Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Monday, 23 April 2012


It was G3's 16th birthday on Sunday. He wanted to go out to Avebury then have a picnic (the day before had been his day with mates, celebrating). That's easy to do we said. 
So we rolled up quite early and almost had the place to ourselves...
 It was a glorious morning and so peaceful before the crowds turned up
 Walking around the top of the bank, it's amazing to think that it was all snowy white chalk when first constructed, no turf at all. It must have been awe inspiring then - it still is today!
 Our favourite trees! Love these roots, they're so knotty and tangled. Is that a tree sprite I see??
People often leave tokens in the trees to say thank you to whoever they believe in...

One of my favourite stones is the Dragon. He's almost primeval...

Can you see him draped over the top of the stone with his head swooping down to the right? Dragons feature large in the Wiltshire mythology. The Celtic word for dragon is Hack and the word for head is Pen. We have a few Hackpen hills, the most famous having a white horse cut out of the chalk. A friend of mine has mapped out many of the notable sites in Wiltshire and interestingly, the most important correlate with the position of the major stars in the constellation Draco.  A coincidence? Maybe, but we underestimate our ancestors far too often....
My favourite piccy :)
And I'll leave you with a view down the Vale of Pewsey. I live at the far end! This is my favourite spot on a midsummer's evening. You can climb to the top of the hill (with a Neolithic camp on top) and sit listening to skylarks. Heaven on earth....
When I've shuffled off this mortal coil, Julia's on a promise to throw my ashes off the top to the winds so I can be up with the buzzards too. LOL!!!! That's what friends are for :)


  1. Oh very 'Easter Island' !!

    Love those trees though....all suitably gnarled and spooky!

    Looks like the weather was kind to you as well. Great photos and love that Dragon draped over the stone!

    Thanks for sharing.

    Jackie x

  2. Absolutely beautiful. How lucky to live so close.

    Those trees are amazing.

  3. ...loVely piccy's Jan...those knarled tree roots are amazing, mother nature certainly gives us wonderous things to keep our eyes entertained...Mel :)

  4. I would LOVE to go there! It is on my list of places to visit along with Stone Henge. I feel a real pull to the Celtic aspects of our history - it must be the red hair and crazy temper!

  5. LLJ,

    This is beautiful! What a great place for a picnic! I couldn't see the dragon until the close-up photo. It is awe-inspiring, isn't it.

    I received my tote -- I love it!!! Yep, I'll be carrying it around the great state of New Mexico and on a road trip to Colorado in June.


  6. What a place to be scattered from.

  7. Fabulous photos and now I know more I really need to visit again.... but before you are there permanently Tee hee... wonderful magic choice of resting place though.
    Love JoZarty x

  8. Gorgeous views! May I borrow one of your pics of the trees with the tangled roots? I'd love to try drawing one sometime. Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures of beautiful England!