Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 15 August 2012


You'll see the reason for this lyric later in the post!

If you are thinking of coming to the WOYWW Crop on the 13th of October, please could we have a definite response soon as we need to judge numbers for catering/bums on seats. If you could email Julia, then we can keep the info exchange simple :) Many thanks!

I'm gonna be a Good Girl today (makes a change, eh??) and get straight to my desk...
 Over the shoulder pegbag No. 2. For the daughter of the lady who ordered the stripey version as featured on last week's post...I really hope they're happy with the choice of fabrics!

Do you remember this beach hut material? I decided to kick start my sewing again this week. My 'go-to' when I'm not sure what to make are my shopping tote bags. I can make them in my sleep now! I got out three different contrast fabrics for the lining and wasn't sure which one to use...I did pick one in the end but will have to show you next week! Which one would you choose??
 And what a Pile of Pretty we have here! I've got a bit of a project on the go, which I can't share yet..sorry..but was having fun sorting through all my summery fabrics, some of which haven't seen the light of day for a considerable time!!! I think that colour therapy is essential at times, it just makes you feel better...
Ok, the lyrics explanation...I had quite a few comments last week about me being in a band. Those of you who already know the story can skip this bit!

My name is Lunch Lady Jan and I'm a secret tuba player *grin* I don't care who knows it, I'm a brass band fiend! 

Actually, in brass banding, the tuba is known as the Bass - I play the E flat version, there are tubas tuned to B flat, C, F. I've been musical all my life, singing, playing piano, cello, baroque recorder, tin whistle - but the Bass is my true love. I fell into banding 6 years ago when my son, G3, started in the training section and I got dragged in. I was initially given a cornet but blowing it felt like my head was going to explode! The Band leader told me I had enough hot air to blow it straight, like a party blower!!! Hmmmm... But you can't deny that I have a good pair of lungs and you need a LOT of air to fill a bass. Oh and by the way....the wisecracks about me blowing a big horn....I've heard 'em ALL!!!!
I once read a brilliant article about choosing the right instrument for your child and it was all based on personality - quiet studious types should go for the piano, eccentrics for the bassoon etc etc. If your child was loud, rebellious and anarchic, then they and Brass are a match made in heaven. Need I say more?? Oh, and Brass players are always the first to the bar........  :D
Have a great week, y'all..!! 


  1. such pretty fabrics, thanks for sharing your desk :)


  2. Initially I though the red polka dot but then I liked the black stripes. Can't see the gingham working but what do I know. Love the beach hut material though.
    Great photos of you and your big blowing thing. Bet it sounds great. Maybe a sound clip next week?
    Love your peg bags. You'll be making the postie's bag next
    Famfa 16

  3. Great sewing projects, do love the fabrics. Must be fun playing the tuba.

  4. Fab materials....look forward to seeing what they will be. Nice to see the other side of your life. It just goes to show that we can hide behind all sort with this blogging lark :-) Maybe we all should have a week of exposing a side of our lives that the other don't know about. :-) Hello, my name is Annie and I'm...... hehehe Not sure about that one :-)
    A x #61

  5. Lovely posting today Jan, really enjoyed it thanks.
    Lynn 62

  6. Such an education so early in the morning.... love all those fabrics too. Helen 3.

  7. Mmmm like those fabrics you are showing us today, very pastelly makes on the go.
    Thanks for the lesson on music - taught me quite a bit there. Just enjoy yourself and do what you want and blog what you want.
    Thanks for sharing - Hugs, Neet #21 xx

  8. I am thrilled to know a Tuba player and brag about your lyrical knowledge all the time. Now I can add first to the bar!!
    Sandra @32

  9. First to the bar....and buying, you should add, I never met a more generous Tuba player. Now then Mrs, all that colorful fabric..I'm loving it. And the secret. Blimey, I didn't realise how like you G3 is really, till I see you behind the Tuba!

  10. Hi Jan always love your material but it's gingham all the way for me. Would love to make the crop but unfortunately I'm working that day, boo!
    Bet you need a good set of muscles and lungs to play the tuba? Great photos.
    Thanks for sharing and have a super Wednesday, hugs Erika. #85

  11. I love your bright materials, I would go for the stripes myself. Gotta love that tuba. My little miss would be good at that, she has a good set of lungs. She was given the cornet at school but didn't like that either, so she chose the drums!! Thanks heavens they didn't come home.
    Have a great week.
    Von #27

  12. Love that fabric - the little (tents? do you call the beach huts? are those lighthouses in the background?) is so cheerful and bright. Either of the reds work for me :) and OMG! TUBA?? WOW.

    MA (2)

  13. I'd go for the gingham too!
    I'm fingers crossed for the crop... would love to get there.
    I'm simply in awe at your ability to play the tuba in a big brass band! wonderful... BTW I can play a mean Kazoo! Any spare places in the band?
    Love Jo x

  14. I would really like to join at the crop, but it is a little bit far.
    May be you want us to call you Tuba Jane ? LOL

  15. I’m intrigued by the huge pile of pretty fabrics Jan, what could you be doing with them I wonder.

    I think I would go for the Gingham as the contrast for the bag. I also love the Blue strip but I’m not sure it would stand out as much as the Red.
    Happy Sewing!

  16. Funny how y'all seems to be the phrase of the moment! Love the fabric on your desk this week. It's funny but the beach huts look like medieval tents (till you see the lighthouses!) so I had to do a double take....

    You're welcome to as much lavender as you like, my dear.... PLEASE come and take some more! *chortle*

  17. Love the fabric Jan - I would go with the red spotty one! Fab band pics too. x Jo

  18. Loving your Bass Jan, it is my favourite sounding instrument in the band, really nice and earthy sound.......anyway, I like the spotty material to go with the Beach Huts but like the stipey one too, so hard to make decisions.....cannot make the crop, have let Julia know. Happy WOYWW, Anne x #59

  19. Who wouldn't love that fabric you used on the peg bag! so pretty! loving all of the fabrics you have out for the tote, my first reaction was the red polka dot, but then I find myself swaying to the blue stripey! so I'm torn i'm afraid! Love the piccies of you and your Tuba :o) what a talent to have! x April #87

  20. Love your fabric. I'd go for the blue stripy one. Love the tuba too. I play the piano accordion

    Hugs EllieWee #75 xx

  21. "enough hot air to blow it straight"... snigger, snigger! Really wish I could come to the crop, really, really, really wish I could! Love the seasidy fabric, if I was in a quiet, sombre mood I'd choose the blue stripy fabric but the playful side of me screams for the red dotty fabric! Where do you get these really obtuse lyrics from!!? I hardly ever recognize any of them!

    Brenda 5

  22. cute bags and cute pic of you playing the tuba, so tallented! Happy woyww-Lindsay/frugalcrafter #25

  23. Oh dear me...I LOVE your bag and fabric piles! I am still laughing through tears at your comment about my crochet! I've GOT to see this elephant you and Julia are talking about. Where is this thing? I'm wondering if my new calling is making crooked crochet circles? I think an animal would be better though! --Sandy Leigh

  24. Such lovely fabrics, and a Tuba! Lol left Julia a comment to say will be there if all things well and shall be bringing a friend, she doesn't know it yet though! Lol She lives nearer to you than me so will pick her up on the way, she deserves a day away from the kids and hubby! Am still planning a little drive your way, probably going to be last week in August now, will let you know as and when we decide! Take care Zo xx

  25. hmmmmmmmmmm, I am torn between the dots and the checked fabric, although the stripes scream beach , I feel they compete with the tents, so I am going to choose....dots! lol and a joke you might already have heard, although I don't understand the drink jokes compared to tuba players? but here it is: How many tuba players does it take to change a light bulb?
    Three! One to hold the bulb and two to drink 'till the room spins.
    waving hi from the sandy beaches of Florida :)

  26. think I almost peed my pants laughing so hard at that um...ele...what was that? Boy, I'm feeling a lot better about my own crochet porn!!! You and Julia are the best!!

  27. A closet tuba player! I never would have guessed. Also, I'm thinking that you must have a spacious closet. You couldn't even be a closet harmonica player in my house. I think it is great that your go-to sewing item is a tote bag. Tote bags are very useful and you can never have too many of those (says I, the hubby, maybe not so much). I think any of the fabrics would look great inside your beach tote back but I think the red checks would look best. Can't wait to see the outcome.

  28. Love all the fabrics on your will have to play for us at the crop!!! I will be there! YIPEEEEEEEEE!!! Flying 1500km so you better play for me!! Ha, ha....
    Lots of hugs,

  29. WooHoo I can relate to the the definition of a brass player. #1 son (only) is a trombone player in the US Army currently stationed in VA at the school of music helping reform the school policies. HE was all the above in defining. #1 daughter (only) was introverted loved her books and tried a clarinet but ended up piano and vocal music. Love all the beautiful fabric you have out. I am almost glad summer is almost over here. Too darn hot this year. Thanks for visiting my blog. Vickie #38

  30. I was given a descant recorder I made quite a noise with that, and I was always singing descant, what does that mean????

    In fact I still sing descant - why????

    I will email Julia forthwith...

    Dxx 119 ish

  31. The hut fabric is so pretty. I like it paired with the red polka dot.

    Nice to find out more about you. thanks for sharing the tidbit on the horn playing. dani#33

  32. Mmmmmm I think I would choose the red spotty one or maybe gingham as I do like it so. Look forward to popping by next week to have a look. Such pretty fabrics you have there.
    My son played the piano and the trombone!!!! Miss hearing him play. Anne x

  33. Loving the beach hut fabric, I would use the red gingham as the lining.
    Tuba eh? I used to play tenor horn at school (drove my parents mad with the practising!!). I love the photo of you in the band, do you play at various shows etc around the Wilts area? Its great to know a little bit more about fellow WOYWWers, thanks for sharing (and visiting my desk already).

    kyla #53
    ps-mentioned to Julia I would love to come to the crop but my brother may be visiting from Ecuador that weekend and I wont know until much closer!

  34. Happy WOYWW Jan

    Wow, you have blown me away with your amazing kind offer. It's my son who is organising the event, he is RNLI mad and in fact wants to join when he can. We are hoping to go to Moelfre lifeboat day on Saturday, weather permitting :). We would appreciate any items for selling and l think your lovely things will go down a storm. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts :)

    Great desk this week again and love that material. TFS.

    Big hugs xx

  35. I like the peg bags. A lot more useful than a hanger or waist-tie one. Also love the beach hut material.
    As for the tuba. Well one of my older sons played the tenor horn in Porthywaen band for many years, and I loved going to hear them. Son no.4 plays drums, very hard and loud, in a heavy metal/grunge band. No 5, our youngest, is a very talented pianist, saxophonist, guitar player. In fact he can get a tune out of almost anything. They all had much the same home environment, but what a mixed bunch we produced! If you can get a decent noise out of a tuba, well Good on you! Kate x #69

  36. Oh I wish I could join the crop.... drats. Nice looking fabric on your desk. I've started buying some fat quarters. Oh, but my sewing machine is at the very back of the closet. Do you wash your fabric before you make your things? I thought you always did but a quilter friend of mine said no.

    Thanks for visiting me - your name is going in the hat for the candy.


  37. Gorgeous fabric... love the beach huts.. & bags! a secret tuba player well I never!! Hugs May x x x#5

  38. Your desk looks very colourful as usual. I always seem to go for the red option.... hot blooded a guessLOL
    to answer your question about on line videos...sorry I dont watch them. I do memember a little fabric patchwork box made from 4 small rectangles if it is any good let me know and i will see if I can find the pattern.
    have a good week
    janet #9

  39. love the dragonfly material hiding in all that disarray! Any musical instrument is fine by me, as long as you love the sound that is all that matters. not playing woyww this week, but thought i would come by and say hi

  40. So many fabulous fabrics to choose from. I wish I could come to your crop, but I am so far away. Have fun. Thanks for stopping by today. I would love to hear you play. #22

  41. Hi Jan,
    This is a great post. The colour therapy has done me good, and I am thrilled with the pics of you, the tuba, and the band. It was interesting to hear the story last week, and the pictures are a real bonus, thank you.
    Thanks for your lovely message too.
    Happy days,
    Ros. #14

  42. What a lovely post it is nice knowing a little more about people. Good on you for keeping the passion alive in music. Love the over the shoulder peg bag and that pile of material, I can't wait to see what you do with it.

    Thanks for visiting me.
    Eliza #102

  43. Love the materials for the beach hut tote. I would've picked the checkerboard or striped for the lining. :-) But they're all great.

  44. It was so much fun to learn about your tuba playing! I have a couple of tinwhistles, but haven't gotten very far in learning to play. I still love them and plan to give it another go "when I'm older". :)
    Have a great WOWYW! And, oh, I'd pick the red fabric with white polka dots for the liner, hee, hee!
    Lisa #36
    Thanks for stopping by!

  45. The crop sounds so much fun, I bet you all have a brilliant time.

    The fabric is gorgeous - love that beach hut theme. Can't wait to see what your secret project is!

    Is that the link you sent me for Devvie? I tell you it was spot on with her and the guitar ;)

    Have a great week LLJ :)

  46. Hi Jan... thanks for always stopping by my blog.... Your fabrics are super pretty... a shabu-shabu dinner is where there's a large pot with some sort of soup in it then you get all the ingredients ( depending on what you like, meat, chicken, veggies) and dip it ( or swirl it in the boiling soup) until it's cooked and dip in in your own preferred sauce.. hehehe
    #126 Riya

  47. Hi there and thanks for stopping by and my DH doesn't have any luxuriant anything btw. I'd choos the red polka dot fabric and thanks for the music interlude. My son plays kit drums, I guess that says it all about his personality! BJ#46

  48. Thanks for your visit, Jan - I agree about clearing out, but I do find it exhausting and can't do too much at once without risking bad health days to follow, but sometimes it's hard to stop when you get the bit between your teeth! I'm trying to keep on top of it because the whole house is full of stuff needing clearing, and we've got about 2 years to do it all in before we have to move. Perhaps you could tear yourself away from your fabulous fabrics and brilliant brass and come and help me? Lol!!

    I LOVED your description of being in the band!! ROFL!! Such FUN!! I so agree with you about the personalities that go with certain instruments. My dad has been a woodwind player (including the horn which sort of straddles woodwind and brass in the orchestra) all his life - everything except the clarinet and recorder - the latest was the bassoon - I'll have to tell him it goes with eccentrics! He'll love that lol!!

    The idea of you blowing a cornet out straight like a party blower had me roaring with laughter! You could make a lovely Hoffnung style cartoon out of that!!

    I adore brass band music and always enjoy the military processions like they had for the Queen's Diamond Jubilee recently - military marches are so stirring and such good tunes! I also love the ancient stuff - nothing to match the wonderful sonorous tones of Gabrielli. Wish I could come up and hear you play. You should get someone to video the band, and share it with us.

    Love this post! Thanks for sharing. Made my day!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi #10

  49. It's always going to be the polka dot for me, Jan. There could never be too polka dots in the world! Now what are you going to be making with all those lovely scraps and remnants - I'm intrigued - my initial thought is something featuring patchwork of course. Spotted G3 in the line up - don't you all look fab in your uniforms. Hope you have a lovely weekend. Elizabeth x #54

  50. There's so much beautiful fabric on your desk that i'm drooling. If only I could sew...! I loved hearing about your brass band love and giggled at the description of different musical instruments. Thanks for stopping by my desk. Happy belated WOYWW! Victoria no.55

  51. Hi there Lunch lady Jan,ah did know you were a tuba player remember that way back on one of your first must have good sense of rhythm to pay bass as you hold the orchestra together tonally.. but guess you know that :D and would use the red check for the lining myself!! Thanks so much for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #64

  52. I am drooling over all that pretty fabric now. They are all beautiful, I would propably go for the red polka dots or the check, but then red is my favourite colour.
    Love the brass band gig you have going there.
    Happy very belatede WOYWW!
    Tertia #116

  53. Lovely pictures! My youngest daughter played the tuba it was very loud!! it was bigger than her! Love love all your fabrics, pretty patterns.
    Happy late woyww

  54. Oh how fun to find out more about you! And your tuba!! That is cool! As for the inside lining on your bag, I would choose the red gingham but all of them are great!
    Thanks for visiting me earlier,

  55. Hi LLJ Love your post this week. How fab to play a musical instrument in a band. I tried learning the saxophone for a few years (definitely another thing we have in common!) But unlike you I did not practice enough. It is still sat patiently under my bed waiting for me to pick it up again (the saxophone!). I did enjoy it so maybe I should give it another go - or should I say blow!! Belated WOYWW Hugs to you from Helen 18

  56. Wonderful fabrics again there Jan (I'm getting around older posts eventually!) My boy wants to play trumpet - suits him really!