Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 1 May 2013



Happy Wednesday, you lovely lot :)  The weather has taken a definite upturn and made me happy!  Lots to see today......
I've been making more zipped make up bags... for presents to give to some friends..more on that later! I found the floral fabric at the bottom of one of my storage boxes. 

D'you know, I'd forgotten all about it....and how much I liked it in the first place!  It made this:

This was the other version. The fabric was a fat quarter bought a few weeks back and the lining in both bags are from a FQ from Deb in the US:

The opening looks a bit odd but I've just pulled it open to show more of the lining! As I said, these were for prezzies but I shall be rolling out a few more, using up scraps and those bargain zips, to make bags for the charity The Salisbury Women's Refuge.

I've been knitting squares to make a small throw - it keeps me out of mischief  when the telly is on or I've got nothing else to do ;-)  Anyhow, I decided to sort out what I've done so far...

I've got some plain yarns as well as I don't want all the squares to be variegated. There'll be darker and lighter squares too as it's all a bit samey at the moment. There won't be two stripey pieces together, it doesn't look right.......

Harry decided some quality control testing was in order. Oi, get off, you daft moggy.....

Do you remember the teaser shot last week? Well, this is what it was....
Another knitting needle roll! Brenda (Butlers Abroad) had asked me to make one and said she'd pick it up in person while back in the UK! So. today we met up in Salisbury....Julia, Di (Pixie), Brenda and Yours Truly...with the delightful additions of Brenda's DH and Mum! We were quite a posse hauling through town....I don't know if Salisbury has recovered yet :-)

Di and I bought this fabric's going to be a surprise for someone.  Isn't it fab??? I put the rotary cutter in shot to give you an idea of the size of the owls...

It's a hoot...... :-)

The two little zipped bags were a prezzy for Di and Brenda...and in return, we UK gals got bags from Michaels with very lovely presents in..stamps for Julia and Di and pretty painted pegs and Diva Buttons for me.

It was such fun giving and receiving..thank you Brenda, very much!!  Of course, a meeting of WOYWWers has to be recorded for posterity.....
                                           (L-R:  Julia, LLJ, Brenda and Di)
I hasten to add that it's Brenda's arm around Di, not mine..otherwise I'd have a 5' long left arm!!! It was really lovely to meet you and yours, Brenda....enjoy the rest of your trip :)
That's it for now...enjoy your week everyone!


  1. Goodness you're early!! Just typing my own WOYWW post as I shall be at work tomorrow morning. The little bags look great, and those owls are just darling! Looks like you had a great day out - always nice to meet our internet buddies in person!! Happy WOYWW Cindy (no number yet lol)

  2. Had to smile at Harry ...he obviously thinks this is to be for him. What a great day you had ...great photo to record the meeting. The bags and roll are lovely pieces of work ....I so need to learn to sew.
    I often forget to say that I love the song header to the posts ...they usually ignite old memories ..thanks xx

  3. Love seeing your projects....and Harry is much like my cats - very keen on Quality Control!!

    Anda #42

  4. Oh Jan, I almost cried laughing just now at your 5' left arm! Didn't we have a brilliant day too! Have found the doggie fabric online and may still take the plunge, in which case there could be a little flurry of emails for advice :)

    I forgot to ask about Harry, presumably after HP? Do you have a lady cat called Hermione then?

    Have a lovely day!

    Hugs, Di xx

  5. Lots of crafting fun going on. It's great to meet up with crafting friends and it sounds like you had a wonderful time. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  6. How lovely you all got to meet up with Brenda and what lovely gifts you made. The little make up bags are super.
    Only you could have a 5 foot arm... is it telescopic. It would be sooo handy for 5ft ME to reach shelves in the supermarket! It should go in Annie's Friday smile page.
    Jo x

  7. Such a happy post - I have a big smile on my face. What fun to meet fellow travelers! And you've been so busy--Harry seems as if is quite good at his quality control job! My guy Ben just wants up for tummy scratches at the most inopportune times. Maybe I can nudge him into quality control! Have a lovely week.
    Sara j #23

  8. Great post! Love the little zippered bags and they knitting needle roll. DD made me one awhile back and I love it! Looks like you guys had a fun day about town. Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #41

  9. Oooh I love those bags - so lovey - how lovely to meet up with the girls too - bet you had a great time. Stuart was lovely on Saturday, Tilly and Lauren were also there but I didn't get a piccy with them as it was really rather manic there! Sewing stuff is on my blog - my latest is my T!m quilt a few posts down. Thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl 31.

  10. Yep the sun is shining at last. I cannot imagine you doing nothing for long ..just like me. It looks like you all had a good day. It is good to meet blog friends in person.
    Have a good week

  11. Fabulous fabric, fantastic makes and a fearsome foursome, ok I've run out of (polite) F words now.... I was wondering where Brenda's desk was, now I know!! have a great day. Helen, 3

  12. Harry made me smile sat there on your squares
    How nice that you all meet up and had presents !!
    Jackie 7

  13. Oh Harry is so lovely - I'm sure he's very helpful to you! You've got some gorgeous fabrics there, and it looks like you had a great time in Salisbury - I love that place, it has some great shops and places for lunch!
    Thanks so much for mentioning me in last week's blog - I'm sorry I haven't replied to you, I've somehow got behind in blogging and it all caught up with me - this week should be better - I'm off to comment on some more WOYWWers!

  14. Good morning, just popping in to say Hi.
    Loving your world this morning; glad you had a good time meeting up with fellow crafters.

    Hope you have a fun week.
    Neil # 22

  15. You have been busy. Love the owl print fabric and as for Julia's handbag. I MUST have it!

    Have a great week

    Candace #58

  16. my you have been busy love the owl print and great to see your photos looks like you had a fab time have great week Andrea#73

  17. Well, it was fun wasn't it - I haven't really liked to say before now that watching you drag your freakishly long arm around is sometimes a bit embarrasing....
    Got some goodies to go in the bags for you - please to remind me...

  18. Morning from a first timer on WOYWW:)
    You've certainly had a busy week. Love the little bags:)
    Anne x

  19. oh I laughed out loud at the arm comment! looks like a fun day and i love the zippy bags. happy woyww jenx

  20. Ha! That arm comment made me laugh!! Gorgeous fabrics - I love that owl one! They seem to be very on-trend right now. Loving the needle roll too - pretty collection of pieces there. Enjoy the sun while it lasts dear friend x

  21. I am loving your little makeup bags they are really pretty and I am sure the girls loved them. It sounds like you all had a great time together so nice to be able to meet up with fellow crafters
    Happy WOYWW #204 and enjoy the rest of your week
    Ria #44

  22. Morning Jan,You know the cats mantra- if its made of warm or soft, its for sitting on!Lovely pic of you all, the arm comment made me laugh, and lol at Julia's comment too :).Not long now till the crop- so looking forward to meeting you all. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #81

  23. Loving the makes, those bags are just so cute and the fabrics are lush! Those owls are too sweet for words too. Glad you all had a great time, fun fab pic too! Take care Zo xx 77

  24. Ohh those little bags are so sweet and your choice of fabric is always perfect. Sweet little owls and the arm comment had me in a fit of giggles and that was after nearly having an accident when I read Twiglet's post for Friday smile.
    Sandra @101

  25. Oh such a feast! Love the crochet - it'll be lovely when you get it all done. Love little manageable projects. and the OWLs - soo cute!

    Happy WOYWW!
    MA (2)

  26. Fab photos Jan! And look at Julia there, working that camera.... LOL....

    Wish I'd known that Brenda was over (bad me for not being on the blogs over the last few weeks, oh silly girl I am) cos I'd have begged a meet up too.

    Thanks for swinging by - getting a tad nervous and panicky that not everything is going to get done in time now. That reminds me, I must sort out a list for Gordon!


  27. Lovely happy post. Thank you for clearing up the mystery of where Brenda went. Nice for you all to meet up. Lovely. Love your bags, look at you, the zippy expert now
    Famfa 111

  28. OH wow, that looks like so much fun, so lovely to see all you ladies together! How lovely to swap gifts with each other in person too! Your bags are gorgeous and I am so glad you were able to put the FQ to good use!


  29. Yay for meetings with fellow woyww'ers! Gorgeous fabrics you've used to make the bags.

    Fiona xx #124

  30. Harry is such a handsome cat! Love your sewing projects.

  31. Love your pretty boy - they always have a knack of sitting or lying on the middle of what you're working on! So cute they get away with everything though huh! Happy WOYWW! Karen 133 x

  32. What a lot of lovely things in this post....especially your lovely little moggy! Nice to see a photo of you lovely ladies as well. Thanks for sharing. Happy WOYWW. Caro x (#70)

  33. Jan--I LOVE seeing photos of you lovely English roses! I always think, "those are my girls!" And where to's like looking in the mirror with your knitted squares laid out--I have knitted squares laid out--and then with the cat on them--there's always a cat on my yarn somewhere in the house--and then the owls are crazy cute! My daughter's whole room is owls. She can't get enough, so I'll have to show her this fabric. And I'm glad the good weather is coming back to you and your garden. Well, aren't I the crazy crafting lady with my new Violet? Wish you could just pop over for tea and meet her! We'd have such fun choosing embroideries and letting Violet do all the work! In the meantime, I'm sending hugs and love across the waters. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #17

  34. Your zippy purses are lovely and that owly fabric is perfect - I love owls. I bet you had a fab day with those girlies!! x Jo

  35. I love, love, love your zipper bags. The knitting roll is great! Happy Wednesday!

  36. Hi,
    Sorry I'm so late in calling by this week but I've been having fun all day with my little twinny munchkins and blogging didn't get a look in :-)
    Love the little zippy bags and the photo of you all just proves how fab this blogging world really is :-)
    A x #37

  37. Wonderful little bags! Love the owl print fabric too. What a fun looking lot you are! Happy WOYWW! Nan G #5

  38. Looks like you are as a busy as ever, Jan and your day out with such lovely ladies sounds great fun. I howled at the arm thing!!
    Hugs Lisax

  39. What a lot you have done, and what a great day out! As for the cat testing - I have that problem with the dogs who always want to "help" make the beds, or help with my crochet patterns which have never recovered!

    Cazzy x #157

  40. Love your recent projects.Those pouches and the fab floral!! WooHoo!!
    Glad you had lots of fun with your friends.

  41. Those zipped bags are fabulous and I recognise the owl fabric - its the same as I have used to make a couple of oilcloth bags - and they have been getting lots of favourable comments every time I use one - your friend will love it!

  42. I LOVE the owls, my daughter is in to owls at the moment and dressing my baby grand daughter in anything with owls! I'm a bit late! Have a great crafty week!
    HaPpY WoYwW!?!
    (((Lyn))) #142

  43. What a beautiful group of ladies. You've accomplished a lot - and those bags are so pretty and yet practical too. April #122

  44. What gorgeous fabrics and I love your work :) Cats love to sit on whatever you're doing, don't they... lol. Thanks for sharing and a belated Happy Woyww Liz@55

  45. I am so jealous of you lot getting together! Anyone can see that you and Julia both are peeing your pants by the position of your crossed legs - which is as it should be when a bunch of rowdy and hilariously funny gals get together!! And, I might add, a bunch of talented and generous gals. Your gift exchange was heart-warming and well, also made me more jealous. There, I said it.

    Have a blast during the rest of the week and thanks for coming by with your funny! I agree it must have been on account of him doing so poorly in Arithmetic. (My hamster wants to know if your hamster wears glasses? Hey, I'm just the messenger.) xxoo Darnell #60

  46. What a hoot we had! We arrived back in the US on Sunday and I'm now playing catch up, get over the jet lag and get over the cold (lovingly given to me by Andrew), whilst at the same time getting up at 6am and going to work too! Thanks again for the lovely gifts, they'll definitely be put to good use and will be treasured. Looking forward to joining in again tomorrow, toddle pip for now!


  47. Oh you lucky girl getting to meet the famous Julia and forming your posse of friendship!
    Your zippered bags look great...I love the colours you chose.

    Thanks for the kind comments on my garden...I think gardeners all over the world must spy plants they own too in each others gardens!
    I had the most wonderful of days but I am thoroughly beat...and a wee bit hunched over from siting in the cold in the garage...note to self...take the heating pad out there for my back as I sit! teehee

    We made $210.00 so we were really pleased. When I finished the name tags I realized I had just over 400 plants...who knew???teehee
    There are roughly 150 left for my sister plus the huge ones we had set aside already. She usually comes each year and digs for herself and loads up from me. This year she has voles so I didn't want to send them off to a fairly high odds chance of being eaten!!! Hence the sale and leftovers for her!!!