Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 5 August 2015


                        (You have to provide your own sound effects/actions for today's lyric)

(Whistling wind)     woooooo oooooooooooooooooooo
(Tumbleweed rolling across the shot) tumble tumble tumble tumble
(Creaky door opening in a Horror style)  Creeeeeaaaaaaakkkkkkkkkkkkk
(Shock, horror)     gasp, screeeam

Because my desk is bare!!  Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrghghghghghgh

Completely bereft of anything crafted this past week, that is..... Oh sure, there's something cut out that uses up the last of the skull fabric, there's a new button tin (part of Julia's birthday prezzy to me...54 last Saturday, groan...) and a new sewing book from my boys, open at a page that took my fancy.

But that's it....

Oh, ok then, I'll force you to read about some other stuff that's been going on, lol! But it's at your own peril......

It was my birthday the day after the Blue Moon made its boys, future DiL and I went to Salisbury for a mooch and spot of lunch.  We window shopped at Franklin's where we spotted this fab display, part of the Magna Carta 800 years celebrations...

It was all so beautifully done!

I loved it and spent ages looking at all the details. There was even a huge pile of the metallic silvery grey yarn needed if ever you fancied making your own chain mail!!

We spotted a couple more Barons that we missed on our visit a couple of weeks ago. This was sponsored by the Trussell Trust (a food bank charity). The detail was quite interesting,

We spent quite a while reading all the words and dedications - I liked this very much.

The following day, Julia and Mr Dunnit came over to ours for a barbeque. She bought me a fab present......
Yep, it's a gallon capacity Kilner jar with a tap, so you can fill it with punch, mulled wine, champagne cocktail or, in this case, strawberry Pimms and have a lot of fun!  Definitely for sharing though!!

I think Julia is topping up her glass here while I'm attempting to fill her glass with extra fruit! This was the first drink of the evening but I do look as if I'm concentrating extremely hard indeed!! It was fun :-)

But I leave you with the 3D card that Julia made me next to the beautiful hare card from Shaz Silverwolf......

My name in Lights.....I'm a star at last!!! Lol. Hollywood beckons. 

Cue last Sound effect:  Cowgirl galloping off into the sunset.......

Have a great week :-) xxxx


  1. How sweet of Julia to bring a present over looks like you had some yummy cocktails. How fun are all those dolls on display too so cute :) Happy WOYWW hugs Nikki ??

  2. oh wow, Jan!! (54 is nothing, I'm 2 ahead of you!) LOVE the drink dispenser... you both look like you're trying too hard!! and as for your name in lights - PERFECT! so glad you had a great birthday. Hugs. Helen 3

  3. Belated birthday wishes dear lady ... annoying as they should not be belated at all - your card was made in plenty of time (ALL my cards for this year are made already!!) but being the numpty I am I always forget to post them in time. Still, better late than never I hope and it just makes your celebrations last longer!!! That kilner jar is AMAZEBALLS! And as for your name in lights ... already a *S*T*A*R* my dear - oh and wasn't Shaz's card F-A-B too! Much love to you from Debbie #absolutely no idea xXX

  4. Chuckling away at your post this week Jan. A belated Happy Birthday and glad you had a great time. Your 2 cards a fab. How clever of Julia to add lights! That's a first for me! The knitted people remind me of my Mum, thats the sort of thing she would do!
    Have a happy week
    Lynda B 12

  5. I was on my way to bed when I realized I needed to wish you a happy belated birthday. I loved seeing your celebration week, and how much fun you had, especially with Julia. I liked the Magna Carta art, too. Best of all, though was your initial in LIGHTS. Really awesome.

    One nice thing about this week is I won't have the chosen song playing in my head all day! Happy WOYWW from #2.

  6. Great post Jan. You had me chuckling at the thought of you riding away into the sunset :-) Fab photos....really glad you had a good's what you deserved :-)
    Annie x # 18

  7. Belated Birthday Wishes.

    Are you going to make the project in the book?

    Love the Baron and the Kilner Jar is such a good idea.

    Happy WOYWW

  8. Happy Birthday for last weekend - it looks like you had a great time - the cards are beautiful and I love the Kilner jar - keeps the wasps away from all that fruity punch too! I really like the window display too. Enjoy the rest of your week,

  9. happy belated birthday Jan looks like you had a great time love the look of the project in that book i bet it would be super popular with all the new snail mailers :)
    happy woyww
    Charlie :) #9
    or find me here

  10. Ha ha - how lovely to have your name in lights. Happy Birthday ( looks like you really enjoyed it) . I have one of those jars with a tap - fun ( except cleaning it afterwards ). Love the cards. love that skull fabric too. Have a wonderful week x Soojay 24

  11. Oh Sue has a point...balancing that great jar and not breaking the spout ..... I feel its a cleaning job for someone - anyone else. I think that photo of us playing barkeepers is evidence only that we take our drink very seriously indeed! Xx

  12. Liking the look of that zip up case. Don't you just love a spiral binding? All craft/recipe books should be made that way.

    Fiona #33

  13. Well a very big happy birthday wish for you Jan for last week, from the photos you've had a wonderful the cards and that's a fab idea for the 'punch'. Fun Magna Carta display. Enjoy the rest of the week Cheers RobynO#22

  14. Happy belated Birthdy Wishes. Your were a lucky girl. Those cards are beautiful and that kilner jar looks very trendy. Certainly nothing like the ones I used years ago! I enjoyed looking at your photos. Have another lovely week. Barb#20 xx

  15. Hiya Jan,glad you had such a lovely day. That 3D card from Julia is brilliant, isn't she clever? And what a fantastic pressie! Happy that you liked my card, :), it just had to be hares! Still no MRI date, but had a call this am, I have an appt to see Mr Radley tomorrow pm, he's on holiday for two weeks, and wanted to see me before. I'll let you know how it goes. Better than last time, I hope- for his sake.Lots of love and huge hugs xxxxx

  16. Lovely post, Jan. It looks as though you had a fabulous birthday. Love the 3D card from Julia and that Kilner jar is fabulous. And the card from Shaz ... hares are the perfect choice for you. Judging by the project the book is opened out at, I think you will find it very inspiring and I foresee more lovely projects for us to admire. I have a granddaughter who would love something made in that skull fabric :) Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #37

  17. What a fab gift and card from Julia and i love the card from Shaz. As for the skull fabric, it is wonderful and whatever you are making will be too. Are you going to make the case that your page is open at? What clever boys choosing that gift, so many books top choose from and they chose that which, if that page is anything to go from it will be full of useful things.
    love the Baron, thought provoking words me thinks.
    lastly, but certainly not least, in fact really it should have come first, thank you so much for linking me up this morning. i've managed to get on the internet now but wouldn't have had a clue how to link myself. (no idea how to check if I have any comments)
    Neet xx

  18. Your name in lights! That had me scream for sure. You're a star! Love it and the card from Shaz. It looks like you had a great celebration. I wouldn't mind of sip of that drink y'all were having. It looks quite refreshing! Judy #49

  19. Wow! Your name in lights! I am impressed! Now I can say I know someone famous! Looks like you have had a wonderful time. 11

  20. Happy belated!! How fabulous to be all lit up!! Errr, meaning the lights, not the jug of punch...

  21. Happy Belated Birthday!!
    Name in lights ??? yes I do hear Hollywood calling your name....LOL

  22. Oh I wish I'd known is was your birthday. Belated greetings - looks like you had a lovely time. Only 54 !!!!!!!! :-) Anne x #50

  23. Those Magna Carta knitties are fab...maybe they could feature in my Bare at the Beach project! I also love the kilner jar, much fun can be had with punches and cocktails! Thanks for your lovely comments on my busy book :-)

  24. what a great birthday celebration you had Jan. Still hoping to get to Salisbury before the celebration ends.
    Love the lights.

  25. Just love the Barons but not got round them all in Lincoln yet. I absolutely love the skull fabric and look forward to seeing the finished product. Joined your followers today too.
    Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela x 19

  26. That is one neat desk! Glad you had a nice birthday!

  27. Fab post Jan - glad to hear you had a great birthday - your kilner jar is amazing - what a thoughtful gift - lol. The little fabric case looks like fun - no doubt you will show and tell and the name in lights is perfect -- just wondering when the Oscar will be awarded!! ( And what for??) x Jo

  28. Happy birthday soul sister!! I think we must be the same age least until November. You and Julia look beautiful as always, and what fun with the pretty new tea jar! I am completely intrigued by the correspondence case...what a cool way to keep things together! Hugs to you and thanks for visiting me. I had started my rounds yesterday, something came up at work, and I never made it back! Sandy Leigh #42

  29. Oh fab cards. Happy birthday. Love the scull fabric. I just saw some of those lap tote things at our local craft store. So cute and practical. I am very late making the rounds, sorry. Peg R 53

  30. I so enjoyed your post today! Complete with sound effects!
    Happy belated birthday! I'm sure it was an auspicious one after the blue moon.
    Where to start....never mind the empty desk... the window display in Salisbury was great, with the knitted knights. And the Baron (whatever that is) was also very interesting, especially the detail.
    And of course your jar is absolutely super! (I want one!!) Lucky you.
    The 3d card is stunning! And Shaz's card is beautiful too.
    Apologies for the late comment. I've been so busy yesterday...
    A blog hug from me,

  31. Ah, belated Happy Birthday wishes, Jan!
    The cards and big lit-up letter "J" are fab. Your other gifts look pretty special too - especially the book!
    I saw one of those gallon drinks jars somewhere - they are rather wonderful. I might need one, for when our friends visit later in the month...
    That window display and Baron were brilliant. Some people are just so clever!
    Have a happy weekend (as it's now Friday night)!
    Lizzie (#51)

  32. Happy Belated birthday. Love that jar, what a great gift.

  33. Happy belated birthday my dear Jan. What it actually is in the drink that you made in your new fabulous kilner jar? It looks yummy and it's probably really good for you since you add fruit to it.

    I am slowly getting better but overdid it a bit today with running around and trying to get some errands done.

    It was great to see you visiting.