WOW - WOYWW 400!!!


Huge congrats and big hugs must surely go to Julia today - 400 not out, what an amazing achievement!  Keeping us all going week after week is a huge commitment and she handles it brilliantly - well done lovely gal, here's to the next 400 :-D

As you can tell, we have the Interwebs up and running at our new house - I can't believe we've been in for ten days already, it's gone so quickly!  We are unpacking slowly, the important rooms have been sorted but this is the state of the JanCave Mk2.....

It's a good size space but I'm itching to decorate as that poopy brown wallpaper is truly horrible...I'll show you some that are worse in a minute!!

People have been so kind sending New Home cards and there have been some gorgeous ones from deskers:
From L-R, Lynda, Twiglet & Wipso, Diana (Velvet Moth) and Shaz Silverwolf (who we must all send positive vibes towards as she's undergoing more surgery today)  I also got some mail art from Doone:

Completely wonderful, there is so much to look at (especially on the reverse, forgot to take a shot of that) and I adore these lyrics, so pertinent at the moment. Thanks Doone, I love it!

I stumbled across a craft group last week and so am joining them for a knit and natter session at a local cafe tomorrow, should be fun! They do a lot of stuff for charity, so that could be a useful outlet for some of my makes...when the sewing machine is back in action that is :-D

But there's so much to do in the house before then - although it's only 12 years old, the decor is very tired. Not only is that poopy brown wall in the Jan cave, there are these beauties to face too:

Gorgeous, huh? NOT! Actually the full horror doesn't really come across in the pics, the full awfulness hits you in reality. Needless to say, the industrial wallpaper steam stripper will be in frequent use. All in good time eh?!

Have a great week and enjoy this 400th anniversary desk snoop xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


Helen said...

Happy 400th to you, too. I quite like some (top and bottom) of the patterns.. but possibly not all over a wall! Gorgeous cards you have received. I know you will be very happy in your new home and look forward to seeing the Jan Cave MkII sort itself out! Helen #??

Annie said...

How good it is to see you back in the fold my friend. It's lovely to hear you're settling in to your new colourful will enjoy making your mark on those walls but there's no rush.....I'm not promising to bring our steamer with us when we come but it could be arranged if you need the help. Have a great week.
Annie x

Anne said...

Happy 400th WOYWW Glad to see you settled in your new home! The cards are fab and would have loved there to be one there from moi , but sadly I do not have your address! :-(
Those wallpapers would have to go for me as well! Have fun though making your new home yours. Anne x #12

Sarah Brennan said...

Happy 400th WOYWW and glad you are settling in. The wallpapers are certainly 'interesting' lol. Sarah #17

Sue said...

Hi Jan, So glad you are in your new home and getting sorted. Hope you soon get it decorated to your taste.

Glad you have already found the crafting group.

Happy 400th WOYWW
Sue #17

Kathyk said...

YIKES, let's hope none of those papers are on bedroom walls otherwise ... how can you sleep? Good to hear you are in and that the Jancave II is under way. Best of luck with the decorating too

Happy 40th WOYWW


Unknown said...

I burst out laughing! I LOVE your poopy wall, I'd get white paint and draw squares all over it then put artwork in every square it would look fab, you have walls, I am soooo envious....hope the knit and natter ( so much more polite and english than the american stitch and bitch) goes well. Over here I have yet to persuade the girls to abandon their farms for a tricoter et potins dxxx#20

Christine said...

Congrats on moving in .... don't envy you the sorting and decorating.
I am still sorting but will have to clear away soon so our decorators can move in so my thoughts are with you.
Take care and slowly does it ... want it done proper don't we?
Christine #21

AliWade said...

Happy 400th WOYWW and Welcome to Wales! Good luck getting rid of all that 'lovely' wallpaper - and look forward to seeing updates on your craft room. Ali x #5 currently!

lilian said...

Happy woyodw 400.

I hope you get things sorted to how you like it.

lilian B #14

Elizabeth said...

Poopy wallpaper! You make me laugh, Jan. Warning - it's taken us 3 years of decorating to be rid of all the poopy walls here. I don't get this passion for paper with HUGE patterns but everybody to their own, just not in my home. Hope you settle well in to the knit & natter group. If it is anything like the craft group I go to it should be a bundle of laughs. Wishing you much happiness in the new JanCave and a very happy 400th WOYWW too. Hugs, Elizabeth x #28

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

Yay! You've made the 400th! It wouldn't have been the same without you! Lovely to see that you're settling in and you've got the internet going. How thoughtful of people to send you stuff! I quite like some of those patterns but not for wallpaper - yikes! Those hexagons would make a good stencil and I can imagine the others as collage papers! Happy 400th, Jan! zsuzsa #27

Zsuzsa Karoly-Smith said...

PS you could zentangle with white all over that brown wall paper - that would look amazing!

Debbie Rock said...

Certainly wasn't expecting to see you in the list of anniversary bloggers so what a treat!!!!! Really glad you are up and running again in our little cyberspace world ... have had you very much in my thoughts as you begin your new adventure. YES! That wallpaper has to go - few little projects there for you to tackle. Much love to you, as always, but especially so on the 400th WOYWW!!!! xXx

glitterandglue said...

Weyhey, Jan. Your first WOYWW from wales. Despite the poopy wallpaper, you sound really at home already - enjoy the café craft group!!
Can you believe 400 editions?? What a mammoth successful run. Here's to the future!
Hope the card arrived safely, and I put the correct address on it!!
Take care dear girl. Love to you both.
God bless.
Margaret #3

Mrs.D said...

Well done for getting a post for 400th edition from your new house, sounds as if there is a lot of work to be done, some of those papers are going to be hard to live with for even a very short time, sure Mr LLJ will be very busy repainting and papering very soon.
Bless you
Chris #33

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

Hi Jan, pleased to see you settling in. Interesting wallpaper but you'll soon have it all removed I'm sure. Still it wouldn't do for everyone to like the same thing I guess. Have a great woyww and a happy crafty week, Angela x 23

Tracy said...

wow some vibrant wall paper choices by the previous owners!! Enjoy the knit and natter session Tracy #31

SumBunneh said...

Yay.. glad you are safely in and JanCave mark 2 is looking a good space.. can't wait to see what you do to make it your own.

I quite like the wallpapers (in small doses) but could see how overbearing it would become!

Happy WOYWW400!
Erika (26)

Sharon said...

Glad you are settling in nicely. Jancave is looking great!

Sharon K #38

Julia Dunnit said...

Well matey. the wallpapers aren't to my taste I must admit. Although I think its a great idea to have a duvet in the Jan cave, ready for when the need to snooze comes upon you. It happens when you retire, you know!

Unknown said...

Glad you're moved and settling in but that wallpaper... not for me, either! Probably was kinda nice when first put up but I think they require a certain "taste". Anyway, looking forward to the finished room! Happy 400 WOYWW!
Carol N #36

Unknown said...

Jan--even though I'm still doing "9 to 5" I made it on here for number 400!! Woo hoo! So glad you are settling in and getting things set up the way you want. I bet you had a lot of sorting to do with your bits and bobs. I know I would be overwhelmed. I love the window in your sewing room and I'm so glad you are joining a little knit and nat group...that is so cool and sooo good for you. I had to pin that photo of the cards to my Pinterest board because they are gorgeous! Hugs! Sandy Leigh #50

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Ooh, didn't expect to see you here today. Glad you're settling in and starting to organise the Jan Cave. Do you know? A steam wallpaper stripper is one of my favourite ever tools. Quite sad when we moved into a new build that was a magnolia emulsioned blank canvas, rather than the doer upper that we wanted. Next time.

Lynn Holland said...

I'm so glad you've found a craft group it's great to be amongst like minded people.
Good luck in getting your jancave up and running
Lynn xx

Bernice said...

Its great to hear you are settling in and have already met some fellow crafters in your area - I went to a craft group when I first came here over 20 years ago and we still meet up every Thursday night! Lovely cards. Happy 400th WOYWW.
Bernice #15

Lindart said...

Congratulations on your new home! And in a crafters group already! way to go, Jan! You now have a blank slate in your new cave, looking forward to seeing it all come into shape! Also- send more pics of the house! Looks like they last re-decorated in the 70's! Happy 400th! Thanks for sharing! Lindart #47

Neet said...

Just returned to LA after a few days in San Diego so am ploughing my way through WOYWW and had a lovely surprise when I saw you had posted.
Lots of Man Cave stuff at Hobby Lobby but no Jan Cave - guess you did not hit here yet!
Seriously, take your time with the wallpaper stripping, enjoy that lovely beach you walked on the other day - stripping can happen when the weather is terrible.
I will pass on the wallpaper that adorns the walls at the moment.
Stay happy
Hugs, Neet 10 xxxx

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Read this this morning Jan but no time to comment was glad to see your name on list, agree with Neets comment on giving yourself a break with that wallpaper removal, ... however part of me gets how you want to be rid of all brown, you do wonder what they were thinking. So depressing.
Loved the card sent by Donna too, great verse on the front.
Thanks for sharing, happy WOYWW 400!
Shaz in Oz.x #12

{Calligraphy Cards - Shaz in Oz}

sandra de said...

Wishing you are happy time in your new home. Apparently wall paper is back! So you may not need to remove all of it. Lovely to see you back.
sandra de (just visiting)

pearshapedcrafting said...

Oh you are going to have some fun removing those!!!! Get the worst done first I say!! Glad you have somewhere to Knit and natter! Hugs, Chrisx 34

Twiglet said...

I have been busy with the little family this week so will have to do a belated 400th WOYWW post later I think! So glad you are settling in. You will soon transform the place - it definitely has a retro look at the mo and not one you will wish to keep! Think Annie and I need to don our dungarees and get steaming! x Jo

505whimsygirl said...

Hello LLJ,

Wow -- you've moved already! Beautiful New Home cards to welcome you. I bet you enjoyed going to the mailbox and wondering what would be next.

Yikes - is wallpaper big over there? Luckily I didn't have to take care of any of that but wall colors were too southwestern for my taste. We can compare notes with how things are moving along and getting settled.

I'm hoping to work in my craft room this Saturday so will actually have a desk to share!

Blessings and thoughts go to Shaz. I didn't realize her surgery is today.

Happy 400 WOYWW!
Kay (37)

RosA said...

Hi Jan,
How exciting to be in your new house! I hope you are getting the unpacking done satisfactorily. Strangely, I don't think the wallpapers are too hideous but I wouldn't want a whole room done in any of them. I'm sure feature walls are back in fashion so maybe you will only need to paint three walls in the offending rooms?
Happy 400th Woyww!
RosA # 24

Nikki said...

It's so exciting to move into a new place I'm sure you'll have it set the way you want it some of those wall papers I could live with if it was only on one wall not all 4 :)
Have fun with it all
hugs Nikki 2

BJ said...

So glad your interweb seems to be sorted and happy stripping - LOL BJ#29

Deb said...

It has been a long time since I have been by! Big changes for you I see! Hope you soon settle in to your new home and your new cave! How lovely, that window in your room is so pretty! hugs Deb

Kim said...

Congrats on the move! And holy moly! that wallpaper looks like its out of the 70's, and not just 12 years old! I'd have no regrets stipping those papers off! Good luck!
-K (#48 wk 401)

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