Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 10 June 2015



There's been more stashbusting going on at my desk this week!  I've really enjoyed using up scraps and odds&sods to make some more things for the charity stall. It's a win-win situation as far as I'm concerned :-)

But this is the bit I detest doing. Not the ironing itself per se, but the fusing of the fleece onto the fabric. A psychologist could have a field day, I suspect, pondering why it is I hate standing at the ironing board, resenting the time it takes for the wadding to fuse. I know, I'm weird..but there it is - you're getting to know my little foibles over the years, lol!  I rather think that we all have a crafting Pet Hate - what's yours?

And it's worth doing the dreaded fusing because it makes little make up bags or pencil cases so much nicer.....
This is officially the neatest zip I've ever managed, lol!   #Proud  :-)

I was given this stripy canvas fabric a while back and never really knew what to do with it, but it's great for making into a beach/shopping bag with a few doggy embellishments!

The little lavender bags turned out quite well.....

Maggie Silvercrafter asked me to knit her a silver Hooter and then wondered if I could have a go at a Penguin. Well, I like a challenge and while there is a proper pattern, I didn't like it at all, so I did a Knitting MashUp  and adapted the Hooter instructions. I think it worked out ok...hope Maggie's happy!

And three more lovely ATCs popped through the letterbox this week - happy dance!  From L-R, Robyn O, Lisa M and Robyn....all different in style and equally gorgeous. I love some of the sentiments that people use on their cards. That Friendship one on the card that RobynO sent, for example - but inside was my favourite:

If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun 
(Katharine Hepburn)

I like it - watch out world!!!....................grin :-)


  1. Hope your ears were burning yesterday - folks at my Craft Group were admiring my new bag (I am soooo in love with it, ridiculous I know! but ....)
    Hope those little bags sell out, they should do as I can imagine the quality in real life.
    BTW - what rules are they then?
    Have a good week
    Bishopsmate #10

  2. Fabulous sewing again this week, and I think the penguin is fantastic! Rules... they're made for breaking surely?! have a wonderful week. Helen 3

  3. Hi Jan. Do you buy bondable wadding or do you use bond a web to fuse it? I've never seen bondable wadding and am never sure if I should iron it. Love all your fab makes this week.
    Annie x # 20

  4. Nice to see scraps of fabric being put to good use. happy woyww Jill #21

  5. Loving the little zip bag, the Lavender bags, Penguin and the stripe doggy material.

    Really nice ATCs.

    Happy WOYWW.
    Sue #23

  6. Give me a few weeks (to get all this papercrafting visitors, workshops etc out of the way and I might just have a go at one of those pouches now I see how to do the zip. Not that I will show a closeup - it won't be anywhere as neat as yours.
    Must find that fabric for you to make the bag.
    Lots of lovely things on your post as per usual. Have a good week.
    Hugs, Neet 7 xx

  7. I considered finding some bondable/fusible webbing for a quiltlet I made this week, but didn't know where it was and my iron is not the best, so decided to not bother. I even ironed the old sheet I tore up to make the quiltlet, but (as my grandmother used to point out) the concept is to iron the wrinkles out, not in. I think my iron was too hot or not hot enough. I don't speak "IRON," so am not sure which. Of course, I don't sew well, either, so I would never show my sewing up close.

    Those are cute dogs. And your latest ATCs are beautiful. BTW, I DID get one of your ATCs, and was over the moon with happiness. Happy WOYWW from #1.

  8. My crafting Pet Hate is cleaning stamps. I used to put it off until I had a pile but then I realized the dirty stack of them laying in wait was robbing me of my creativity. Now I try to clean as I go. The penguin is simply too cute! They are so happy to look at, can't help but smile. Diane #27

  9. Any tidying up is hateful for me. And waiting for things to dry. And having to learn stuff. Apparently I have a long curmudgeonly list of pet hates! I have zip envy too. Great job chum!

  10. Ohhh - I love the wee penguin! I think my pet hate is putting in zips - you've done I great job there - I usually put magnetic poppers into my bags to avoid the dreaded zip!
    Bernice #29

  11. o my word i love the penguin or as my girls call them pidgewins!
    good for you stash busting :) i hate pinning when it comes to sewing much to the disgust of my mum i just line things up and then run it through cant be doing with pinning
    Happy WOYWW :)
    have a great week
    Charlie x #15 or find me here

  12. Beautiful projects as always, Jan. The penguin is so cute ---I'm sure it will be loved. Oh, my. I think that in my lifetime I have installed two zippers into two dresses --- two of the few things that I've ever sewed . I did make a few things for my kids when they were very small (too small to criticize or complain!) but no zippers involved. I very much admire your skill. My pet hate is cleaning the craft room, which is why I try to clean as I go. As you can see, I had an epic fail in that regard this week, but it was wicked fun! Happy WOYWW. Nann4 #36

  13. Such beautiful fabrics you use and I love that penguin :) #27

  14. That zip is so neat. Brilliant job. The penguin is very cute too. Ironing transfers onto t-shirts is quite tedious, which is what I was doing on Monday. Three minutes has never seemed so long! The part of a dressmaking project that I hate is cutting out the pieces and marking them for darts etc. I just want to sew.

    Fiona #38

  15. Hiya Jan, so many lovely fabrics on display this week. Loving that penguin- Merlin will love him to death! Pet hates? Tidying- I can never find anything afterwards, lol. And why is it, when you drop something that's full of tiny stuff, the lid flies off and you have a scatter bomb all over, but if it's only got big things in it, nothing happens? I've put my worries in a little box, at the back of a cupboard, in the back of my head- not going looking for it till the day before, when a suitable monster sized melt down will occur! Then I'll just deal with it, lol. Love and big hugs to you all, xxxxxxx

  16. Another week of real triumph for you there Jan - what fab makes! Those captions are great - especially the Katharine Hepburn one! x Jo

  17. Oh happy mail is great, isn't it! I don't do a lot of fabric stuff these days, although I used to :) I don't mind the ironing of the fusible lining at all. What I really don't like is using embossing powder (in the papercraft world), but I absolutely love the end result!
    Have a good week,
    RosA # 8

  18. Hi Jan, thanks for the visit. I had to smile when you mentioned about fusing the fleece. When I was teaching we often used fusible interfacing and sometimes it was just a pain and other times it stuck down really easily not what you need when you have 30+ impatient pupils wanting to use the iron. Have a great woyww and happy crafting, Angela xXx 24

  19. Hi Jan, thanks for your visit last week. Gorgeous fabrics again, love the pencil cases and the Doggy embellishments. I hate ironing full stop but I'm not sure many people do enjoy it.
    I hate waiting for things to try, craft wise, no patience.
    Jan no 41

  20. Pet hates? Well, in sewing it would be the in-between ironing, in needlework it would be finishing of the ends... but in papercrafts I don't know, perhaps Flitterglu. I like my stamps and stencils to be clean and keep scrubbing at them, but I haven't yet found a way to get all the Flitterglu of, so I avoid using it. Should maybe try acetone...
    Kristiina #19

  21. Thank you for the lovely ATC and in watercolour.... I am truly honoured. Trying to think of a pet hate and it would have to be measuring. I always get it wrong no matter how often I measure. Enjoy your cuppa ... - tea from China for an English Company selling an Australian brew! Funny world.
    sandra de @35

  22. Oh my goodness...there is so much fabric happiness on your worktable today! Is the lavendar for your sachets from your garden? Those little things are beautiful. And I don't like ironing either! But I do like my little square ironing board that sits on my cutting table, and actually has a cutting mat on the reverse side. That way I don't have to keep the big ironing board setup all the time, because Lord knows I avoid having to iron clothes. I'm working on embroidering another pair of shorts, and then maybe finally trying to tackle an actual pattern for some pants. I'm usually no good at patterns, but this one has the word "easy" on it, so we'll see. Hope you are feeling good, doing good, and having lots of fun dearest. Hugs! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #43

  23. Am loving the fabrics, you always find such wonderful designs and colours. Love the penguin! You are a clever lady lovely! Enjoy your week. Take care Zo xx 39

  24. Afraid I detest ironing full stop! I love that stripy canvas of which you were unsure and it is perfect for those little doggies ... you have such an eye for putting seemingly random fabrics together. I have plenty of pet hates ... in sewing it is threading in all the loose ends so they are out of sight and in crafting ... well, cutting out anything with a craft knife kinda sends me into a spiral! Love to you special lady from Debbie x

  25. wow as always GORGEOUS!! Love the pencil case fabric. I detest ironing at all - I dont think i would mind it if it was for crafting purposes but clothes thanks! tumble dry and fold quickly :) Have a good week x Soojay 21#

  26. What a lovely load of goodies!! That's a perfect zip there with some brilliant top stitching :-)

    I'm mid stash bust at the moment for my Project Linus quilts, when I'm not spinning/dyeing!

    I've been away for over a year and just realising how much I've missed 'normal' Wednesdays with WOYWW visits!
    Happy Crafting

  27. Love the fabric both inside and out for the pencil case. I'm sure I have a few crafting pet peeves like how I hate loose powder of any kind--embossing or glitter. I swear it gets EVERYWHERE and I can feel it and it makes me itch. Now I'm going to have to roll around on the floor and scream. hee hee Judy #56

  28. your sewing is fab, i have never used the iron on fleecy stuff and never thought of it before but think i will invest in some for my make up bags! :) lea #34

  29. oh Jan I love those lavender bags, you have such a knack for picking the right mix of fabrics and trims and the penguin is toally adorable! :o) Annie C #58

  30. Wow, where do I start, oh yes. A bow for the queen of zippers, that sounds wrong but you know what I mean :) I usually staple my broken zips. My pet hate is cleaning up, those brushes should be self cleaning and as for the room, mess is more! Love your pencil case and doggy bag but I'm in love with Mr Penguin, you are so clever. I'm with Helen, rules were made to be broken, so you go for it.
    Have a great week,
    Von #17

  31. Using up the scraps for charity is so win win : D. Beautiful projects (as always lol). #44

  32. The link is for the coin purse reveal... It cuts out pieces for handstitiching (I really love handstitching purse projects especially in the summer. It's mostly for fabric, but paper will work also (just not very permanent lol).

  33. What a wonderful colourful post you have today. I hate zips and ironing!!

  34. Wonderful post....peeped about and when I saw these cute things I remembered I didn't get back to visiting last week. We were off to ball games. So I guess I'm catching up ....Your little Hooter turned out great. You must have more hours in your day compared to our get sooooooooooooo much done in a day. Lovely card and sweet ATC's just love the variety. Enjoy