaret #6

sandra de said...

Well done for removing all the wall paper.... I can imagine white would be so refreshing after a purple walls. Have fun with your knit and natter group.
sandra de @19

Tilly Tea Dance said...

Oh those pushy willows look delightful - Spring is well on the way I feel. On a similar theme, someone suggested I try to needle felt some catkins but I fear they are more likely to look like a mutant life form, or caterpillars at the very least! Those beany hats are fab. My bestie had a prem baby in November and had a wonderful collection of beanies for her courtesy of Nanny Twiglet and other kindly knitters. Hope the decorating goes full speed ahead so that you can soon be back in the tranquility of the JanCave. Thanks for sharing, Max #24

Sarah Brennan said...

Those beanies are great. How do you get any knitting done with that view? I would have to sit with my back to the window I think lol. Happy WOYWW Sarah #23

Unknown said...

Good luck with the yarn stashage. The beanies look great. I love a brightly coloured hat. I think most of mine are, including the crazy little Minion hat bought for me by OH a couple of years ago at Basingstoke's Oktoberfest. Good on you for donating to the wee bairns. Have a great week - EmbroidRage #2 x

Unknown said...

Thanks for stopping by. I'm not at C&H any more. I've been running the Railway Inn pub in Winchester with OH now for 17 months. It's a very different existence. x

shazsilverwolf said...

Hiya Jan, smiled at the coats of white to cover purple! The bungalow my Mum just moved into, the bloke had obviously gone colour bonkers- purple radiators, bright orange and green walls- good job it's only a bungalow with a few rooms! Fab beanies, and wow isn't that a wonderful view! I'd get no knitting done, it would be all looking at the view and nattering, lol. Love and squishy hugs to you both, XXXXX

Melissa said...

Looks like you are having lots of crafty time with that lovely wool - such cute hats!

WOYWW#3 Melissa - thanks for stopping by this week

Elizabeth said...

Hi Jan, the photo of the pussy-willows is lovely and I see why the woodpile reminds you of the Giant's Causeway - as longer as you are lying down at a very odd angle! I thought I had plenty of 'spare' yarn but now I'm thinking you beat me by a ball or two but if you keep making those fab beanies you'll soon reduce the stash. I'm suffering a wee bit of craft club envy - that view beats the roof tops that can be seen from the club I go to :) Hope the great purple cover up goes well. Thanks for visiting earlier. Hugs, Elizabeth xx

505whimsygirl said...

Hello Jan,

The knitted beanies look great! I love the baby beanies with the moss stitch. Good for you to use your stash to make beanies for those in need, especially little babies!

Ugh, I hope the purple is now gone! Most of my house was painted in southwest colors; dark burnt red, mud color, etc. It's all covered up now!

Hugs, Kay (35)

Unknown said...

I love your beanies! And those baby ones, adorable! Hope you accomplish your goals on busting that stash! Love the photos on your walk. Thanks for the visit and hope you have a great rest of the week!
Carol N @29

Tracy said...

lots of lovely knotting going on there and what a fab view you have at the knit and natter. Tracy #15

Sharon said...

Wow what a wonderful view for your knit and natter group. I think I would spend more time gazing and nattering than knitting. I love your little cat project bag I spot in your baskets. The hats look great - still plucking up the courage to venture onto something more difficult in knitting lol.

Sharon K #31

Stacy Sheldon said...

oooh we had a huge pussy willow tree in the middle of our pasture when we bought this place and a few years back it fell over. so, we rooted some cuttings off it and have bitty twigs growing around that spot now. ( with a fence around it so the sheep don't eat them) so, I know what you mean and had to smile. love the view of the knitting groups place too Jan. ~Stacy #36

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

You are so lucky to have people to craft with. Love the hats too, they are gorgeous. Thanks for the visit to mine and have a great woyww, Angela x 18

Julia Dunnit said...

Ooh yeah, the knit and natter could easily become sit and watch the world go by! I like the non ribbed beanies better, but won't turn any style down when walking in a welush wind on Kevin!
Typical you to be stash busting in amongst all the other stuff you have going on. Xxxx

Lynn Holland said...

You can't beat crafting with friends. I don't know you are so prolific in what you create. You have my utmost admiration
Lynn xx 25

April said...

Love the beanies. Good luck on your stash busting - I am envious of your goal. I need to try it. :-)
April #27

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Love the idea of stash busting, but if I did that I wouldn't be able to buy anything new for years - perhaps decades LOL! The venue of your knitting group sure looks lovely - it's so good that you've already found your tribe in your new environment. Sounds like the house decoration is coming on really well - I prefer white walls too - then you can use alls sorts of things spice the space up, but if you already have a load of colour/pattern on the wall, it just makes it look cramped and cluttered! Thanks for visiting yesterday! Happy belated WOYWW! zsuzsa #21

BJ said...

I SO love your lyric choices each week, not only do they get me singing but are so apt, how do you do it? Loving the beanies especially the teeny ones.

Thanks for visiting me yesterday. I was a bit busy as I was taken out on a magical mystery tour by a friend for my birthday treat and she took me to Hobbycraft, gave me a basket and said to choose what I wanted - NICE! I so wish I was into sewing like you as I saw some lovely fat quarters there.

Have a good week, BJ#10

craftyani said...

Will post the view from my knit and natter group next week. Your venue looks a little more comfortable than mine though. Love your beanie hats, I just passed some on to a friend to take to the hospital for prem babies forgot to photo them though. Lovely way to use up oddments of wool also.

Annie Claxton said...

hehehe I shall look at pussy willow in a whole new light from now on. Love those beanies Jan, especially the rainbow one, they're really cool. Sorry for the lateness of my visit, still catching my tail from last week. Hope you've had a brilliant weekend :o) Annie C #16


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