Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Sunday, 14 October 2012


What fun we had - so many laughs, giggles, shared ideas, astonishment at the amount of mess that can be created in a very short time (yes, Hettie and Donna.... !!) and general loveliness. So without further ado, here's the day as seen from the perspective of LLJ. Enjoy :)

 Julia welcoming everyone and outlining how the day was roughly going to run
 You may notice she's standing in a square!! This was the reason...
Reserved for Helen (Stamping by H) who prefers crafting on the floor!! LOL
 Julia doing the Macarena...Mary Anne and me waiting for the music to start...
 The group - Take 1  Seated L-R Kate, Cindy, Lisa, Zoe
Standing L-R JoZart, LLJ, Morti, Janet (Fairy Thoughts), Mary-Anne, Kyla (L'il Pidge), Julia, Pam, Di (Pixie!), Helen, Sam (Hettiecraft), Donna (A Doone Thing) and Dolores (Cardarian).

The group Take 2
With the addition of Kirsty A (far right!)
Getting down to work....

Jo very kindly spent some time teaching me to crochet and then gave me some samples to carry on working with..thanks, Jo, it was so much easier learning from you than watching a Youtube video!!

Kirsty, Kate, Cindy, Lisa and Zoe - all crafting hard and working up an appetite for cake!!

Sam and Helen - Sam's desk is quite tidy at this point!! It didn't last...
 Jo and Kyla sharing some tips
 The girls, deep in crafty thought!!
 Morti waiting for her Altered Dominos class to begin...
Cindy and Morti...
 Kyla and Donna
 Donna's desk 

 Janet held a Beaded tassel class after lunch - more folk joined in afterwards
 Pretty stuff, love it!!
 Fergus, keeping the corner of the desk!!
 There was some gorgeous things being sprayed, cut, stamped, embellished ....

 Pam was creating this beautiful canvas with multi coloured butterflies on it. I could have walked away with that!!   Kyla (below) drying her work...

Cindy's gorgeous creating!!
I've got an ATG and I'm not afraid to use it!! Mary-Anne and her yellow treasure :)
Kirsty did some beautiful beading...
Jo's desk - many people had multi-coloured hands by the end of the day. Those spray inks get everywhere!!!
Di - Pink Princess of the Playground!!

Phew, I'm worn out now! I've realised that I hardly have any photos of Dolores (Cardarian)...sorry. So if anyone who was there has any pics of her, pleaaase could you email them to me. Sorry, Dolores, didn't mean for that to happen..
Thanks also to Morti, who made some gorgeous flapjacks and tiffin and Sue who made the awesome cupcakes.
And thank you to the ladies on the day for helping me to raise £120 from the raffle and monies left after hall/food costs, the proceeds of which are going to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, an amazing charity.


  1. What super pics! Just posted mine but they are not as good so it's fab to see these. Yep a great day was had wasn't it. So lovely to meet you too, we had a giggle didn't we? Take care Zo xx

  2. Oh, it was such fun and so nice to meet everyone. Still full of cake, mind you... and to work at a desk (some of the time!) - wow, who knew... you may see I have changed my avatar to recognise your sense of humour... thanks for yesterday and for sharing these photos. H.

  3. How wonderful to see these, and put some faces to the names finally, brilliant. Beautiful makes too. Looks like you all had a fabby time and raised a lot of money in the process too, well done. Count me in for next time!!!


  4. What fab pics. Thanks so much for sharing them....don't feel I've missed out quite so much now.
    A x

  5. Oh, it looks like you all had a fabulous time. Thanks so much for sharing all these lovely photos of the day.
    Fiona xx

  6. I almost felt like I was there with you gals. I can tell how much fun you had. And the photos were awesome, too. Thanks for bringing me along on this fun WOYWW day!

  7. Yay! WOOOOOO!!! I took hardly any photos at all, and next to none at home with everyone there.... sob..boohoo...wah....

    But such an amazing day - and NEXT time we'll have more people won't we?

  8. Thank you for sharing all these wonderful pics, Jan. i could spot quite a few familiar faces but it's nice to put a face to the other such well known blogging pals. It sounds like a wonderful day, I'm so glad you all enjoyed it and what gorgeous things were being created!!
    Have a good week.
    Hugs Lisax

  9. You can hear the laughter ringing out of these photos. Looks like some gorgeous creations were going on! Seems like a fab time was had by all!

  10. Thanks for this wonderful record of your time Jan. So pleased you all had such a wonderful time. Hugs, Buttons x

  11. What a fantastic day it looked! Wish I could have been there, we should definitely have a meet up in Winchester but I guess it will have to be a Saturday. I have relented and bought some beading schtuff - I am blaming you!

  12. Thank you, LLJ, for the great post! It's so cool to put faces with names and hear how the day went! As I told Julia, I hope you have yourself a good decompression day today!!

  13. Fab photos there Jan. May need to pinch some. Spent too much time creating punch poo!! Fabby day and enjoyed every minute. Cannot wait until the next one!!!

    Hugs and thank again for everything.

  14. We did have a blast didn't we. And lots of cake, just like a meeting of old friends. When is the next one?

  15. It was indeed a fabulous day. You and Julia did us all proud. As Janet says, when is the next one?!

    Kyla (all caked out) x

  16. Yup, I totally agree - it was a wonderful day! Thanks again to you and Julia for making it happen and for all the hard work too. I never got to say Hi to G with his Tupperware contraption - so much going on I was hard pushed to even remember to nip to the loo! Hugs, Di xx

  17. What a great day! Wish we could all have been there (from the other side of the world)... fabulous! :)

  18. Looks like you all had fun. I'll start saving for next year

    Thanks for posting the photos


  19. Your photos are fab. I'm turned to jelly by the girls' generosity in supporting the raffle fund for the air ambulance. Well done LLJ, what a friendly triumph!

  20. Well done ladies it looks like a fab time was had by all - I am surprised you actually managed to work as well!!

  21. Thanks for sharing so many photo's LLJ. I've had a good nosey through them! Looks like there was lots going on! Congrats on your fundraising xxx

  22. Jan, what a lovely pictoral rendition of the day. It sounds like and looks like everyone had so much fun. Great place you hired, looks like it had everything you needed. Helens square was a very generous size - much bigger than the table top! Did she pass up the opportunity in favour of a table - I will find out. Everyone bought so much stuff with them - I wouldn't have known where to start but then again, I would have been talking so much that I wouldn't have used any of it anyway! lol....

    I love the thing that Pam was doing too and have seen something similar that I would love to try. Bit big for your pocket tho Jan!

    Hope there will be a next time when I can come. I might be able to incorporate it with a weekend down there in lovely Wiltshire.


    Paula x x x

  23. Looks like you all have fun...Every face is smiling or lost in concentration!

    Sure some beautiful shots of lovely creations. I am blown away by all that creativity!

  24. twas great fun, and so glad my tongue was clean,,,

  25. You all are so adorable, and this looks like it was such a fun day!! WISH I COULD HAVE COME!! But for those of us who couldn't, I'm so glad to see these pics--and all the work on the tables is beautiful! Now Jan, I saw where you learned some crochet--does this mean we have an elephant in the future?

  26. wow! What a lot of photos! It was a great day and I thoroughly enjoyed myself, you and Julia were perfect hosts and everyone was so friendly it was a day I will treasure. Thanks again, and I hope you've recovered!!Cindy x

  27. What a fantastic day you all had, lots going on and a little of everything to tickle your taste buds. TFS

    It's a true testament to yours and Julia's dedication to organise such a brilliant get together.

    Well done on your fundraising :) xx

  28. I don't have a type font big enough so it will have to just be a HUGE vote of thanks to you , Julia and everyone else who planned, baked, organised, fretted, etc., to make Saturday a day to remember and to all the lovely folk who travelled far and wide to attend. Sympathies to all who missed what we enjoyed.
    It never ceases to amaze me how lovely online crafters turned out to be for REAL and I always feel we've known each other for ever when we finally meet.
    Dave collected me from Donna's yesterday and I'm just about retuning to earth so I do hope you've recovered!
    Off to add my pics to my blog...
    Lots of love Jo x

  29. Looks like a fantastic day ....what a great photo record ...thanks for sharing sorry I missed it all. xx

  30. What a GREAT day!!! I was thinking of you on Saturday, wishing I could have been there.

    Hmmm, you want to visit Santa Fe? Maybe we should see how many others would like to come and have a fun crafty weekend......


  31. I went and got a Latte for this blog read and I am so glad I did, what an awesome time you all seemed to have, I so wished I could of been there but the swim was just a little to long and work got in the way too. Thanks for the photos it is really nice to put a face to the name.