Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 3 October 2012


Red is the rose that in yonder garden grows
Fair is the lily of the valley
Clear is the water that flows from the Boyne
But my love is fairer than any

Thank you, Sam (Hettiecraft) for reminding me that there were only 11 sleeps til the WOYWW get together - ooer, that's coming around fast, there's quite a lot of things to do....better break the rules of a lifetime and MAKE A LIST (don't faint, Julia!!)

Last weekend's card marathon was great fun, the ladies were lovely, the food all went and I sold quite a few items! Win-win-win :D There was rather a lot of cake left over so people were forced to take some home in doggy bags as I didn't want the temptation!! Sorry, but I didn't have enough to send some out to all the Woywwers - I'll make extra next time!

So, I've been making some more stuff as there is another craft fair next weekend....
Thought I'd have a look-see at what red checked/spotty fabric I had (hence the lyric!) - rather a lot, as it turns out.
Isn't it amazing just how many tones of red there are? But they're all good for linings, hearts, applique - ah yes, the 'C' word has reared its head at LLJ Towers. It's all my band's fault...the Christmas Music folders were handed out last week!! Seems far too early, doesn't it? But our first festive gig is about 8 weeks away and pieces need to be rehearsed!

I forced Julia to come to Dible and Roy, my favourite fabric shop in Marlborough, as I needed to get some more of the 'Radley' scottie dog cloth - the things that gal does for me :D As she will tell you, it is an Aladdin's cave of rolls of fabric and I found two that are at the opposite ends of the spectrum...a plain linen of beautiful quality and this eye-poppingly colourful specimen that reminds me of India.
To bling or not to bling, that is the question...?? I knew I already had this zingy lime green spot and they make a pretty good combination.
Anyway, some of the red check gingham has been used in earnest, see how this one fares at the fair.. :D
                                     My desk.....
It's hard to get the colour balance of the linen right, it's slightly more silvery grey in reality. I'm quite pleased with the rim of gingham at the top of the bag, that was a happy accident (don't tell, will you??!)

The good thing about working at school again is that these discounted book companies always leave samples to buy. The Book People (who are also online) had this rather interesting looking colouring book for £3.99..

There are some fun pages...but why leave it for the grown-ups? I think they'd be fun as a wet-play activity for the 10 and 11 year olds! Now here's a question for you (and probably reveals more about my personality..) Why do I find zentangling an incredibly frustrating (and boring, sorry...) thing to do and yet I love colouring in?? There's no rhyme nor reason, is there? 



The one top right reminds me of medieval floor tiles in Winchester Cathedral, gorgeous!!
Have a happy week everyone xx


  1. Gingham always reminds me of school days and I love your use of the fabric. If I am in the zone I find zentangling relaxing but if not, I know what you mean about frustrating... but never boring.xx

  2. I skim read and caught 'grown ups' and 'wet play' put two and two together and got six and had to re read (filthy mind you see)

    looking forward to the get together,


  3. You sound as busy as always, Jan. Love all that red fabric. I reckon your cupboards would be great for a rummage, I'll be round!!!!! The red check in the linen bag is fab, as is the purple and lime green, love that combination.
    It's never nearly it????? That must be just a vicious rumour. Aren't we supposed to have Summer first!!!!
    Love the colouring book.
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  4. Great bags, hope the show goes well.

  5. Oh Jan I just LOVE all your fabrics, would love to come for a rummage around in your room. Linen/Red gingham bag especially the rim is super. Lime green and lilac is one of my favourite combinations (painted a room in both once) Still have the handmade lilac curtains :) I used to doodle alot, I used to colour in but both leave me cold now, especially the latter. Patterns are great though. Happy WOYWW now we have Mr Linky. BJ #6

  6. Gorgeous fabrics, love the lime and purple combo! Glad the show went ok and hope the next one does too.

  7. All that fabric looks just love....i really like the little scoty dog bags you fact it would make a great christmas gift for a friend of mine perhaps when you visit me u could let me know how i could purchase one from you..thanks
    Jackie 15

  8. I'd love a really good rummage through your fabrics Jan....gorgeous colour combos.
    A x #2

  9. I love the scotty dog bags, too cute! Nice to know the card marathon went smoothly and you had a load of fun! Wish we could have one here as well! As to zentangling, I have not tried it and so I don't know if I'll like it or not! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  10. The linen bag looks fab. Just fab..I love the 'roll top'! Thanks for the heads up about Linky this morning..OEMGee it was bloger this time and it was really hard!!

  11. `WOW love all the reds dots and checks. The linen bag turned out right nice with the red check lining. Love the big girl coloring book too. I tried the zentangles and it got my nerves in tangles so didn't try again. Have a great week. Vickie #22

  12. What a lovely post, starting with a little poesy, ending with Winchester Cathedral and Aladdin's Cave in the middle. I think your own work room must be an Aladdin's Cave itself. Love all the reds, and they go so well with the linen.
    Happy week,
    Ros. #35

  13. You have been so creative again Jan, love all the makes. Yes, we need to get ready for C... and the WOYWW day!! Helen, 4 (now the link's up!!)

  14. Bling bling, all the way. Hah! Just had Blingle Bells in my head.....hehehehehe.

    Love the colour combos on your desk this week, and add me to your list... Actually, by the time you get this, I will have sent you a text...

    10 sleeps!


  15. You are Number 1!! Oooh - love Radley and love your scottie bag, but really like the Indian style fabric with those gorgeous beads too. The colouring book is a fab idea, maybe you could use that transfer medium and make fabric pieces from it.......Happy WOYWW, Anne x #13

  16. I have a friend who will love that book. Good luck at the craft fair, everything looks gorgeous. Wish I could sew like you.
    Our gang are having a machine embroidery workshop on Saturday so I am spending the rest of this week familiarising myself with my machine, I've had it since 2007 it's more or less been stuck in a cupboard. Watch the blog Jan for the results.
    Lynn x. 38

  17. hi LLJ
    great makes as usual, love the colour combinations. 10 sleeps eh! not long then. Interesting thought from donna, she must have been reading a certain popular book? You could always try zentangling in colour....there is a good tutorial in craft stamper this month so watch out on my blog for some in the near future
    thanks for your comments on the wedding

  18. I wouldn't mind a doggy bag of cake if it was like the one you made, lol. You make some fabulous stuff Jan. I just love the bag with the gingham heart. I've also been admiring the bit of bin I could see on Julia's desk :)

    Hugs Helen (Ellie Wee) #48

  19. just love the linen and heart bag - too cute :)
    glad you had fun last weekend...
    hope you have an equally fun week!
    no. 12

  20. Number one? How did you do that?
    OMG I love your bags! My Thai friend has shown me how to make simple canvas bags! She is amazing but she has a big secret so don't tell her husband! She has been cutting up his brand new dust sheets for bags!

    Love that red fabric, I'll be making Christmas bunting and lavender hearts with mine. Also the lady who bought the bunting from me wants pillows and a lampshade. All I have to do now is find instructions for a lamp shade, God bless Google

    Take care
    Jakix #48

  21. Love colouring, so relaxing and you don't have to be able to draw. Those designs look like Zentangle.
    Your sewing is beautiful and I adore the lime green striped fabrics, how lucky to have that shop near by.
    Ann B

  22. You are so lucky to have such a good fabric shop nearby. All ours closed down ages ago and I am not sure where I could go for such goodies. So I really enjoy watching all your beautiful creations developing. I have had a go at zentangling, but I really love colouring in - it is so relaxing. In fact that is the sum of the papercrafting that I take on holiday in the caravan. By the way, your red gingham takes me right back to school as that was the material for our summer dresses for our house. Have a good week. xx Maggie #36

  23. Stunning fabric, I love the green . I have a love hate feeling about zentangle too happy woyww day
    Toni #56

  24. Love love love the lime spot with the stripy combo, totally my cup of tea!!! And i also think you need to work that 'happy accident' into all future bags, looks great!! Trish #3

  25. I love the Indian material and yes add the bling. The red hearts are just perfect and that colouring book,wow that is one grown up book.

    Eliza #55

  26. I love the Radley doggy bag, it even matches my pin board that lives in the kitchen!
    You really do have the happiest of accidents.


  27. Morning Jan. You know I love your doggy bag! Loving the gingham and linen too. The india style fabric is lush. I'd just love to really visit your desk, LOL. The colouring book is fabulous....many hours of doodling loveliness could be had there, how relaxing would that be?
    My desk is just super messy and unloved today....must try harder for next week.
    Hugs Erika. #70

  28. Ohhh such a sweet doggie bag and your choice of fabrics and colours are always beautiful. I am a bling girl so do add bling to your hearts content.
    Sandra @73

  29. Love the doggy bag too. You are so right about being to early for Christmas yet, but there again, Tesco's had their stuff out before the kids even went back to school here, so maybe its just us. Love Shaz #60xx

  30. Great bag! Love the colors! Zentangle is an addiction for me. I could hours daily doodling away.

  31. Love your makes - the doggy one is my favourite. I wish I could do fabric!

  32. Some fab fabrics as always & look at those lovely pages just crying out to be coloured , jill #29

  33. Happy WOYWW and congrats on being No.1 this week. Some gorgeous fabrics and crafty creations, and that 'colouring book' is fab (particularly love the one bottom right). Will have to add that to my wish list. I love Zentangling, but can't do a lot as it sends my eyes crazy and makes my hand sore. Same with colouring, but doesn't stop me giving it a go! Ali x #74

  34. The doggy print fabric looks great - I'm sure those bags will sell well. I think the purple and green would suit being 'blinged' - a cae of the more bling the better, surely!
    Bernice #16

  35. When you find the answer to your Zen question will you share it please because I just cannot get on with this craze at all. Love seeing it, but doing it - no way!
    So sorry I am not able to join you all at the crop - Ely Cathedral's Harvest Festival was booked ages ago but I will be thinking of you all. Know you will have a great time and what a fab way to meet up with one another.
    Love those fabrics! What an awesome shop that sounds to be. Definitely "Bling" and that is coming from a non-bling person who is being converted with all the lovely things I see.
    Great heart bag - love ginghams, spots etc.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Neet 31 xx

  36. That Lime Green and Plum colour go so well together Jan and I think a bit of bling will look just great with it. Loving the Silver Grey and Red bag too, colours that will go with most things I think.

    Enjoy your colouring.

    Happy Crafting!
    Sue @ 79

  37. OOOOH! Love that bling. I vote for USE IT!


    MA (7)

  38. I have recently discovered fabric so i love your post and your bags. a friend is going to show me how to make bags very soon Tracy § 93

  39. Jan, what great things you do with fabric - I am a begining in the sewing stakes but would love to make the Bling Bin......great pressie for my crafting pals, can you tell me where I can get some sort of instructions to stop me from getting in a complete mess with it? Thanks for sharing Kim

    1. Kim, I tried to access your blog but could only find an entry back in August..don't know if you have another...
      I made up the pattern for the bling bin myself so can't tell you which pattern to buy. If you check out, there are 100s of free patterns on that site. Good Luck!

  40. FUN stuff, Jan--that trim with the beads, oh yes, I do vote "to bling!"

    Great colouring book, too. Does anyone every really outgrow the desire to color? (Asks the woman who owns buckets of crayons.)

    #101 this week

  41. Beautiful fabrics. Love love that linen bag. Beeeauuuuutiful. Very funny story about the mole.
    FAMFA 8

  42. love those little Mac Dogs in red. I could not survive with out my lists of lists and short lists...LOL

  43. Oooh I LOVE the look of that colouring book (and I definitely remember having something similar as a child). I may have to get myself one. Of course, as an addicted crafter, I can't help thinking that those designs would look lovely coloured in and then used as a card background! :lol:

    Love your sewing projects... it's a good job I suck at fabric crafts as I'd been totally drawn in by the pretty of all the yummy fabrics too! :)

    Ali #61

  44. Some fab design shapes in the zentangle colouring book. Your tote bags are really lovely Jan - I hope they sell well for you. The happy check trim accident looks perfect so don't tell anyone!! The pic below of the mole slayer is priceless! x Jo

  45. How did you get to be first exactly??!
    I love that bag with the gingham! I saw that book and thought about sending it to Sandra for the zentangling stuff. Not my thing really either but if we all liked the same life would be boring too!!

  46. Now see, I am the opposite, I find coloring to be a bore and the drawing part to be more fun! I guess that's why I love cutting colored paper out on my Cricut, then all I have to do is shading! <---lazy? Goog luck at your next craft fair, hope you sell lots, and have fun at the next WOYWW crop! Wish I could join y'all! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  47. Oh Jan I love that linen and gingham bag. I have that colouring book too! I bought it to take on holiday. I've never really grown out of colouring books.
    Fiona x #118

  48. Lovely makes Jan and would love that colouring book, l love colouring in and always have. Didn't know adult colouring books existed!

    Happy WOYWW xx

  49. What a gorgeous bag!! I love to colour too, I tend to make colouring books for my children for long journeys or flights and I end up colouring them too!! xx

  50. I hope you're ok, you're obviously keeping very busy :) Your bag is really lovely Jan. The bottom right picture looks as though it was made from Basic Grey rub ons! x

  51. I am loving that beady trim bling! It's making me want to go to this fabric store, here in town, that sells tons of blingy trim at discounted prices--I need to stock up! Your bag is adorable, and so glad your marathon was a big hit! Hugs soul sister! Happy WOYWW! Sandy Leigh at #99

  52. Love the heart bag and that's a very interesting colouring book, would make a great present for a friend of mine!Only 11 sleeps before we meet? Yikes!! Happy WOYWW, Cindy

  53. Just came back to answer your Question. Yes I grew up in Canada, with lots of relatives in BC, so visited many times. Should have made that bit more clear! A x

  54. I love, love your bags!
    I think you pick the best fabrics and decorations for them :)
    You are so talented, Jan!
    Mary Jo #93

  55. Wonderful bags and beads as usual. I also love the book - Alex has one for boys, but I think I need one for me too! Thanks for sharing, Caro xx #43

  56. Go for the bling without a shadow of a doubt, don't hesitate! Interesting colouring book, I like the floor tile pattern too.

    Brenda 84 (Oh how the mighty have fallen!! And congrats on swiping the No1!)

  57. Love all your fabric,your bags are sure to be popular! Would love a colouring book like that! Chris-60

  58. All those lovely fabrics, Jan, my fingers are just itching to stroke them. Dible and Roy sounds the perfect shop to waste and hour or two :) Love the little doggy fabric and your linen/red gingham bag is gorgeous too. Christmas - I actually took my camera to Tescos last week ready to get a shot of their Christmas display only to find they haven't got one yet ... my, but they are slow this year :)) Hope you have a good week and happy WOYWW, Elizabeth x #49

  59. Good job being first through the gate today, Jan!! Your post is always a fun stop; lovely, lovely fabrics and creations! It's no surprise you sell out!

    Re zenning v. coloring? I looked it up in my Chemistry and Poetry of the Brain Ventricals booklet and the evidence is quite complete, Scion Tiffickly. Drawing Zentangles raises the lineomine levels in the left front quad architeturally. Coloring in raises the dopamine levels in the right rear aesthethically. So there you have it.

    Have another wonderful craft fair and a great week! Darnell #120

  60. Lovely post gorgeous fabrics especially the stripy one along side the green and white spotty one. Hope you have another great craft fair. Anne x #69

  61. LOVE that zingy lime coloured fabric and it goes so well with the purple! Amazing what a difference the bling makes to it so I think it be great both with and without. Is it wrong that I literally gasp when I see the fabrics you have? At least you wouldn't think me mad when I oooh and aaaahhhh!

  62. This comment has been removed by the author.

  63. Deer Wunch Wady Jan, Der no mousies in my house to catch for my mommy. We used to have a hampster but she wented to the big hampster wheel in the sky. Maybe I can frow up a hair ballz. Mom and papa love those! It wood be cheery, no? Wuv, Poppy.

  64. Poppy and I decided to split posts because I don't people thinking I'm throwing up hairballs, although as an asthmatic I do sound like it sometimes. I love, love, LOVE the linen and gingham tote bag with the heart on it. It is a winner in my book! The creative coloring book does make me think of zentangles--LOTS of space to color in there. It looks like fun.

  65. That fabric is gorgeous! And the bag is fab - I love the happy accident with the rim of gingham, your secret's safe with me!

    Happy WOYWW

  66. Toot toot . . .hello LLJ. Just popping by to say Hi!

    Your sewing projects look just great and let me at that BOOK! xxx

  67. Those bags are lovely - I had a peep in your shop, too. I've enjoyed visiting - sorry to be so late.
    Sue x (MiniOwner #147)

  68. Hi! I'm here for lunch? Hello? Jan? Well, I'll just post this note then. I wanted you to know I did go check out Professor Stanley. What a total crackup!! I can write gobbledygook like nobody's business, but I could never speak it. He made it look so easy, but it had to be HARD!!

    Here in America, here in this house anyway, we often use the expression "gobbledygook," so it's really fun to see the origin of the word! We had no idea!

    Thanks for the fun tip!!

  69. Hi Jan

    your a poet and I didn't realise - or should I have put 'know it' lol...

    Your bag is gorgeous - how much does one of those retail for on your stall then??? I LOVE IT!!! It's definitely something I wish I could make anyway - perhaps one day eh?

    I soooo wish I was coming down to meet you and Julia and the other WOYWW'ers and I know that people are coming from far and wide - I just don't know if I could manage the journey on my own. One time I would have!

    I'm going to have a look round your shop next to have a nosey...


    Paula x x x (#131)

  70. Beautiful bags and lovely fabrics - as you always do have!
    Happy belated WOYWW!
    Tuire #80

  71. Thatb colouring book is amazing! I must admit, the zentangle bug seemed to have passed me by. Thank goodness, I don't think I could handle another obsession. LOL
    Love the purple and green stripey fabric.
    Happy VERY belated WOYWW!

  72. Bling all the looks gorgeous with the green and purple! A beautiful bag too.

    Thank you for leaving me a lovely comment today. Unfortunately i don't take part in woyww. I found you through Lisa-jane, who linked to you! I'm glad she did, you make the most wonderful projects!

  73. That linen and gingham bag is awesome
    Happy {sorry im late}WOYWW
    Hugz Minxy #24

  74. I had a bit of a busy week so didn't have time to comment - now I am all excited - only 5 days to go! YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!!!
    My DBF is interested in all sorts of things but I think he will just sit around and chat! Ha, ha if need be we will send him somewhere! :-)
    Lots of hugs and see you soooon!