(you'll see why later....)

This has been one busy week...and the pace continues til Saturday. I'm going to stay in bed until the afternoon, drinking tea and eating cake and doing NOTHING. Yeah, like that's going to happen...... grin!

So, this is a snapshot of what's happened so far...

I took out the cap sleeves of a Per Una dress for my head teacher..I had to hand sew the new armhole....hope it washes ok.....

I started to sew the crocheted squares together...

Did the scenery painting for the Year 6 play in school.....

Think I'll call in for a cappuccino.... :-)

Made a pair of Big Pants - this one's for you, Mary Anne!!!

But by far the best highlight of the week was Morti and Mr B's wedding at the weekend. It was quite wonderful...we had such fun!
But here's the reason for today's song title.....
Morti...you looked A-MA-ZING! Thanks for being such a good sport to let me put up this pic today :-)

P.S If you are kind enough to leave a comment, it may be a while before I can reply as I'm off out on a school trip all day....... thank you!


                                             (Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young)

Well, that was another full week that shot by at Warp Factor 8!
My work desk looks like this...
I haven't touched it for a few days...no fabric has been harmed in the cause of crafting here...

But here, it has!
It's the Year 6 (10-11 year olds) school play next week and my machine has been over in the classroom doing sterling duty.

Whipping up a pink satin apron for Mama Bear! There were four sewing machines on the table..we let the kids have a day on them, making what they liked. Purses, ipod covers etc etc...they designed them first then made them from start to finish. The boys really enjoyed having a go..many had never touched a machine before..same for the girls too.

One girl brought her machine in and was excellent at teaching her peers in how to use it.

Here's one of the lads making a furry iPod cover as a prezzy for his sister. He had really good control!

Sue, the teacher (and my mate!) and I were making the trickier costumes. In this pic, Sue is making the Three Bears' heads complete with sticky up fluffy ears! The fabric was ever so soft and furry!!

Sue will be wearing this 'Creation'!  Oh boy, did I have fun altering this dress for her. She has a rather fetching blue wig to go with it. I'm borrowing this for the disco at the end of term.... ;-)

Remember the knitted 'bikini' last week? Well, this is what that turned into...
It's sooooo cute! I love the frilly border, which looks tricky but was very easy to do.  I'll definitely do this pattern again.

And another ATC from Kay (505 Whimsy Girl) arrived this week. Thanks, it's fab..another wonderful and cherished item to add to the collection :)  Kay also sent me a card made from one of her pictures.....

Mr Goat...he cracks me up! Fab photo, Kay!!



(click for some good toe tapping rock and roll!)

I love that track!  I chose it because of this...
and these....
and these....
and this....
It's a quilt made by kids at my school a couple of years back..hand batiked and joined together by a TA. It was hanging on the wall, but then got taken down and was due to be recycled...so I grabbed it! (I did ask first, being a good girl!) It came up lovely after a wash and has gone with the others to the Women's Refuge. I met with Mary, the liaison lady, and handed all the goodies over..I can't tell you how thrilled she was at the generosity of the WOYWWers. Thank you all again. xx
More Sirdar Baby Crofter Double Knitting...it's going to be a shrug for a little snuggler and not a bikini for yours truly...grin!  Although I can make YOU one if you like ;-)

A couple more ATCs landed on my doorstep..the Typewriters from Bella and the gorgeous birds and butterflies from Elizabeth (Silverscrapper)...Thank You, girls, they're lovely!

And finally, there's not much on my desk this week because I was down in Wales doing family stuff..just me and Mr LLJ... it was good to have some proper time together helped by the amazing weather.  Here is a shot of me that I actually don't mind....
8pm, blue skies, tide just on the turn, walking with Ma Honey...it was fab!

Have a great week, y'all :-)


(Ray Charles)

What a week! Firstly the WOYWW 4th Bloggaversary, then the CROP2..I don't know about you, but I'm shattered.. I've had to go back to work for a rest ;-)

First, the Desk and then some Thank You's!

Bunting!! Woohoo - I haven't made any for ages and I love it :-)  However, the reason that I am showing you is just to highlight my stupidity...sigh...again...
You see, the moral of the story is not to promise to swap more ATCs than you actually have....cough.... so this bunting is by way of an apology. It's amazing how ATC-like it does look!! Not..

Cor - look at all those juicy colours......

OK, my ATCs were like this. Now, be kind, this was my first (and only!) attempt at stamping. Thank you Julia, for letting me run amok in your craft room!

I worked on the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid!! Story of my life......
But I got some awesomely creative ones in return! Thanks so much Guys!

From Shaz Silverwolf, Kyla, Zoe and JoZart..

Sue H, Janet (Fairythoughts), Doone, Helen and Twiglet...

Julie Ann Lee, Hettie, Bleubeard & Elizabeth, Wipso, Cardarian...
What a beautiful selection..thank you all very much :-)

Sue H and I did a crafty swap recently..these are some of the cards she made me...

                     Gorgeous, aren't they?

A beautiful Thank You card from Debs, ATCs from Sandra De (that made me giggle!) and Lisa Craft Garden and the most gorgeous scissors keeper from Janet (Fairythoughts)

Sue H also sent me this cross stitch - it made me laugh sooooo much..it says Bad Hare Day! I have a bit of a thing about hares..this one looks like me if I have to get up too early! He's definitely going on the wall above my crafting desk, lolol!

And finally, Sam (Hettie) presented me with this beautiful little album..it is soooo gorgeous. Photos don't do it justice...
Smiley, happy colours.... I love it!!
So, after a wonderful weekend, this is what we've ended up with to send to the Women's Refuge...four quilts, a whole pile of toiletries and £150 raised at the Crop.  THANK YOU :-)

Have a great week!


Well, after months of planning, the day dawned bright and clear. The sun shone and the scene was set for a good day's crafting.

Here is the evidence! Be warned, there's LOTS of photos :-)
 Everyone started arriving but few got started with actual crafting - they were too busy chatting!
Rachel and Shaz were the first to start!
Mary Anne, Janet and Laura look deep in thought......
Zoe shows Kyla and Deb how large her Copic stash is ;-)
Mary Anne brought some of her LillyBo quilts for us to see..they are simply incredible..the colours and patterns are fantastic. I'm going to have to copy some of these techniques..they were so clever!
There was a swapsies table. Shaz Silverwolf started the ball rolling with a huge selection of lovely bits and pieces...others soon followed. What generosity was displayed that day in all sorts of ways..
Perusing the goodies!
Donna looked as if she meant business :-)
Diane (Morti) brought some of her wedding boutonnieres and her button bouquet to work on. Wow, they were gorgeous!
 Shaz brought a few of her pens!
 Helen's suitcase was too full of stash to get any clothes in!!
 What a lovely selection of stash...
 After nearly an hour of chatting (!) Julia welcomed everyone and outlined the day's events...
Laura, Cindy and Fiona...and herself, of course!

 Lots of reunions too..Dolores came from Slovenia again..it was so fab to see her.
Hugs were the order of the day!
Honestly, trying to get this lot together for a group pic was like herding cats...... :-)
Kyla, Helen, Deb, Cindy, Laura, Fiona, Zoe, Mary Anne, Julia, Janet. Debra, LLJ, Rachel, Donna, Shaz, Morti, Dolores and Sam (Hettie) - as fine a bunch of crafters as you're ever likely to see!
Cindy was inking so fast, her hand's a blur!!
Cindy and Fiona
Mary Anne with another funky quilt in progress.
Laura doing a beautiful LO of her son.
There was plenty of mischief making....
Dolores was crafting at 90 mph!
Debs was doing some exquisite colouring.
Morti and Deb
Sam with her lace making - she must have buckets of patience! The bobbins were a work of art in their own right....

Helen and Janet (Fairythoughts)
Me and Dolores having a hug :-)
This is what the day was all about...fun, friends and laughter. Shaz Silverwolf and her husband Doug were brilliant and helped hugely in the setting up of the hall. Thanks guys, you were amazing!
And thank you to all the wonderful gals who attended. Between the remainder of the hall/food costs money, the raffle and stall sales, we made £150 for the Salisbury Women's refuge. Toiletries, yarns, fabrics and other stuff were also donated to the cause, so an ENORMOUS thank you from me too. They will be delighted. We simply couldn't have done it without you.

I'm going to bed now, I'm worn out by this epic post....grin


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