I freely admit to having a butterfly mind - something will catch my imagination and I'm off chasing a new interest. But something I have held off getting involved with, as I know it would be a long, slippery slope, is beading and jewellery. Those crystals, the colours, the sparkly goodness - I would end up like Smaug the Dragon in The Hobbit, atop my stash, unable to bear the thought of giving any of it up. Until this week...
Now, it's not much but it's made with love and bits and pieces that were passed on to me by my niece. It's a charm or shamble for an iPad cover that I made for my mate Lynne. We've been friends a LOOONNGG time so I included:
A pearl for 30 years of friendship...

A spiral for our joint appreciation of the weirdy woo things in life...
A feather for our Guardian Angels....
A butterfly for the joy of life...
Beads and buttons for our shared love of crafting...
So, not the most amazing piece of beadwork but I enjoyed making it and Lynne loved the thought behind it, so we're both happy :D
Here it is on the cover - which is remarkably similar to the Kindle cover last week!
I have been trying to catch up with the backlog of commissions as well. Someone who bought a couple of my aprons at a craft fair rang up wanting a Man Apron! 
Modelled very fetchingly by Mr LLJ!! Ooooh, I do like to see a man in an apron with his utensil in his hand....what??? I only meant he's got a large one...SPOON, that is. Good grief..what are you lot like?????
Do you remember there was a craze for these...
Well, we've got a variation on that theme here at LLJ Towers....
Do you think it was one OCD mole or a synchronised troupe of the little b*&&*rs! Mr LLJ was not pleased!!
And finally, for the musical cognoscenti - you know there are terms for the tempo of a piece, andante, lento etc...well, how about very, very slow...
My file was open in our living room cos G3 and I had been practising. I came down this morning to find this on my music...
??????? I have no idea either! No silvery trails across the carpet..nothing..nada.. I can only assume he's a jazz freak as he was on 'Basin Street Blues' - good choice, mate!
Right, I'm off to prepare for some VIPs that are coming to lunch today - all will be revealed next week when, unbelievably, it will be my 1st Bloggaversary!! A giveaway is needed, I think - Yay!!


donnalouiserodgers said...

love the slug, and your man's tool

think the jewelery is inspired and would make me cry if it was done for me,

yep remember the ducks - we have a similar thing on the wall with abstract flying pigs... go figure..

once you have moles you have moles...forever...


Di said...

I'm good at jumping up and down Jan if that would scare the moles away. Maybe some Morris Dancing huh?

Love the man apron - is there no limit to your talents?

Happy WOYWW! Hope your VIP day goes well :)

Hugs, Di xx

Amanda said...

Love what you have made, sigh I wish I could sew I want that ipad case, love that postage stamp fabric,
Amanda J @ 76 x

Annie said...

I love the thought of all the beads meaning something special to you. :-)
A man in his apron with his tool in his hand is just too much for this time in the morning Jan...even if it is only his spoon :-)
If that slug id the give-away then please remind me not to join in . hehehe
Have a great week,
A x #76

kissinia said...

Thanks so much for this post! Now I feel like I have to practice as well :) Just have to find a charger :) Have a great day and Happy WOYWW! kissinia

okienurse said...

still giggling over the man apron part!!! I love the charm for the Nook or iPad. Very nice. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #23

BJ said...

ROFL, what with the moles and the slug, I'm having a right laugh. Beautiful beads with lovely sentiment too. BJ#47

Julia Dunnit said...

That has to be the coolest reason for making a beady charm thing. And then follow that. With the coolest Apron ever. On my second fave bloke. Ssssaaaawweeeeeeeet.

April said...

Ah the charm is so pretty! and so thoughtfull too. It looks great on the cover. Great apron too! Definately an OCD mole releaving it's frustrations in your lawn! oh, and er nice slug...... :o) x April #100

Neet said...

ooer re the bug! Don't talk moles to me, we have been fighting a losing battle with them for the past four years in our back garden. Trouble is the land behind is council owned and full of the little b---ars hills and they do nothing about it. Then the official man from the council tells me there is only ever one in a garden - phooey!
On to nicer things - love the jewellery and the thought behind each and every piece. What a lovely gift to share with someone you think so much about.
Thanks for sharing (and sorry about the mole rant) - Hugs, Neet #21 xx

April said...

Hi Jan, the advent calendar is for my Mum, she loves Christmas time, there's no way I'd be putting that much effort into something for me :o) x

VonnyK said...

Still laughing over the man and his tool!! That charm is so special, to think of all the things that each bead means is just lovely. That must be one cool dude slug who enjoys music. Did he have a little baton in his 'hand', might have been conducting! We don't have moles here but they look like destructive little fellows. Are the holes that they dig or is it just lumps of dirt?
Have a great week and wow, one year anniversary next week, how cool.
Von #28

sandra de said...

There is something very sweet about a man in a pinnie. Love the mole and slug race you have going on accompanied to music I imagine. But, the best is your bead thingee ... how lovely to have each bead symbolise something. That would be enough to distract me and I would never finish the project as I look for the perfect bead. Thank you for your gorgeous bunting, it's up and it is so cool.
Sandra @32

KatzElbows said...

It's weird what inspires us, isn't it? But the weird creature on your music has actually given me an idea! Love the beaded project; that it all means something makes it even more beautiful.

cheers, rachel #19

Jacqueline said...

LOL !! your post had me in hysterics! Just loving your man's 'large utensil'!! lol....BUT mrs....please don't belittle your work! That charm is gorgeous!! And, it matches that postage stamp perfectly!! It's lovely!

you know it's funny really...I've just recently done something with pearls as well, it was my mum and stepdad's 30th wedding anniversary last week and did a configurations print tray with lots of pearl themed pieces.

anyway thanks for sharing, have a great day

Jackie x #106

Hazel said...

Lots of wonderful creativity here. Love the apron. Thanks for the opportunity of having a peep at your workspace - trying to make a few visits early this week! Hazel, WOYWW #87 x

Anonymous said...

Oh my, you're so talented! I afraid I laughed at your animal invasion.. We too get many visitors.. Our garden is a hedgehog haven, our pond is home to what feels like a billion frogs, as well as koi. Our oak tree is home to squirrels, and our home is currently hosting an army of ants that are incredibly skilled at evading our attacks!


Zoe #57

Anonymous said...

You make me smile :) We are over run by rabbits around here and had some escaped cows in the field some months back. It's always interesting out in the countryside. It's all lovely work on your blog, as ever - and I am so coveting that stamp fabric.


MA (4)

Sarn said...

How appropriate Lunch Lady Jan . . . for I am visiting you in my lunchbreak!!!! LOL!

Fabby day for a picnic or BBQ don't you think? Have you made Mr LLJ one of those aprons too?

Happy WOYWW.

Sarn xxx

Debs Willis said...

Great pics, particularly the mole trail tee hee! My imagination is running wild with the idea of synchronised mole-dom....possibly a new Olympic event methinks!

Not managed to link yet cos work pc won;t let me at my own blog - doh!

Happy woyww

debs x

Anonymous said...

Ah Jan, way too much humour early in the morning. It's not good laughing your head off at work, everyone wants to know what's so funny and then you can't tell them cause you're not supposed to be on the net!! Lovely makes again, very pretty charm too and it means so much to you both that's brilliant. Love your hubby, the apron and his, er, utensils!! Wish I could have brought little goosie home as a pet!!


Belinda Basson said...

We have your mole's relative all the way over here in South Africa, he is busy making heaps in rows across my mother's lawn much to her chagrin! As to your man apron, that bit was funny and the beaded thingy has special meaning which is always what makes crafting so rewarding both for the giver and the receiver...Happy WOYWW Belinda Basson 85

Morti said...

Am ROFLing over your whole post today - not at the charm though, that just fills me with sighs of envy and delight.... well done you! - but most especially at the slug. You know why he was there don't you? They like the damp and he was searching for the basin. LOL

Never thought I'd get to see Mr LLJs large utensil. Perhaps he and Mr B should compare at some point. hurhurhur See you soonest hunni!

famfa said...

Fabulous post. Made me chuckle. I am in need of a man apron too. Might be emailing you soon. Those naughty moles and a jazz loving slug, genius. Love your beadwork, no wonder your friend was pleased.
Famfa 117

Laura said...

Maybe the slug came in to escape the mole?!
Love the man apron.
Laura 94

Jaki Morris said...

At last, the slug! I thought I was going mad re-reading your last week's post looking for sluggy references! At least yours is a real slug, mine are all anaemic!

I adore that pinny, I could just see my old man in one.

Take care

Jaki #104

JoZart Designs said...

What a mad fun post! Love the apron, the ipad cover but you can keep that slug! Ugh!
My friend's son had a flight of ducks on his wall at uni..... he wrote Quack! Quack Quack! in decreasing sizes on the wallpaper!
Thanks so much for my lovely alternative living atc...... I love poppies and especially purple, my fave colour too. I aslo appreciate your words in the card...
Love JoZarty xxx

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

I love that all the elements of your beading have a special meaning :o)
Oh no not more slugs!
Fiona #132 (I think!) xx

Twiglet said...

Oh Jan - what a chuckle - first your man with his big utensil and then a fat snail with a love of music - priceless! x Jo

Mary Jo said...

I love that song by Fleetwood Mac, and I love that "Butterfly Mind"
I need to use that the next time my husband tells me to focus :)
I do tend to get distracted!
Mary Jo #123

SueH said...

Sounds like all the wildlife in your area are rebelling Jan!
All I can say is that it’s a good job you noticed the slug before closing the book because the after math doesn’t bare thinking about and as for the moles, they are cute little fellows but then again they are not in my garden.

Loving the man apron but it’s the modal that’s makes it!

Happy Crafting!

lisa said...

I always look forward to visiting you on Wednesday, LLJ, I know I'm in for a treat and you never disappoint. I'd have been running out of the room with great cries of horror after finding your little critter, I can't stand them with a passion!!!!Do you get how much. There is a large one sitting looking at me in the greenhouse laughing his soaks off as he knows he's safe until Hubby comes home to remove him.
Definitely an OCD mole Me thinks!!!
Your beading is beautiful and there's so much thought gone into it, what a special gift. I'm with you on taking it up. I'd never give anything away either!!
Hugs Lisax #103

Miriam said...

Fabulous work.

Love your man apron!

Helen said...

Can't believe you've been blogging a year! You always have such lovely things to share too, and the man apron is great! Approve of your song choice this week, one of my favourites.... have a good week! Helen, 33

Erika said...

Jan love your jewellry and the thought behind it, great man apron too. You work is always beautiful with fab fabric. Thanks for sharing, hugs Erika. #83

Angie said...

Loved this post ...I love the way the braclet had everything included on it. The moles and the slug made me smile broadly ...and I feel your 'man' aprons will sell so well in BBQ season ...good luck xx #9

Neet said...

Jan, it's me again - thanks for the tip re Jeyes Fluid - will give it a try another day.
The little houses - if you go back on my blog to 4th and 5th October last you will see the results of a workshop I did on those little houses. Not everyone did a sewing theme and all are a bit different.
Hugs, Neet xx

SophieNewton said...

Fabulous beady dangle thing, love it and I love that all the bits symbolise something too
Sophie no.93

trisha too said...

Well, I was all ooohing and aahhing over all your pics, and then . . . the slug, good grief! Where did that come from??

I didn't have much I could show this week, so went with
the WOYWW--Daughter Edition!


May said...

Great post... I'm still singing along... love your dangle beads! and your DH is a great model for that fabby apron.... Hugs May x x x#62

Glenda said...

Oh my goodness, a slug. I was so enjoying your photo's and then at the bottom that little varmit! I just signed up to follow your blog today. I love what you are doing and always like visiting here.
Glenda 101

Danielle said...

I loved your beads and the thought behind each charm that you choose. And the apron is awesome! What a good dh to model for you. dani22

Spyder said...

Love your beads and what everything means. and, at least your hubby's apron isn't a rude one!! HaPpY wOyWw!
Have a great crafty week

Hettie said...

Lovely beading there Jan. If you want to keep the slug fresh I have 7 hungry beaks that would be willing to "deal" with it!
I waved both on my way to London and home last night. Didn't see you waving back though! :-(
Hope your VIP meeting was good - I guess my invite got lost in the post???!!! Don't worry, I wont take offence.....much!

505whimsygirl said...

Hello LLJ,

Oh, you had me laughing at the apron thing! hee hee The beading is great - especially the meaning put into it. Very thoughtful of you!

Is that thing on the music a slug or a snail? Or are they the same thing? I remember seeing a banana slug once and thought it was the most beautiful thing!

Not joining in this week as time got away from me. I did want to pop in to see what you've been up to.


Lisa-Jane said...

A man apron! I love it! I wish my own hubs would consider it. What is it with you and Jaki and slugs this week?? Love the charm and I love the thought behind all the little bits, I particularly like "weirdy woo"!

Ann B said...

Well you are being naughty this week a very 'ooh, err Missus' posting if ever there was one. Love the apron though and perfectly modelled.
A charming charm and the thought you put into it is superb, will be treasured.
Like the idea of your sitting on top of your stash guarding it. If I did the same I would fall off.
Bit late getting round the desks this week as we were out all yesterday, enjoying the sunshine while it lasts.
Ann B

Eliza said...

Oh gosh you post was ever so entertaining, thank you. I love the man apron and his tools of the trade LOL the spoon of course. Piles of things on the lawn and the sheet music, now that is a good one, something suss going on here.

Happy crafting this week
Eliza #164
Please respond only to the queenartoypia blog.

Bleubeard and Elizabeth said...

Well I had to laugh at the man apron and the model. Did he realize he was the brunt of a rather cute joke? And no, my mind didn't wander.

Lord, I hate slugs. That made me nearly sick when I saw it.

Sorry, I personally never knew about the goose craze. Maybe I didn't live through it, or maybe I was just too into rocking horses (grin). Of course, I DID love the jewelry. It's always nice to be able to point it back at the recipient. Makes it even more special in their eyes, too.

scrappymo! said...

Moles and slugs...oh my!
Your sewing is divine!

Princess Judy Palmer said...

Oh my! You make me laugh so much. My money is on an OCD mole. And how do you get a snail in your house in your music? I'm glad you pointed that the utensil in Mr. LLJ's hand was a spoon. I thought it was a knife and that you had serial killer issues as well as snail ones (albeit, a nice patriotic serial killer!). Love the charms and the though behind them. If I made beaded bits I could never part with them, so there is a madness I don't even touch.

Bridget Larsen said...

You sound like an Australian lol. hmm man apron and big tool just my kind of fantasy. Love the monochromatic stamps
Bridget #13

Polly Polkadot said...

we have flying slugs that frequent only one room in the house. But the reverse to yours - they start a trail in the middle of the room, go for a jaunt and then take off again, never appearing to enter or exit the room.

My name is Cindy said...

Oh Jan your posts always make me smile!! I'm glad I am not the only one who has slugs visiting in the house although mine don't seem to have any cultural aspirations as they just seem to traverse the living room in circles or go for the cat food. I am a bit concerned abou the one I found of the second step of the stairs, he seems to be making himself too much at home!! Great apron, we'll gloss over the utensil bits - Thanks for popping by to see me for WOYWW - Sorry I am so late, life messed up my plans Weds and this is the first chance I've had to catch up!! Cindy #8

peggy aplSEEDS said...

happy WOYWW! oh i love beads and having meaning to each bead you included in the charm is wonderful! oh the design of the music sheet cover caught my eye! i feel like using it for a background. watch out if ever i come visit you!
hugs, #15 peggy aplSEEDS

Neesie said...

What a wonderful post...it had me smiling throughout!
Apologies for being so late visiting this week...but I finally managed it!
What a brilliant perfect gift that I'm sure will be treasured. Your very talented.
The apron is fantastic and modelled so well. Thanks for sharing.
Have a wonderful weekend ~ enjoy!
Neesie #26

fairy thoughts said...

great post really made me laugh and boy after a fab holiday and the thought of back to work tomorrow I needed it
janet #60


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