Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


(Sweet Charity...wonderful film!)
You'll find the reason for this lyric later!

I have done very little crafting this week, having been madly busy with family stuff, band stuff, Crop stuff, stuff stuff, stuffy stuff and stuffy get the picture??  *grin*
But lots of planning has been taking place (well, 30 minutes anyway!)

These are destined to be included in the Crop goody bags...but what are they?? 

These are two little linear quarters of fabric purchased recently for specific items..... the one on the left is from The Hungry Caterpillar range! Love it :)

I'm still plugging away with the quilting around the flowers when the mood takes me...which isn't that often, I freely admit. I'm definitely not a Natural Born Quilter, that's for sure......

And that's it crafting wise.
However, as several commenters told me last week, I got my Raptors all in a twist. It wasn't a falcon but a Sparrowhawk. Well, slap my wrists and send me to Aberystwyth...look, I've been making an effort.....
The brass band that I play in had its 20th Anniversary Dinner and Awards ceremony on Saturday was a fun evening that held a big surprise for me....

As I've only been playing for 7 years, being awarded the Musician of the Year was really pleasing, albeit unexpected!! I'd better practise a bit now :-)

And finally, after this mad weather of ours still shows no sign of becoming a normal Spring, this has been the sight near  my village.....
The combination of the mauvey blue and zingy lime green is a combo that is balm for the soul. I've had to stop and stare and just drink in the colour.

And that's it...short(ish) and sweet this week. I'm looking forward to the Anniversary swap of the ATCs - Julia let me play in her craft room so I'm a stamping virgin no longer!!!  See you around :-)


  1. congratulations on your award, what an achievement! love the hungry caterpillar fabrics!Beautiful photo of the bluebell woods, I can almost smell them!

  2. ah dear Lunch Lady Jan glad you are able to post if not much time to play as one would like.. and raptor well who would know I would not!! and yes love the wooland colours and hues too just stand drink it all in.. cant beat it!!

    well doe non being musician too of the yea wow well done!!
    .. happy WOYWW not posted and Julia isn't up yet, love Shaz in oz.x

  3. Wow that quilting looks like hard work, something I wont ever venture into lol
    Bridget #11

  4. Well done for getting the award Jan. lovely quilt also . Jill #37

  5. Oh well done on winning the cup Jan - it's so good to be rewarded occasionally for something - especially something you love doing. The quilting looks lovely but I have to agree with you - I am not a natural quilter either!! x Jo

  6. I'm always impressed with REAL seamstresses. Sewing on paper is a highlight for me. I could NEVER quilt anything.

    Glad to read about the award, too. Not sure what the squares are for, though.

    Happy WOYWW from #10.

  7. love to visit your blog Jan, always gorgeous fabric and oh boy that hungry caterpillar
    brings back many memories!! and well done on the award too!!

    Glad to read that you are no longer a stamping virgin too;)

    Lisa #47

  8. The picture of the woods is just...,,,,, lovely
    And well done on that award your so talented in many ways
    Jackie 8

  9. Congratulations Jan on your music award, you are a lady of many many talents. Now you will have to drag me out of that bluebell wood or I may never go home.
    Lynn //44

  10. I'm doing a quick blog dash before I get started this morning cos we have another estate agent coming today to take pics of our house so it needs a final hoover and tidy through :-)
    Huge congrats on the music award. Your pic of the bluebells is stunning....we have gardens full of them here so hope we get some viewings soon :-)
    A x #52

  11. "Congratulations and celebrations", sung in a Cliff type style. Take your fingers out your ears, it's not that bad!! How brilliant, Jan I'm really chuffed for you.
    Keep going with the quilting, it'll be worth it in the end.
    The bluebells are stunning. I took some photos the other weekend, I think they are wonderful when you see the woods just a haze of blue.
    Hope it's not been too stressful a week!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #70

  12. Well done, musician of the year. perhaps you should play for us at the crop... I love bluebells, and "yours" look fantastic - how gorgeous to have that sight near you in "spring" (I say loosely!) Thanks for stopping by already. Helen 5

  13. Super well done on the musical front and I wasn't sure about your bird either despite having had a Sparrowhawk in our garden a while back. They are quite similar, but the size would have been the clincher for me. Seeing your Bluebell shot reminds me we out to pop into the woods to see ours as they surely will be at their best just now, would go on my own but for all the DOGS! The squares of fabric are FAB too. Thanks for visiting me today and entering the spoon draw BJ#51

  14. Well done with the music trophy! Those bluebells look superb and don't they smell delicious too? What glorious fabrics - I think 'Hungry Caterpillar' is about the best name for a range of fabrics I've ever heard of. Let's hope Spring soon returns. Have a lovely, creative w0yww #58

  15. Congratulations on the award Jan. The bluebells in your photo are stunning. Love the Hungry Caterpillar fabric as well. My GD Phoebe loves the story. Anne x #73

  16. THAT is a mahoosive trophy. Well done you, hope you're proud of this achievement. And excuse me..there was no playing in my craft room. It was a morning of serious art and creativity. I'm sure.

  17. Congrats on your trophy! Perhaps you should make a video so we can all see you playing and admire even more of your skills!!! Love the photo of the flowers, I always stop and just look at them when I see a lot together, they are so beautiful. Happy WOYWW! Karen 85 x

  18. Congratulations - you must be so chuffed! I love the fabrics - especially the Hungry Caterpiller - happy memories of reading that to my nephews! Your beautiful bluebell photo has made me realise it's time for our bluebell hunt - we go off each spring with camera in hand to find the best bluebell woods around our way - not only are they beautiful to look at but don't they smell out of this world too?!

  19. Oh I love the Hungry Caterpillar! Somewhere I know I have a collage kit with papers that were made from the book - got it for doing a scrapbook page but my guess is that DS went off the book before I managed t take a photo, and by the time DD had her HC phase, I had forgotten about it. Typical....

    And yes, despite DH trying to thwart me (by pretending the date was not booked MONTHS in advance!) I should be there with bells on.....


    Happy WOYWW!
    MA (7)

  20. Hi Jan
    wow congrats on the award your family must be so proud of you and you must be feeling really good.
    Loving the fabric you have been playing with, I hope family life settles down to allow you some crafting time
    Sending hugs and hoping you have a great day
    Ria #74

  21. Well done on the trophy, brilliant doings! Can't say I know the HC story but I like the fabric. I forgot to ask last week if you got the extras I posted off to you after our meet up? Can't believe I forgot them on the day. Shame I can't be at the crop, it was so close, lol!! Love the bluebell pic, a few of them were just starting to come out when we were there but there were no "carpet" shots to be had.

    Brenda 100

  22. Hungry Caterpillar fabric is almost enough to make me take up quilting! Very cute. And huge congrats on your award. I'm sure it's well deserved. I'm really looking forward to the crop and meeting people. Can't wait but have to!

    Happy WOYWW,
    Rachel, #65

  23. Just thought I'd drop by and say hi that field of blue bells ...I remember taking the kids every year to see one at Seven Oaks when we lived down south in England. Congrats on your award ...something to treasure the title of the post the film.
    I am feeling creative but Vikki is not very well and I'm looking after the Gkids and keeping up with the house hold chores ...thankfully DD does the hoovering just gets in the way lol

  24. G'day dear LLJ,

    WELL DONE - shouted gently from the rooftop! Muso of the year is just fantastic. Love the stitchery, and the bluebells, and I'm sure the sparrowhawk didn't mind! Do you know the poem by Rudyard Kipling called "The way through the woods". I love to read it aloud - gorgeous. It just came to mind as I looked at your photo, not to mention your blog wallpaper.

    Thanks for visiting and leaving a lovely comment.
    Ros. #28

  25. Congrats to the "musician of the year" a true honour and we crafters are thrilled you also sew or we would never have had such wonderful titles to posts. Love the pic of the field of blue flowers... You could call it a sparrowhawk or a finch and I would be none the wiser. Have a lovely week .
    Sandra @21

  26. Beautiful fabrics and congrats on your award. Well done
    Famfa 101

  27. Well done on your fabulous trophy missus! I so wish I could be at the crop but I will be there in spirit! xx

  28. Congratulations on your award!

  29. The photo of the bluebells gives us hope that good weather can't be TOO far away...can it? Many congratulations on winning Musician of the Year. Just goes to show what a talented bunch us crafters are! Happy WOYWW. Pam#20

  30. Hello LLJ,

    Wow - you've been busy! Congrats on winning the award! The trophy is absolutely beautiful. The only trophy I've won was for billards (yes, pool)! It had a funky person holding a pool cue on the top of it. Hmmm, I think I tossed it.

    Love the last photo - kind of reminds me of the colors in my purse.

    Yes, I'm bummed about not making it to the crop --- but I might be putting that on my bucket list!!!

    Thanks for visiting me - I always love it when you stop by.
    Happy WOYWW
    Kay (6)

  31. Hi Jan,Congrats on that award- blowing your own trumpet now, rofl! Love those bluebells, they are glorious, aren't they? Looking forward to next weekend- whatever the weather. See you soon, have a great week, hugs Shaz #125 xx

  32. Hello musical lady/musician of the year! Wow!! I am so proud of you! That must have been such fun, just thinking you're going to a banquet for some good food and fun and then getting an award like that! Yes, please, let's do swap ATCs--I need to get my swap list going! I'm finally going to have a few days at home to get creative along with my gardening. Is it too funny I love my BBC shows so much! I don't think I've mentioned too how my daughter and I are completely hooked on Mr. Selfridge. I must have been meant for the culture and lifestyle of the UK--but was accidentally born in the US!! Like recently I found a blog called MollieMakes--and I love it and wanted to enter drawings and things, and get her magazine and it's UK only!! I was so sad. Nothing that cool here. Anyhoo--I'm off to a meeting this morning, so hugs and love to my dear soul sister. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #106

  33. Nature is indeed wonderful. That last photo makes my heart sing! #63

  34. My, You do have a lot of stuff going on. Love the fabric and the nature photo. Happy crafting #3

  35. Wowee sounds busy busy busy chez LLJ. Congratulations on your award, I'm sure it was well deserved. Bluebells - glorious!! But they are quite late this year or is that my imagination? I shall have ATCs next week, just finishing them off this evening I hope. Happy WOYWW Cindy #95

  36. Congratulations on your award! What an honor! I admire musicians. My want to and can do are two different things. lol! ;) Beautiful fabrics. Love your box/bag from last week too. Thank you for visiting me earlier. :) Wishing you a great Wednesday! SueC#129

  37. goodness you have been busy congratulations on musician of the year you must be talented and pleased, those fabrics are all ace love the bright colours.And the bluebells what can I say the perfect picture of spring reminds me of a wood when I was growing up i can still picture it now, thanks for visiting me earlier and your very kind words hope you have a good week maybe not quite so busy but good hugs Andrea #42

  38. What a busy week! Congratulations on your award : ) Thanks for sharing and Happy Woyww Liz@145

  39. Hi llj
    a case of so much to do,so little time. well done on your award, will you give us a few tunes at the crop so we can all hear why he he!It's funny the bluebells are quite late but there seem to be many more than usual so maybe it's not all bad ( wow that's me being positive again... yay!).
    Good luck with all the prep dont do to much it is surpposed to be fun too.
    I would like to bring a cake along to the crop if it is ok .... you cant have too much cake can you?
    have a good week
    janet #18

  40. All those fabrics are very pretty. And the nature scene with the flowers and trees....oh just heaven!! Brigita #113

  41. Congratulations, what an honour. Will you still be speaking to us mere mortals?? That photo is just beautiful, such gorgeous colours.
    Have a great week.

  42. Wow what a special night! Congrats! Wish we could you play....YouTube? Lovely nature's colors are gorgeous. Now you'll have to join us in 'stampers anonymous'. LOL Happy WOYWW! Nan G #105

  43. G'day Jan
    thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment for WOYWW. Lovely fabric..I'm sure it will get made into something equally as lovely. OMG that scene is beautiful...I would stop and stare too!!!
    Annette In Oz #4

  44. I can hardly speak from the breathtaking beauty of that last photo! There are a couple of photo inspiration blogs online that would LOVE to use that, I bet. Let me know if you want me to scout out the URLS. Thank you so much for sharing that, Jan!! If I didn't have twinks, I'd ask for it for my screensaver. Wowiewow.

    Okay, well, whatever else you had on your post I've forgotten all about. Thanks for coming by to visit me! And, no, silly, no, Anita B. CLEAN is not my stripper name? Her alterego twin sister, Anita B. NAUGHTY would that name, if you please!! Have a great week!! xxoo Darnell

  45. Oh my, I am so jealous I am cabbage green, the bluebells in the woods is a fabulous photo and takes me back to my childhood in Hampshire when the woods were filled with them. Congrats on the musician award, well done indeedy! I am stumped at the material squares in the crop goody bag but I love the red and white flowered material, it is lush!! Annette #25

  46. [applause] congrats on the musician award!! So lovely to receive recognition from your colleagues :-)

    My keeping tidy for house viewings is going to be a challenge, and so far only sorted the 'visible' clutter - not yet started on loft, garage, spare wardrobes etc - am stressed out and no time for crafting to relieve the stress! Plus got duff knee - ligament stuff - and supposed to be resting, but that's not happening any time soon lol!!

    Happy woyww, big hugs, and the bluebells made me happy :-)

    Debs #115

  47. Congratulations! Well deserved I'm sure :o) I'm loving that you have Hungry Caterpillar fabric on the left and butterflies on the right!
    Fiona xx

  48. Indeed..... and you have me intrigued.....

    Love the bluebells, always a fantastic sight this time of year!

    Thanks for stopping by!

  49. Hi Jan, I'm late but I'm here at last! They look like fat quarters to me and love all those lovely fabrics ... now suffering fabric envy - check my blog to see why :))

    Many congratulations on your fabulous, and no doubt well-deserved, award :)

    Have a great weekend, (the ever late) Elizabeth x #81

  50. Ohh the fabrics look fab. Lokking forward to a proper catch up on Saturday with you my lovely.

    Sorry I am late popping round x x

  51. You are busy with WOYWW4 and all your other endeavors! Love the colors of the squares and I spy the scrap bucket, which I wish I got make. Love, love the pic of the bluebells in the woodland! Thanks for sharing. #47