Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 3 April 2013

WOYWW : Julia Dunnit, 200 not out!!


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It's a little known fact that when Julia started this Wednesday party, someone said that it wouldn't last that long, how wrong were they??? Congratulations, me dear ol' mate, on a real achievement! Long may the sharing, creating, love, generosity, peeking, supporting and general madness continue :)

So, the bicentennial deskery:
I'm making another knitting needle case for someone and she asked for pinks, pastels and, Sue H, I hope you like this selection! I'll get on with it upon my return from Wales where my brother, DH and I shall be decorating and prepping my dad's sheltered accommodation flat prior to his moving in....

I'm also going to make a zipped bag for Sue to put her cable and circular needles in, so off I trotted to my little local wool shop. Upon asking for a 7" zip, Ruth the owner, produced a whole handful and asked if I'd like the lot for a knockdown price! It was so knockdown that I haggled upwards, if you know what I mean :)

A zippy rainbow! So I'm going to use them to make small makeup type bags and send them to anyone who could use them for charity! It'll bust my stash as!

I also did some sequin crafting with my mate Sue...she had been to Hobbycraft, you see......

I am Sue's Teaching Assistant at school...she has a lot to put up with me!! We spent a lovely couple of hours crafting while putting the world to rights :)

It was very therapeutic stabbing pins into polystyrene...good for relieving tension, lol!!

Ok....only log bloggers/tomboys should proceed any further!!!

Confession time:  I stole a tree last week.  Bad LLJ....actually, I didn't so much steal it as help a neighbour with an arboreal problem....they'd had a hawthorn hedge and couple of trees cut down and the wood was going to head for a I was cheeky and they were more than happy for my lads to get the wood back to our garden!

A gurt pile of wood....

"I'm the King of the Castle...."

But we quickly realised that a band saw and axe were not going to be enough to cope with that amount of wood! So we bought a chain saw...oh, yeah baby, vrrooom, vrrrooom.  All four of us had a go at that and at splitting logs too.

LLJ in her element! You see, I've never been a manicured, neatly turned out sorta gal. Once a tomboy, always a chainsaw wielding, covered in sawdust woman! My dear old mum always said that I used to go out to play looking fairly respectable and come back looking as if I'd been dragged through a hedge....grin!! I haven't changed :)

I was pretty good once I got my eye in....

But my son was awesome!!

And this is what 2 days hard work looks like....
Now THAT was satisfying!! Free fuel for the end of the year :)

Have a great week, y'all!


  1. Woweeee! that is some log pile. Makes ours look pitiful. Lets hope it will last all year and we won't need any more until the end of next winter. Have a good time with your needle cases, and keep warm and safe. xx Maggie #no number yet

  2. well done you on all counts Lunch lady Jan!
    I love the a rainbow of 7" zips and pastel for knitting case and so chuckled at the shot with you and chainsaw + wood slicing and dicing.. we used have to do it when in high school for our fire but not need to worry much these days.. happy 200th WOYWW not linked yet Shaz in Oz.x

  3. Ahh but did you watch Jonathan Creek on Sunday. Love seeing you with the chainsaw :0)

  4. Wow look at all that wood all stacked ready.. I stacked a huge pile last September but am a bit wary of the chainsaw so woot for you for doing that.. Glad you saved it from a bonfire...
    Sandy :) #16

  5. You rock girl and I am with you, I do the hard yard playing too and I love my dads chainsaw,when he lets me use it. LOL I tend to cut everything down to ground level when it is in my hands, like an adrenalin rush to cut more OMG overdrive.... LOL

    What an amazing collection of wood good for you... hard work always pays of in the end, hope the body doesn't pay for it to much.

    Happy WOYWW
    Eliza 41

  6. I did Christmas balls with the pins and sequins...have a hole drilled in my finger! Should have used a thimble. Great pile of wood you have there. Should last a while. #45

  7. Oh my, that log cutting looks fun (dangerous, but fun!) I hope no fingers or toes were harmed in the making of this blog post.....
    You can tell I'm not really a pretty pink kind of gal, from my comment. Mind, pink has it's place... the sound of pins into polystyrene has set my teeth on edge so I'm off for another cup of tea... and YES I may buy some more stash... either this weekend or next at Ally Pally (or very possibly, BOTH!!!) you know me so well, so soon....! Have a great day my friend. Helen, 4

  8. I have wood pile envy!!!!!! I also wish you'd been my classroom assistant as am sure we'd have had a lot of fun. (Sadly the one I had for quite a few years wa a bit of a misery - and I'm not sure she even liked kids!!) Happy WOYWW Anne x #51

  9. Wow your wood pile looks amazing !!!!
    It's soooo big !!!
    Looks like you've had some crafting fun as well
    Jackie 8

  10. Oh Jan I can smell that wood pile from here. I love the new wood smell. We spent the weekend with the log burner heating the house cos the oil we ordered last Tuesday [that was to be delivered Wed or Thurs] didn't arrive til yesterday! So glad we have the log burner cos it would have been a cold Easter without it.
    A x # 46

  11. I think you're pretty good at most things once you've got your eye in. Watching you find your eye to put it in is sometimes entertaining!
    I suspect that chainsawing and log splitting come very close to the fire obsession that people have.....luckily, you're not a big grudge holder!

  12. What a great supply of wood, and I love how your cats are 'helping'!
    Have a great week,
    Diana #63

  13. I had to read your bit about the zips twice as I thought you were going to make a bag out of all those zips, got it in the end.
    I am sure your friend will love the knitting bag you make her.
    loving all those lovely logs

    Enjoy your WOYWW sunny day today
    Ria #65

  14. Hi Jan- said very respectfully, eyeing the chainsaw nervously-loved the comment at the top that someone said' WOYWW won't last long anyway'- reminds me that when me & Beloved Hubby got together, due to the HUGE age difference,pretty much everyone said 'it won't last 3 months', rofl. Saturday just gone, we've been together for 20 years.
    Awesome wood stockpile- fuel for you and homes for all sorts of things till you use it up- the birds are going to love the takeaway you've provided!Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz.xx

  15. wow that's a lot of logs! Looks like you had great fun chopping that lot up! I love the floral pastel fabrics, and lucky you on your zip bargains! Happy woyww!

    Lauren x

  16. Brilliant, just love the photos and great that you know have all that wood for your burner x have a great week Happy WOYWW Heather #71

  17. Mmm wouldn't like to get on the wrong side of you now, Jan!!! What a gorgeous log pile you've created though. Whose going to be toasty come Winter, that'll be in a couple of weeks then!!!
    Hope you have a good trip to Wales. It's good to hear you are getting your Dad settled at last.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  18. A case of hiding your light under a bush!!!! Wow Jan - you are a flippin wonder woman!! Just to say - I am only shortening the wedding frock not making it thank goodness. Bridal gowns these days are too structured for me to even contemplate fitting one! Any way - I have done it and just need to see it on so that I know it's Ok. x Jo

  19. What a great post! Your makes are quite impressive - I love the Easter egg with sewing sequins! But even more impressive is your having a play with the chainsaw! I work for foresters so I know it is a hard job!
    Only 2 months and we are back at the crop! YIPEE!
    Have a lovely week!
    Lots of hugs,

  20. OMG! Zippers and buttonholes have to be my least favourite sewing related things to do :) Better you than me!

    Happy WOYWW

    MA (1)

  21. WHOA! Look at you go with that wood! Great haul - FABULOUS pictures :D

  22. WEll done on your zipper bargain! That will keep you busy! Log busting looks like a good form of exercise, particularly with that amount of wood to get through! Very lucky to have a neighbour with a spare tree!

  23. Impressive log wall! Can't wait to see your finished make up bags. We took bags of personal items to the women's center in plastic zipper type bags. =/ They would have loved the personal touch of your fabric ones. ;) We filled the gallon size bags with tooth brushes, body soaps and sponges, nail polish, lots of personal items and handmade cards. Most people dropped off things for the kids but not for the ladies. They were thrilled to get their goodies too. It's a beautiful thing to share even the smallest of something and see how much it blesses someone else. Great project! Hugs, SueC#94

  24. Note to self….don’t upset Jan, not when she can wield an axe like that, Lol.
    Looks like a good weekends work there Jan, that little lot should see you through the summer, the way things are going.
    Loving the lovely fabric you’ve sorted out for my knitting needle case, it’s perfect. I’ve made a start on your cards too and they might just be on my table this morning.
    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 72

  25. Wahoo - go Jan!! As others have said, must remember to stay on your good side. There again, all sides are good with you. Happy WOYWW! Hugs, Di xx

  26. Great log splitting. All ready for next winter. You look like a professional.
    Famfa 88

  27. WTG on the wood score. No matter how much hubby splits on the gas wood splitter, I still have to get the maul out after he's gone to work and split more. LOL I have my own chain saw- 2 actually - and love getting out in the timber cutting up the downed trees.. when I can tear myself away from everything else. The sequined eggs are very pretty. I've not made those since summer camp. We won't talk the length of time that's been hehe. Creative Blessings for a great week! Kelly #103

  28. God grief - huge log pile AND a mad chainsaw wielding crafter - maybe we could see some more altered log art on your site in the near future????

    BTW, remind me not to p*** you off - scary woman!

    happy woyww

    Debs #63

  29. Well this is a mixed bag this week, lol!! Interesting crafting, I may have to inquire about one of them there knitting needle cover thingys! As to the logs, I'd have been right there with you! Much fun, and free fuel for this winter, er, next winter?!

    Brenda 87

  30. Wow that logging looks like you should have had a crew of lumberjacks in ! I got worn out planting pea seeds !! Have a great week Ali #20

  31. Love the egg ...a stress reliever???? Your log pile is huge ...what a work of love ...spurred by the fact its free fuel. xx

  32. ah LLJ the log blog is fabulous and all I can say is... go girl, you could rule the world with a chain saw. And your young man is a real 'chip' off the old block.... groan sorry!

  33. Soul sister, you amaze me! Beauty, brains and braun!! And I tell you, if someone had offered me all those zippers at a zipped-down price for the lot, I would be thrilled! I love things like that. Once I was fabric shopping in North Carolina, and got a whole bolt of this gorgeous gardeny, heavy duty fabric, perfect for curtains, window cushions, and tote bags for a crazy low price, for a whole bolt because they were discontinuing it, and just asked me on the spot. Love it!! I'm about to pop a little package in the mail to you--I should put some in there! Hugs dearest girl. Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh #98

  34. Just love the chainsaw, I'm banned from using power tools after spending 5 hours in A&E!!! Sequin art is fun, but hard on the fingers. Happy WOYWW. Karen 124 x

  35. You're clearly not a woman to be messed with when you have that chainsaw in your hand ;) Great stash of logs but think you could of put the effort in to make a WOYWW celebrational banner tee hee!

    Hubby's Mum used to say chop your own wood and it'll warm you twice!

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  36. That's a whole lotta logs and zips you've got there! I'm late again this week. Just having a quick catch up, while the kids are otherwise occupied.
    Fiona xx #120

  37. What a fantastic haul! I would have cried if that amount of wood had gone on the bonfire when so many people have a use for it. I bet it kept you jolly warm for 2 days cutting it up too! Any excuse for a power tool eh? ;-)

  38. Wow, all that wood is going to come in useful. Well spotted! Some lovely sewing in progress too. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog - they keep me smiling :)

  39. HI! I'm a newcomer to the WOYWW celebrations but what better time to join than a bicentennial! :) WOW that is a lot of wood! Between your awesome crafts and that when do you sleep???? Thanks for the sneak peek, Im sure I'll be back to visit another day! Be blessed...

    Debbie #140

  40. I want some of that fuel lol
    Bridget #47

  41. Thank you for visiting me this week! SueC#94

  42. Hi, Just in case you didn't get my email that I sent on Thursday (I've had a few problems in the past when emailing via the 'reply' button), I thought I'd just let you know I am happy to send you the hare print if you email me your address - I can't justify charging for it as it has had nothing done to it, and is in it's 'raw' state - purely the product of 'playing about with paint'! It was the print I knew least what to do with, so I'd love it to go to a good home and I'm so pleased that you like it.
    Diana x

  43. Hi Lunch lady Jan
    i Love zippers and use them in mixed media backgrounds for cards or wall hangings LOL. My daughter made a zipper skirt in a project at school. OMG what a big pile of wood and well done.
    Annette in Oz #74