Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 27 August 2014



A longish post today....desk first and then some photos from a fun weekend! So, you enter at your own peril :-)

New stash and work in progress feature on the desk today - I'm making some bunting for a new arrival. A friend from my band had a little boy - 10lbs 8oz - that makes you tense up a little, huh?! Welcome to the world, Jacob.  At the back, you can see some more of that gorgeous blue fabric from a few weeks ago - I had to buy some more, I just love it. Gonna make a craft bag for ME!  Whilst I was in buying mode, I also got three reels of thread that total 3km in length. That's a lorra sewing in store for me!!

So, what does an old purse, a battered old hat from Oxfam, a scrap of dress fabric and a few beads equate to? Ah, you'll just have to wait and see....grin. It's going to be an interesting project for a mate of mine.......

And this is the finished tote that has now gone off to be taken to Denmark sometime soon. I rather like it though the box construction took longer to make than the normal totes and took more fabric too, but it's worth it, I think.

Feel free to jump ship now, as we're off on a ramble!
Shaz and Doug Silverwolf came to stay for the weekend so we took them to Winchester. First stop was the cathedral, one of my favourites in the UK.....

I like the way the architecture goes everywhere!

Even the graffiti is old......

Patterns are everywhere - the medieval floor tiles are some of the best in England...

The simplicity of the patterns appeals to me a lot.

This lock is from 1529 and still works!

But what I love about Winchester most is the successful mix between ancient building and the modern art that is all around the environment....

This was the high altar...we all stood for ages trying to see things in the chaos/elemental forces portrayed here. It was mesmerising...

My favourite statue by Anthony Gormley...though it is even better when the crypt is slightly flooded and there are reflections everywhere....

But if I could take one thing home, it would be this great big hunk of wood. Goodness, this speaks to me. I love the size of it, the spirals, the fish, the golden highlights...everything!!


It just gets me...I think it's wonderful.

Three to finish.....
This reminds me of an Escher drawing or a scene from Labyrinth!  I love Romanesque arches.
Me and my old man captured in a viewing mirror!!

And finally, after all that culture.......
A Man and his Mountainous Scone!!  It didn't last very long, I can tell you :-)

It was a fun weekend Shaz and Doug - thanks for coming down!!

It'll be a shorter post next week...promise!!


  1. Looks like a great weekend with friends. The scone is to die for ,, yummy, yummy , in his tummy. Lol. Happy woyww Jill #16

  2. Heads up: Don't faint when you go to my desk and spot a sewing machine...

    I could do with that scone for breakfast right now! Lovely post and the photos are awesome. #23

  3. I thought your sewing projects were great - but then you took us to Winchester - WOW! I don't think I've been there before, it looks amazing. Can't believe the size of that scone...
    Have a great week. Helen 4

  4. Ah Lunch Lady Jan can so see why you went back for more of that fabulous elegant blue & white material.. I do think it has to rate up there as a top pick! I can so see why you are making yourself a tote with it.. welcome too to Jacob looks like some great bunting!
    I love the images below too so much to see and admire .. the upward look is great!!
    happy WOYWW Shaz in Oz.x #10

  5. Great post Jan, do love that blue fabric too and the bunting's looking good. Great photos of your visit to Winschester - happy WOYWW, cheers RobynO#24

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  7. Ooh Jan, I love your blog post this week - the tote bag is fabulous and the spots really do work brilliantly with that beautiful nature fabric. I also love Winchester Cathedral and you've got some wonderful photos there - and I have to agree that I have often wanted to take that lump of wood home with me too - it is so beautiful - if only I whittled! Hope you have a great week,
    Diana #27

  8. My eyes watered at the 10lb 8oz baby:)

    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the hat, beads, purse and fabric.

    Love the tote bag.

    Thanks for sharing the fabby photos of Winchester. Glad you had a nice time.

    Happy WOYWW
    Sue 25

  9. Hi LLJ
    SoRry to have missed you all. Looks like you had a great time ... I love the cathedral too although I don't visit enough I intend to do the tower tour one day soon.
    Love the finished bag too
    Happy Wednesday
    Janet @8

  10. How heavy?!!!*** Oh my. Love the bunting, bag and blue fabric. Not been to Winchester Cathedral but it's now on my list to do! Wonderful photos - what an interesting place it looks. Delish scone. Anne x #28

  11. Love the idea of the bunting for the new arrival. The photos are amazing and it's nice to see photo of you and Shaz with your spouses. Diane #32

  12. Welcome Jacob! Hoping Mum has recovered....10lb 8oz!
    Love the blue fabric too and the bag and the project???
    lovely post. xxx

  13. Oh what a lovely post! One can see you all had a nice time! The cathedral is really fantastic!
    Lots of hugs,

  14. Dear me 10lb 8oz! makes you wince a little!
    I love seeing all your materials and your tote bag is beautiful,
    Jan x

  15. Lovely to share the weekend with friends. I just love all your photos of Winchester too. Somewhere I don't think I've ever been. Your tote is gorgeous, I'm sure the recipient in Denmark will be thrilled.
    Love and hugs
    Lynda- late this week 49

  16. What an amazing collection of photos, first of your work and the colours there, wow, then of the people and church, I hear you. I love that kind of things as well. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Kind regards

  17. Your bunting for Jacob is coming a long lovely! I am sure you will be making great use of your tote too. Love the pattern you used. Sounds like a fun weekend with Shaz and Doug. I enjoyed seeing the photos and seeing them and the lovely church. I know the statue of the man standing is old, but when I first glanced it looked like all the people I see looking down texting these days! Enjoy the day! Winnie #35

  18. Oh my goodness--I can't wait to see what you are upcycling those goodies into! What gorgeous photos of the cathedral--love seeing those! What a fun time. You know, I work on a university campus, and it really is sad to see all the kids walking around with their heads down...texting! I always wonder if they've missed out connecting with a new friend, or actually seeing the world around them. Someday will their memories of college will consist of their phone screen? I know...I'm sounding like an old bitty!! I text, but I don't really like it! Tee hee! Hugs to you dear soul sister. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #48

  19. What a great post, so love seeing those photos from your weekend and how I could just gulp down that scone right now!
    Missing the WOYWWers, not feeling like blogging these days as I lost my mum a month ago and I am keeping a low profile, I only like to write happy things so it is hard just now! I have a little read through some blogs now and then though and was happy to come across yours this morning.
    Love that dotty fabric you are using, that bunting will be gorgeous! Fabulous bag too! My brand new all singing all dancing sewing machine arrived yesterday (I have been using my old UK one which is so slow on the US voltage!) so no excuses now, will have to get some fabric out. My first project will be my kitchen curtains. First major sewing make in a lot of years! They say a change is as good as a rest!
    have a great week, Debxx

  20. Fun travelogue and fab botanical bag Robin number 21

  21. Hi Jan, lovely post, I enjoyed all those fab photos. The fabric on your desk is beautiful and it's about time you made a bag for yourself! Now, what can you possibly be making with those items? I will admit to be completely mystified :) Your weekend with Shaz and Doug must have been fun and Winchester Cathedral is truly amazing ... love the way you describe it all too. Thanks for sharing, it gives me such vicarious pleasure :) Hope you have a great week. Hugs, Elizabeth x #46

  22. Hi Jan, thanks for the visit. Can't wait to see what you do with the bits and bobs you have collected together.
    That looks like a great day out, fab photos too.
    Have a great week and happy crafting, Angela x 34

  23. Wow! Don't know where to start! Fabric- fabulous! Bunting-beautiful! Collection of "stuff" - confusing, do tell more! Tote- terrific! Winchester - wonderful and want to go! Post - positively amazing! Hugs, Chrisx 36

  24. Hiya Jan, you got some fab photo's. Love the one with Beloved Hubby laughing! It was a lovely weekend, and we had lovely weather too, didn't we? I do so like the tote bag, lovely fabric, great bunting, and there was you worrying you had nothing for your desk this week! Huge hugs and lots of love, Shaz xxx

  25. Thanks for sharing the tour a lovely guided pictorial. LOVE the bag!!!!
    Be well Carole #50

  26. Hi LLJ,

    Oh boy, that tote is absolutely gorgeous! I'd say it's about time for you to make yourself one! I must say, even I kind of yelped when I heard the size of the new arrival and I haven't even had a baby! Holy moly...... tee hee. I'm sure they'll love the bunting.

    Your outing with Shaz and her hubby looks like it was a lot of fun. I can see why you'd love to take the wooden piece home. Imagine how old the tree was when it was carved - and how long since then? I love all the textures and patterns that you've shared. Very cool.

    I am relieved that the new job situation is working out for me. Yay. Sometimes I wonder if I'll stay longer than planned, but then I am off work today and enjoying sitting at Starbucks and looking at WOYWW posts. I'd have so much more free time (ahem, ALL of my time would be free) that I really would enjoy retirement!!!

    Thank you for visiting me already. I always light up when I see that you've been by to visit.

    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs, Kay

  27. Looks like you had fun times. The cathedral is stunning, love all the things you pointed out. I also love you blue material on your desk!! Take care Zo xx 41

  28. Between both of your posts there are so many wonderful pictures to look at. How fun it must have been to have Shaz and Doug for the weekend.

    Great box tote, those are the kind I really like.

    Krisha #19

  29. Thank you for the old churches:)

  30. wow looks like you had a busy week! i like your fabric you will make a bag out of and i am intrigued to see what you will make with the fabric scrap and the hat!? the bunting will look great when it is done. i like the pictures of your trip out too, the graffiti is amazing

  31. So much happening I don't know where to start. That bag turned out marvelously, I love the fabric and the group of strange things, well, all sorts of things come to mind but I can't say them on here :) That cathedral is awesome, I could stand and look at those things all day and the modern art works so well. Have to say the standout thing was that huge scone, now that's a scone!! Got a bit of a shock with the up the nostril shot (he he). Have a great week.
    Von #15

  32. Lovely to see WOYWW friends hanging out IRL :) Love the tote, but then I always seem to love each one as much as the last. But I still adore mine best of all :) Love the Cathedral photos too - been a while since we've meandered around Winchester for the day. Might have to make that a priority when the in-laws visit (eek! all too soon) as it's so close ... and who could pass up that monstrous scone?

    Happy WOYWW!
    Mary Anne (7)

  33. Great tote bag and thanks for sharing those beautiful photos.It looks like you had a great day. Happy WOYWW!

  34. Fantastic read, Jan. Yes - I refused to jump ship!! Got through to the end. Great tote - and looking forward to what you are about to produce with the purse, fabric and beads!!
    What lovely pics of Winchester cathedral - and a gorgeous shot of Shaz and Doug. Well got!!!
    Thanks for visiting - and for your comments on the wedding dress. I confess I was thrilled with it - and she looked gorgeous when she walked very sedately into church. Choir robes weren't too bad, either, when all put together.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #17

  35. Don't apoplogise! It's a fab post - so many beautiful things to mull over. I love the alter cloth. Now you have me wondereing what you can possibly be going to make - sounds a bit Blue Peterish but you haven't got any sticky backed plastic or a pair of Val's old knickers!!!

  36. great post! Love the beautiful new bag! I was going to ask about purchasing it...Loved the cathedral pictures. I was going to say I remember going to Winchester Cathedral back in 1991 but now I am not sure about that...damn age and fibro fog!! Awesome pictures of the church and grounds. Thanks for sharing! Vickie #75

  37. Lovely photos of Winchester, looks as if you four enjoyed it. Great bag but the bunting steals the day, bet it looks fab irl. I am looking forward to seeing what you make with the hat and the fabric - gorgeous colour.
    Thanks for sharing
    Hugs, Neet xx 154

  38. Hi Jan, I love the tote, the purse is intriging! Bunting looks great. I spent a lot of time staying in Winchester studying and I never got to look round, I wish I had gone to the cathedral now!

    Cazzy x #76

  39. Thank you for the tour of Winchester Cathedral...lovely photos! And the tote came out beautifully! Have a great weekend.

  40. Love the pic of Shaz and. Doug, and thanks again for including us in their visit to you, it was fab to see them. Also love the pics from the cathedral, been ages since I actually 'toured' it...don't like the shape but love the fabric and finish of the really looking forward to seeing the triumph you created from it!

  41. Lovely to see Shaz & Doug, and I love the cathedral too, especially early in the day when it's quiet, very atmospheric.
    The tote is great, can't wait to see what the hat, purse, beads combo becomes!
    Debs s