Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 10 September 2014


(Stuart Townend)

Before I start today, please could you focus your mind, prayers and good wishes on Shaz Silverwolf, who is undergoing the first part of a long schedule of treatment for her cancer this morning.  Positive vibes and good thoughts would be much appreciated right now....... Thank you xxxx

I haven't done much crafting again this week - too many other things to do. But I did start a tote yesterday...not for anyone in particular, I just felt like making it!
I love this fabric - it's so bright and cheerful and you just can't go wrong with a bit of gingham!
The gingham is a furnishing fabric, so it's got a bit more guts than the normal polycottons...
The pocket on the side is divided into two sections for a phone or keys or something....
And any excuse to use a cheerful button, eh?!  I haven't put the sides or handles together yet so will show you the finished article next week :-)

Julia and I went to visit Janet (Fairythoughts) last Friday and she gave me this fab woven tape with a keyboard motif on it!  I was reet chuffed - thanks Janet, it is most definitely going to get used!!

And then on Saturday, I was out playing with the band all day. We were at a small agricultural show attached to a farm shop in the morning. There was a guy there with a large collection of old tools. I love things like this!  He'd labelled them really well and most of them I'd never heard of!  A Strickle. for example.  It's in the pic below.....

Apparently, in the days before sand paper, the workers would cover it in grease and some sort of abrasive like sand and use it to whet the sickles and scythes. Well, I never.  The ram coupler looks a bit dodgy, if you ask me. And the clogmakers gouge looked like something gynaecological..... But my favourite was this.......
The Besom Makers must have been extremely naughty if clamping them was necessary......grin!!

Hopefully, I'll have a bit more crafting next week - but the way the days are filling up, I'm not so sure...sigh......

Have fun everyone - lots of love xxxx


  1. Great post as usual Lunch lady Jan..popped over to Shaz's and have been praying for her and for those who are caring for her...thanks for the reminder though as she would be getting ready soon as it is 5.30am over at your place...
    Love the tote, great cheery colour and just cos you felt like .. what great idea :D and tools are fascinating indeed.. wonder how long it too k for him to track the names down.. we used to have a part of the antique show where the panel would guess what the mystery tools were each week and some of them were very puzzling! happy WOYWW Shaz in oz.x. #no number yet!

  2. Great fabrics for your bag. Have a great day.

  3. Your new tote is going to be gorgeous - bright and cheerful! Love the old implements, how interesting...
    If (when) you talk to Doug, do send them both my love. I'll be thinking of Shaz for sure. xx Helen 6

  4. Gorgeous colours selected for the bag and once again love all your previous pics of your day out. Have a great week.
    Sandra de @26

  5. Please send my love and best wishes to Shaz...really hope all goes well for her.
    Love your latest bag in the making...what pattern do you use?...I've got so much fabric and am making for a sale on 4th October to raise funds for charity.
    Annie x # 31

  6. Certainly I will spare a prayer or two for Shaz, I read her blog page the other day.
    The tote is looking lovely and I do like pockets on things so it is right up my street but I am waiting to see what you do with that gorgeous piano key ribbon. Lucky girl.
    Hugs, Neet 35 (can't believe I slept until 8) x

  7. Another fab bag in the making . & I thought for a minute you were showing us torture things. Happy woyww Jill #17

  8. I'm loving the bright material.

    The ribbon is fab.

    The old tools are interesting.

    Hope you have a lovely WOYWW
    Sue 36

  9. Love those old farming implements ...... And the bag will look lovely finished it's such a cheerful looking bag..... Shaz will be in my thoughts today
    Jackie 20

  10. Gorgeous fabrics for your tote Jan, I love the yellow button too - the whole thing is gorgeous and summery. The tools are great - I love those peculiar old names - have you been to Braemore - they have an agricultural museum and it's fascinating if you like that sort of stuff! Shaz will be in my thoughts today - wishing her well.
    Hope you have a great week, Diana

  11. Love the words at the top of your post, Jan. I really like Stuart Townend's music - use a lot of it in church - but hadn't come across this one. Found it on You-tube, though.
    What a gorgeous tape - just right for you!
    Yes, we are praying for Shaz today, that all will go well with the op, and that she would know Father God's peace as she faces some of the most difficult times of her life. God bless you with His peace too, as you know and love her through this.
    Thank you for visiting and for your really kind comment. Glad I can cheer the heart, especially today.
    Take care, dear friend. God bless.
    Margaret #4

  12. That's a very bright and cheerful fabric just right for when you need it.
    I will be thinking about Shaz today too.
    Have a good week try to chill some of the time
    Janet @9

  13. Yes, thinking of Shaz today. Lovely fabric combination as always. Itching to sew right now, but too many other things that need my attention first. Mmm....they definitely look like instruments of torture to me!

  14. Sounds like you've had a great week, Jan. Here's hoping this one will be as good. I love the fabric combo. Will be thinking of Shaz. Hugs, Chris # 34

  15. Lots of lovely fabric and I love that woven tape - I bought a few similar reels a few days ago and nearly picked that one up too (wish I had). Thanks for sharing your workspace today. Hope you have a great day and a lovely crafting week to come. Hazel, WOYWW #45 x

  16. Love the tape
    Chris #11

  17. Am praying for Shaz. I read her blog about her cancer. My mom also had colon cancer and surgery and 18" less bowel did take care of hers. Anyway, your bag is very pretty! And my hubby would love seeing those tools! He comes from a farming family and loves old farm equipment. Hope you have a great day and Happy WOYWW!
    Carol N #64

  18. Prayers for Shaz too a long hard road to travel. What an interesting collection of tools and I'm with you I don't even know what some even do, even with the names on them.

    Thanks for visiting
    Hugs Eliza & Yoda

  19. Yes, I think we are all keeping Shaz in our thoughts today. Fingers crossed it all goes well. Love the woven tape - so cool and useful. Janet has a knack for finding cool stuff, I think. Lovely she gifted it to you. Aren't WOYWW mates just the best?

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (2)

  20. Cool tools for sure! I think anything old like that is fascinating though, I mean they were just like us in their daily lives afterall!
    Angie #61

  21. Definite prayers and blessings for Shaz today and throughout her journey.
    I love the fabric you chose for the tote. Sturdy for sure and must have cute button! cool ribbon.will have to keep an eye open for that one stateside.
    I would love to have seen all those tools first hand. FYI.. The Besom Maker's Clamp was used by a broom maker. I believe he would have used that to clamp the straw together tightly while stitching.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. Creative Blessings! Kelly #67

  22. I'll be praying for Shaz.
    Love the fabric and button you used to make the bag. #56

  23. Praying for the best possible outcome for Shaz, I'll picture her well and thriving. Cute little button on that happy fabric bag. Be well ~ Carole #71

  24. Thank you for the notice about Shaz, will keep her in my prayers.

    Pretty tote fabric, very cheery. And oh yes, those besom makers, very, very naughty . . . ;)

    Thank you for the woyww visit, Lunch Lady Jan (I think of you more as Sewing Jan, just so you know)

    #72 this week

  25. Hello Jan. Great fabric and I know the tote will be fab. Like the tape. Have been thinking about Shaz and have her in my prayers. Happy WOYWW Anne x #32

  26. HI Jan will keep shaz in my thoughts and prayers .thanks for keeping us posted it is very much appreciated.
    'great fabric bright and cheerful and love your photos of the old farming equipment and your wicked sense of humour did make me chuckle .have a good week and thanks for hopping by Andrea #18

  27. oooh I love old-fashioned hand tools, I can't resist them, how they look, how they feel in your hand, how quiet they are to use .... I have a thing about them, you may be able to tell :o) LOVE that bright and cheery tote, gingham always takes me back to my first sewing lesson at school when we made our aprons and matching cuffs for cookery lessons, and I still love it. Happy WOYWW Annie #57

  28. Thinking of Shaz and hoping all goes well.
    The Besom tool I believe is something used in making brooms.
    Thank you so much for visiting me and have a great week crafting, Angela x

  29. Have been thinking of Shaz - wish her well when you have contact - didn't want to bother her yesterday with a rambling - got a shock when I read through her other blog!! Love that you are making a tote just because! Love that display of tools - remember using a scythe and a sickle when I used to help my grandad. Film was a bit scary!! Chrisx 49 Thanks for visiting - contact has been made!

  30. Hi Jan, thinking of Shaz and sending all the positive vibes I can muster - hope her day has gone better for her than anticipated. Love the fabric for the bag - lovely pattern - and gingham, who doesn't like gingham :) Those instruments are interesting ... bull lead, the ram couple and the besom makers clamp - all have the look of old-fashioned torture equipment! Thanks for your comment earlier and your good wishes. I've got back as far as 1715 on the maternal side of the family and almost as far on the paternal but, like you, I've hit a wall or two on the way. My family surname, 'Welsh', originates in Ireland and is as common as 'Jones' or 'Smith' over there. It doesn't helped that in 1922 many of the archives were destroyed in the Irish Civil War. The many different spellings of one name can also make research difficult but I enjoy a good mystery :) I wish you good luck with your research too. Have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #78

  31. Sending Shaz love and healing thoughts. My friend has just gone through all of this and came out the other side all fine, so thoughts do help. Love the bright and cheerful fabric, it's spring here and just a perfect thing to see on such a glorious sunny day. We are birds of a feather cos I started to giggle at the besom makers clamp too!! :) Your farmers sure do have some strange devices. I have to say, from a person who can't sew, your sewing is really straight. Do you use a ruler or are you just a show off (he he). Mine always looks like a confused bee has walked all over and left stitches here and there. Can't wait to see what you do with that tape, it's gorgeous. Have a great week.
    Luv Von #39

  32. Thanks for your kind words. So much to see here this week.
    Sending love and healing light to Shaz and all the medical folks too.
    I love gingham and I'm not ashamed!
    thanks for visiting and the snoop around.
    Robyn 22

  33. Your totes are SO INCREDIBLE Jan!!! I just love watching them come together! And that piano ribbon is AWESOME!!! You lucky lucky girl!!!

    Happy WOYWW!
    Amy E. #3

  34. Gorgeous fabric for the tote Jan and I love the little button. Those tools are awesome - maybe that's what I need - a besom makers clamp- would keep things under control nicely! x Jo

  35. Hi sweet soul sister! I'm just now getting around. Can you believe it? Well, Tuesday night with Jeremy (the FYI Guy) and his craft show was so much fun. (and my Wednesday was very crazy, and I hardly got on the computer) Anyway, Jeremy did a Halloween show and then a show about dining room decorating. My little nephew Sam came with us and he had a great time! Jeremy is so full of energy and so funny--he also told us he just taped a reality show with Barry Williams, who used to be on the Brady Bunch. I love Barry. So for the Halloween show he wore a tux and turned it into four different costumes - what a hoot. You would have had such fun with me. Your carpet cleaning by the way inspires me! We really need to clean carpets and windows at our house. *sigh* But all I really want to do is drink coffee and make things. I love your tote. Please send Shaz hugs and prayers. I said a huge prayer for her this morning. Love and hugs to you!! Sandy Leigh #59

  36. Thanks for visiting my craft room. Love your tote bag - have to agree with you about the gingham!

    Take care
    Helen x

  37. Love those little birdies and the cute yellow buttons, such a happy tote!
    Shaz has been in my thoughts all week
    Hugs Debs xx

  38. Your fabrics always bring a smile, but then you chose them and you make me smile too! Love your music tape, so you! Hmmm yes I do have lots of stuff other than colouring. I've tried most crafts and can't bear to get rid of my favs. So I now fill a room with stuff!! Thanks for visiting me already, am bit slow getting back this week. Take care Zo xx 50

  39. Lovely fabric and I love old tools at country shows (I love a good old root around!).
    Please pass my love to Doug and Shaz x

  40. Wel missus, its sunday and I'm finally visiting..just as well we have phones! I'm loving the freshness of the bag fabrics, and that you take photos even on your busy band days. I think you're drawn to the besom clamp for a variety of reasons.....they are after all, early witches brooms!

  41. OMG how fun are those tools! I did a bit of research comparing garden design information in magazines during the economic boom of the 1920s, the depression of the 1930s and World War II and was shocked to find out how many varieties of things like shovels were discontinued after WWI in the name of efficiency.

    And I'll say it again, I'm so in awe of your ability to put prints together (and your sewing ability lol). Fabulous project. Thanks for visiting my blog earlier in the week!

  42. What sweet fabric you are using on the bag -- so pretty. Sounds as if you have had a busy week! Thanks so much for visiting and happy WOYWW, belatedly. ~ Laura #62

  43. I was looking for you after seeing the London bag ???? some where I commented. Your very talented with fabric. Be well Carole #59

  44. hi dear lunch lady Jan. I will definitely say some prayers and put some good vibes into the world for Shaz.

    your tote is wonderful just like everything you sew. I do love to gingham. the button is great and I love the tape that you received from Janet. I must confess that we probably have domain name for our gardening tools compared to you! thank you for visiting me today I loved your comment and I love that you think of me as a wench!!!!
    hugs to you. Kay