Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 25 July 2012


I was on holiday last week so not much sewing was done..but I did buy some beads (see Doone, I can do it!) but not from a bead shop, no sirree. I went to a shop where there were racks of jewellery for £1/£2 each. They had originally been priced at £12.50!
So, I bought A LOT and spent a very happy few hours deconstructing. I got loads of beads, kept all the chains, thongs and findings. I do love a bargain!!
Julia came round for a bbq and had a good riffle through this little lot afterwards! She's a bit of a magpie as well....*grin*
So I had a little bit of a play while I was away...

 I keep making things that I would have stuck to mostly blues, greens, silvers with the odd bit of red thrown in. Other colours will follow!!

A couple of Zentangle related pics for you. This lovely ATC and tag were sent to me by Shoshi - the ATC is hand drawn and is so clever. Thank you, Shoshi, I love it!
The other is a poster that I saw outside the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge...
Nothing is ever truly new, is it?? The Medieval Cypriots were zentangling six centuries ago!! There was the most amazing Chinese tomb treasures exhibition there as well, all free. Go, if you're in the area, it's fantastic!
There are lots more pics of patterns taken on my jollies in the previous post. We had a wonderful holiday cottage, with the BEST bathroom I've ever abluted in :)
I have never been so clean.......... :D
And this was on the kitchen wall...
Lolol !!!


  1. Great beadwork. Bargains. ATC and tag are fabulous.

  2. Wow to that bathroom! I would probably have taken a few baths instead of showers if I had been there!! Love the beads, very pretty and the zentangly stuff always looks fabulous to me!

  3. Love making jewelry too! And what a great idea about deconstructing and making new jewelry! What's with Julia? I hope she's OK! Patsy from
    HeARTworks and

  4. the charms are looking fab, very sparkley. You really had a bargain there.
    Is Julia having a lay-in, no post from her today?

  5. Well done you with the bargain beads finds. Love your makes with them all.
    A x

  6. I need a sign like that with the amount of chocolate I eat in a week...but I do go to gym to get rid of it though...tiz a catch 22 cant eat it if I dont exercise! Nice find...also like a bargain! No36

  7. Some great jewlery making! Love the chocolate sign!!! Have a great week trace x 9

  8. Ooh I love that green handbag charm, tis fabulous! Love your ATC from Shoshi, she is a clever one and that bathroom looks very welcoming and relaxing........Happy Woyww, Anne x #21

  9. Thanks for the comment on the tiara. Haven't done Amy training I do what I usually do. . Wing it and make it up as I go. along its the only way

  10. Your Suffolk photos are just fab. Your bead collection is out of control. Your eye for a bargain is unmatchable!! Did enjoy touching and cooing over the shinies, I must say!!

  11. Off to check out your pics of jollies! the beads are just great. not something I have ever done (can't find space for another obsession....) Helen, 6

  12. Glad you had a lovely holiday , the kitchen sign is me all over , & exactly what i do often .. Jill #32

  13. Please to hear your holiday was good. Lovely beads, sounds like you are having fun with the beads, careful now, don't let it consume you. LOL

    Eliza #16

  14. Hi Jan. Your holiday cottage looked fab. What a lovely home from home to spend your holiday in. I love the ancient pentangles you have found. Proving that pattern making is an art form that has been enjoyed throughout the ages and zentangle is the modern definition for it today. Your deconstructed necklaces look so much better now - what a great idea. Happy WOYWW to you from Helen 39

  15. Great beading bargains Batman!!!

    Love the chocolate quote.

    ** kate ** @58

  16. Great news on the holiday.. your beading is amazing... Have a happy week, Hugs May x x x#11

  17. Gorgeous jewellery there - love the earrings. As for that bathroom, I think it should be on Star Trek (other programmes are available of course!). Keep cool and carry on! Karen T 65 x

  18. What a great idea to buy a bargain and take it apart. I love your style, Jan. We have the same taste in colour too. I love the greens and turquoises. Just wish I wore earrings!!
    Glad you had a great holiday.
    Enjoy the wonderful sunshine you have. I shall say no more!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax #67

  19. Ah I am so Proud of your Achievement! I have a skirt I am itching to deconstruct and make into a book cover but it is SOOO pretty ( i will never ever again be a size 12 so what am I waiting for?)

    I have taken to walking fast for one hour a day in the vain hope of staving off any more menopausal weight gain - I get home so hungry I tend to eat whatever is out and most convenient - my family laugh at me Jan,

    tis wrong to mock the afflicted eh?

    can one get away with murder when the hormones are raging?

    dx 65

  20. That sign re exercise is me all over!! How clever are you, getting all those beads so cheap. The earrings and danglers look gorgeous. The ATC and tag by Shoshi are so beautiful and who would have thought they did zentangles so long ago. Loving that bathroom, I would have stayed in that bath for hours.
    Have a great week.
    Von #48

  21. The trouble with making things in colours that you love is that it’s really hard to not keep them yourself, especially when they are as yummy as those gorgeous earrings.
    Glad you enjoyed your break. I love Lavenham…..did you visit The Swan?

    Happy Crafting!

  22. Ah ha, you're back! I posted a question for you on your FB page!

    A friend once told me to look out for cheap beads in shops and supermarkets. I made Easter Egg garlands and used the beads from a broken necklace for the spacers.

    Take care and enjoy the sunshine
    Jakixx #72

  23. Fab haul of beads there... what a good find!!! That bathroom is rather wonderful isn't it!!! Trish #55

  24. What pretty beads!
    And fun that you took them apart to use how you want :)

    Mary Jo #96

  25. What a super idea buying jewellery and re-using the beads etc. Fab makes too. Glad you enjoyed your hols and that bathroom is divine! Take care & enjoy this week's desk hop/nose/snoop. Zo xx 69

  26. Hello! My first WOYWW today, and since I'm in at 128 (bit late, I know), I thought I'd visit all the 8s first of all and then see how much further I get! What lovely jewellery (re)creations, and what a great spot on the ancient Zentangling! The Fitzwilliam is a brilliant museum, isn't it?!
    Alison x

  27. Wow Jan, you are one talented lady. Love the jewellery you have created, they are stunning!

    That bathroom is amazing and don't think l'd of left it, the blue lights are fantastic. I could just go for a dip with a nice glass of red :)

    Happy WOYWW xxx

  28. Check that fancy bathroom out! I suppose the one at home seems inadequate now. I always wondered who bought those weird beaded creations you see at thrift stores and clearance racks. Now I know! It is people who are taking them apart for the beads. It all makes sense now. I love what you've created.

  29. Really nice jewelry findings. Great idea to take them apart and create pieces that are more to your liking. dani #110

  30. what fab bargains,love how you have used them,peeked at your holiday photos and they were fab,love the swans on your bed :)
    thanks for visiting me
    happy woyww
    kay #35

  31. Fab bargains Jan - and what a transformation - those little earrings are breally lovely. Pop over and have a go at guessing the number in my scarf rainbow. Jo #50

  32. Beautiful, sparkly post--and what a deal, too!!

    #137 this week

  33. LLJ, those look fab!! I think I'm going to have to stop subscribing to your blog because ever since I started following it I've had this urge to get the sewing machine out. Well, today I did just that after several years of neglect! Project isn't finished yet, but I'm hoping that it will work out well. Thanks for the inspiration!!

    Now, you need to STOP blogging about beading because otherwise I'm going to end up with a new hobby!!

    Anthea (Currently listed at #137... not sure if that's right?!)

  34. That picture is hilarious!! and isn't that bathroom funky?!
    Loved looking at your thrifty finds but am desperately trying not to look too keenly as I can't afford another hobby (in time or in money!!). They are rather fabulous though.
    Happy WOYWW! Victoria no.25

  35. I love your blog! Found you through the comment you left on my woyww post and i am now a follower! love the bead thrift!! jenx 61

  36. Oooooooer, you little magpie :))

    Belated Happy WOYWW, Di xx #13

  37. Ok, I am never buying beads again. From now on it is buy the pretty beads for little or nothing and recycle. Love your earings. #81

  38. beautiful jewels, you are so clever and a good bargain well spotted!
    love your holiday house, would love to stay there! Shame all our bathrooms are pretty new, I feel a remodel coming on!

  39. Aww Jan, thanks so much for featuring the ATC and tag I sent you! I'm so glad you like it. (For anyone reading this, the ATC is a drawing of the absolutely beautiful pin cushion Jan sent me - she's probably far too modest to mention it lol! I thought I would render it in zentangle for her!)

    The Fitzwilliam is one of my all-time favourite museums. I was introduced to it by my grandmother when I was very small - she would lift me up so I could look inside the glass cases. When my parents retired to Cambridge for a few years, I would always go when we were staying with them. Love the ancient zentangles lol! Nothing new under the sun, is there.

    Love your bead jewellery. It's really pretty. I always buy up all the junk jewllery on the village fete white elephant stall - it's amazing what you can do with the beads, chains, cords, findings... there are even some wearable things in there too!

    Thanks for your lovely comment. Glad you liked the annotated photo. Sometimes I feel like kicking out all the junk under my table so I could stretch my legs out lol! There's just too much junk in that room altogether.

    Happy WOYWW,
    Shoshi #51

  40. Hi Jan.
    The image of you sitting in the cool on the patio is lovely. I understand completely about typing with tails (or chins, paws, bums) parked on the hand or keyboard. I think Miss Dixie believes that this is the one time I will sit still long enough for her to snooze.
    Love the beads, especially the blue ones in the second photo. Blues & greens are my fave colours. Cottage sounds lovely, bath looks like a teleporter, poster was written by me! All sounds fun.
    Take care,
    Ros. #19

  41. I didn't play this week, but stopped by to say hi, anyway. Loved your vacation photos. Loved the LOO in the dark, too. I've also taken old jewelry apart to make new. But mostly, I'm not a jewelry person, so I make bottle tops and silly stuff with the beads I've culled from old necklaces and earrings. Have a great week, dear.

  42. Besides a great post, full of fun things, some of the comments left are hilarious. I needed a good laugh..bath and all. Always fun to see what you create with your many talents. Great little pressies from Shoshi. Nothing I like better than a bargain find, you did good. Enjoy and have a great week.

  43. Thanks for popping by my desk, love your jewellery. And Lavenham looks lovely, may have to pay a visit myself, Lauren #91 x

  44. Great jewellery makes, I must use some of my stash as I buy and don't use. Got sidetracked with the post below - lovely pics.
    Hugs, neet 8 xx

  45. Wow, what an awesome deal! You got some very cool beads!The ATC and tag you received are very neat!

  46. Well done on your holiday haul - that's a lot of pretties you found there! Love what you've made so far too. Hope you are all well xx

  47. Hey Jan, you commented on my woyww post where I talked about the book 5000 flower & plant motifs and how much I liked it. You asked if I would post some pictures of the inside of it, but I'm a little reluctant to do that on my blog because of copyright issues. However, I have made some pictures of some spreads in the book and if you send me your e-mail address I can send them to you privately. My addy is c.m.j.winkelman[at]home[dot]nl .

    Lovely beads by the way and you made some beautiful earrings!

  48. hi there sorry for the late visit. Love what you have made with the bargain jewellry. Also looked at your photos on post before lovely buildings and that bathroom - amazing. Anne x

  49. ooh, excellent bead buying. Nothing better than spotting a bargain necklace and upcycling it into MANY better things. Love it!

    Thanks for visitng my desk already

    kyla #42

  50. What a great find :o) I told you twas a slippery slope when you start buying beads! You're so right about the time spent with your children being an investment. I truly appreciate being lucky enough to remain a stay at home mum....for now!
    Fiona x

  51. The ATC zentangle is GORGEOUS! Such a great idea for using all those zentangles we're creating! I also love the poster of ancient zentangling! Makes it seem that we're all connected over the years, doesn't it? Your earrings are so pretty and you are so creative to buy jewelry and deconstruct it to put together in new ways. Thanks for sharing and have a great WOYWW!

  52. The ATC are fabulous...I had a giggle about your comment of the medieval art zentangles!

    Your bead score was a great deal...I love a bargain and always look for something like you luck so far...

  53. holy smokes!!! wow!!! you did some amazing work this past the beads!!!! and the pretties you made with them!!!

  54. You are having fun beading, I love recycling old jewelry too, it is so much fun to recreate something yourself! Also a fan of blues and greens. There are some good videos on youtube that show wire wrapping techniques, I bet you'll pick it right up. With the right pliers it is pretty easy. :)

  55. Love the earrings - particularly the turquoise ones on the left with the little balls on the end - yum!

    Also got image of you washing out your mouth with choc - in my head you look like a naughty toddler with it smeared all over your face lol loL!!

    happy woyww

  56. I had a big laugh reading that last bit of your post - It looks like you had a great getaway! The jewelery bit looks great too!
    Lots of hugs
    Sorry I am so late commenting!