Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Monday, 3 June 2013


Well, after months of planning, the day dawned bright and clear. The sun shone and the scene was set for a good day's crafting.

Here is the evidence! Be warned, there's LOTS of photos :-)
 Everyone started arriving but few got started with actual crafting - they were too busy chatting!
Rachel and Shaz were the first to start!
Mary Anne, Janet and Laura look deep in thought......
Zoe shows Kyla and Deb how large her Copic stash is ;-)
Mary Anne brought some of her LillyBo quilts for us to see..they are simply incredible..the colours and patterns are fantastic. I'm going to have to copy some of these techniques..they were so clever!
There was a swapsies table. Shaz Silverwolf started the ball rolling with a huge selection of lovely bits and pieces...others soon followed. What generosity was displayed that day in all sorts of ways..
Perusing the goodies!
Donna looked as if she meant business :-)
Diane (Morti) brought some of her wedding boutonnieres and her button bouquet to work on. Wow, they were gorgeous!
 Shaz brought a few of her pens!
 Helen's suitcase was too full of stash to get any clothes in!!
 What a lovely selection of stash...
 After nearly an hour of chatting (!) Julia welcomed everyone and outlined the day's events...
Laura, Cindy and Fiona...and herself, of course!

 Lots of reunions too..Dolores came from Slovenia was so fab to see her.
Hugs were the order of the day!
Honestly, trying to get this lot together for a group pic was like herding cats...... :-)
Kyla, Helen, Deb, Cindy, Laura, Fiona, Zoe, Mary Anne, Julia, Janet. Debra, LLJ, Rachel, Donna, Shaz, Morti, Dolores and Sam (Hettie) - as fine a bunch of crafters as you're ever likely to see!
Cindy was inking so fast, her hand's a blur!!
Cindy and Fiona
Mary Anne with another funky quilt in progress.
Laura doing a beautiful LO of her son.
There was plenty of mischief making....
Dolores was crafting at 90 mph!
Debs was doing some exquisite colouring.
Morti and Deb
Sam with her lace making - she must have buckets of patience! The bobbins were a work of art in their own right....

Helen and Janet (Fairythoughts)
Me and Dolores having a hug :-)
This is what the day was all, friends and laughter. Shaz Silverwolf and her husband Doug were brilliant and helped hugely in the setting up of the hall. Thanks guys, you were amazing!
And thank you to all the wonderful gals who attended. Between the remainder of the hall/food costs money, the raffle and stall sales, we made £150 for the Salisbury Women's refuge. Toiletries, yarns, fabrics and other stuff were also donated to the cause, so an ENORMOUS thank you from me too. They will be delighted. We simply couldn't have done it without you.

I'm going to bed now, I'm worn out by this epic post....grin


  1. So fun to see you all there! Looks like a fantastic event and so glad you raised money for the refuge while having fun!

  2. What a brilliant post - much fun had by all obviously! x Jo

  3. Wow didn't we do well, and you are right, lots of fun food chatting and mischief with a spot of crafting. So glad we managed to raise a good amount for the charity too. Take care Zo xx

  4. What a great post ...loved all the photos ...looked so much fun ...thanks for sharing and helping those of us who didn't attend, to feel part of this wonderful get together. Well done you and JD for all the hard work before the event. xx

  5. Great pics Jan! Love the one of Julia concentrating lol!! Had a lovely day but didn't get much crafting done tee hee :-) was so nice meeting all the lovely WOYWW contributors.

    Thanks so much to you and Julia for making it all happen.
    Debs xxx

  6. Hi LLJ,
    What a great gallery of photos. My favourites are pre and post herding of cats! Beautiful smiles all nice it would be to share it with you.

  7. Hi there it looked such fun. TRhanks for sharing. Anne x

  8. Oh my life..see how difficult it is to get things back in their boxes!! What a horrid but true photo! LOVELY post missus. gorgeous photos. Thank you. XXXXXX

  9. LOL at that pic of Julia!! Jan, it was a huge delight to see you (and Gordon) again, and experience WOYWW crop 2 - can't wait for the next one, everyone is saying the same!

    Not sure who's stash it is under the one of my suitcase, but boy I'd like it... when you come back down to earth please let me know about the phone cover. Thanks for sharing these photo's, I am going to nick the group one if you don't mind (not that I can print it off to journal this time as I am without printer either at home or at work, but I'd like it anyway!
    Thanks again, for a wonderful day.

  10. Thanks again Jan for having us, and for co- organising such a fantastic day! I know we all had a brilliant time, spent more time chatting than crafting- but we can craft any day, we can't always get to meet up in person! Like evryone else, we're looking forward to the next time already. Love & hugs,
    Shaz & Doug xxxx

  11. Hi Jan,
    Thanks so much for sharing all the worderful pics. So lovely to see everyone all having fun together :-)
    Annie x

  12. wonderful, wonderful, wonderful...I am smiling from ear to can just see the friendship....I LOVE WOYWW!!!!
    thanks for the fab recap Jan!

  13. Your post made it feel like I was actually there! What a fun time all of you had. I'm so glad you (or someone) took all those photos, and you shared them. It's a really wonderful feeling when you actually meet someone from the internet and they DO NOT turn out to be stalkers, but are lots of fun and share the same interests as you. That is how I met my art friend Kathy. Not on WOYWW, but on the internet at least.

    I applaud you for the hard work you put into this event. It shows by the smiles and happiness on everyone's face. Oftentimes, the REAL worker behind the scenes doesn't get much credit, but I'm glad people know how much you did to make this event run so smoothly.

  14. I'm not jealous... I'm not jealous... ok... I'm cabbage green! LOL Thank you for the photos, so much fun and friendship and laughter, what a lovely time you all had!!

  15. hey LLJ
    naughty girl you forgot to mention the fab lunch. The coronation chicken was great ..don't tell, but I had 2 helpings.
    A big thanks to Mr LLJ for talking such brilliant photos too, he certainly captured the spirit of the day
    see you soon

  16. thank you so much for all the hospitality you were great, and I love your write up too....dx

  17. oh and I am trygin to suss out the discus probs but got home late and back at work ( grumble moan complain)

  18. It is amazing that you managed to raise that money while having fun!!! and it looks like buckets of fun, judging by the smiles abounding in your photos.
    Even though I have not been able to attend...I so enjoy the photos as It is great to associate a face with the blogger persona.
    There must have been such a buzz of activity and creativity going on in that room!

  19. Oh there's nothing like the happy faces of a bunch of crafters enjoying time together. What a fun look at all of the lovely projects and friends you were surrounded with on that day!

    {I followed your link from a comment you left on Lisa-Jane's blog ~ thought I'd take a minute to say hello!}

  20. Thank you for sharing the fun! I can hear the laughter here in the Philippines! What what's all this about a cake? :^) 🎉patsy

  21. Hi there Jan what a really fab post so lovely to see the "pics", well done all around ~ fab day and fun indeedy!! :D Shaz in Oz.x

  22. Look how beautiful you all are!! Thank you for sharing the photos--it makes me feel like I was there a little. Love seeing all the stash. That lacemaking is fascinating. I could look at her making lace with all those bobbins all day! You look like a gorgeous English rose Jan, and I love Julia's necklace. We didn't get a chance to set up our Skype--I think we both got busy. My family kept me out all day Saturday! Not that I'm complaining, because I had a big shopping spree at Hobby Lobby with sales and coupons--so that's how I got my new Martha Stewart scoring board toy. But one day this summer, we must Skype together! My hubby is still working on building the new deck, and we had to buy a new lawnmower, and darling daughter and I had to get new summer shoes! So I guess I'd better stay at home and craft now and be frugal for a while. Hugs!! --Sandy Leigh

  23. Fabulous Jan - thank you so much for bringing the crop to those of us in our homes.
    Hugs, Neet xx

  24. Fabulous post Honey. We all look very happy, as we all were! You caught some great photos there and lots of me you monkey!!
    Already looking forward to Crop III and please may I book Owen's bed now!!

  25. What a great day you all had! Would love to have been there, but distance does not permit, I'm afraid :) However, your post is so good, it almost feels like being there!

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  27. Thanks Jan - fantastic photos - it looks like you all had a fabulous time and now we get to put faces to some names... Cheers - Australia next year ??? LOL Mxx

  28. Oh, so lovely to see faces to names!! Thanks for sharing. It looks like everyone had a ball.

  29. It looks like you had an amazing fun filled day!

  30. It looks like you had an amazing fun filled day!