Good Tidings We Bring
To You and Your Kin.
We Wish you a Merry Christmas
And a Happy New Year!
My band has played this song a lot over the past few weeks! Two more gigs left and then we're done for the Christmas season.  It's been fun, rewarding, often cold (three layers on for busking!!) but very enjoyable. Then it's time to give my tuba a soak in the bath and a good polish ready for the New Year!
So, my desk should be retitled 'What's On My Lap' this week....
'What? Me? Play with your wool? The very merest suggestion of a thought hadn't even begun to cross my mind.......' 
I'm knitting some wrist warmers for a friend's birthday. Now, at the risk of sounding like a real old-fashioned grump, didn't they used to be called fingerless gloves? What's all this wrist warmer nonsense??! Anyhow, the wool is randomly coloured so the knitting looks like complicated Fairisle, but without the hassle...Result :D  I'm also knitting a sweater in the same yarn for DH, but the extra amount of wool would be a step too far for Harry's self restraint!
The sewing machine has been resting up after all its pre-Christmas exertions, however I bought lots of co-ordinating fabrics for my 'Spring Collection' - oooh, get her!!  That'll give me something to do in the New Year - you know, when I'm bored and sitting twiddling my thumbs *grin*
Here's one I made earlier...! I love the material of this table centre and just had to keep one for us. The flower pots I made years ago for our village Pre-school Christmas fair, they keep coming back year after year. Do you have favourite Christmas pieces? I regard mine as old friends. The pleasure of opening the Christmas Box and rediscovering our 'treasures' is one our whole family enjoys.
We're very traditional - it has to be mostly red, green and gold - but they can still be funky :) Morti presented us with this little beauty she made, it's such fun, makes me smile. Another special treasure to cherish.

As is this, a really sweet hanging from Lisa (Craft Garden) - I like the sentiment about Friendship very much as that's the main thing I've taken from this blogging lark - the links around the globe between previously unknown people have been a revelation and very heartwarming as well. Thank you for making it for me, Lisa - I love it!
Speaking of friendship, here's the portion of Herman, the Friendship Sourdough cake starter that my brother passed onto me. The starter has been doing the rounds for some time now, I'll grow this batch and then pass it on myself to three other friends. A simple yet really pleasing thing to do.

I'll finish with a pic taken back in warm, sunny August at my Big Birthday Bash. I'd like to raise a glass and toast you all, the lovely readers of WOYWW. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and may 2012 be happy, healthy and exciting!
Jan xxxx


Annie said...

Your cat is watching you so closely that I'm sure if you put your knitting down he will run up the other glove while your not watching :-)
Hope you and yours have a really special festive time and Santa brings you all you deserve.
A x

Anesha said...

Love your little helper,he looks very interested in what you are doing. Have a great Christmas. :)

Sylvia/LittleTreasures said...

What great photos, Cats they love the attention and their curiosity is something..don't miss a thing. Mine, Baxter and Bailey will have to deal with a puppy coming to visit this Chrismas. They are not ones to hide when visitors come so will be fun to see what happens.
I have some Herman in the freezer!!!
Love your tree ornaments too, I just celebrated my BD and it was the warmest year ever. in the 50's in Dec here. Showed all the party goers the lovely bunting and they all loved it. Thanks again
May you and yours have a wonderful holiday and enjoy the merriment.

Helen said...

Ha, yes why not fingerless gloves? Wrist warmers imply they only go over the wrist... (or do they?)
LOVR your table decoration - and the table runner. LOVE it. Have a very very happy Christmas.

Neet said...

I would think wrist warmers were like those towelling things sporty people wear - but hey ho what do I know! I must have some wrist warmers then as yesterday I wore them. Do I sound as if I have been sniffing the Gluhwein?
Here's to a Happy Christmas for you and yours. Hugs, Neet #4 xx

Lisa-Jane said...

Oh yes I love finding "old friends" too and now your bunting will become one of them (pics finally on the blog!) Good luck with Herman - they are delicious! Merry Christmas lovely Lunch Lady Jan xx

April said...

They will always be fingerless gloves to me :o) love your baubles! I too enjoy opening up my box of baubles and re-deisovering all my beauties! Have had lots of comments on how lovely the bunting is that you sent me! have a great Christmas! x

April said...

*that's supposed to be re-discovering!!!! :o) x

Tuire Flemming said...

Herman has visited Finland, too! Love that red machine - it´s the same colour as our kitchen!
Have a Merry Christmas!
Tuire xx #52

sandra de said...

The look on Kitty's face says it all "What the heck is a wrist warmer!". Have a wonderful christmas, rest that tuba and celebrate.


Oooh friendship cake - we make that from time to time and then it all peters out..... Your lovely bunting is now adorning my mock 'fireplace' ie. we have the surround but the grate was obviously boarded up sometime ago. Must remember to take a photo for my next post. Love the look on your cats face. Have a great Christmas festive hugs Wendy x

JoZart said...

Great post and you seem to be keeping busy right up to the day! Gorgeous puss and the face really shows the fascination with your knitting!
I wear "Pulse Heiss".... wrist warmers which were given me by a Swiss friend. I have made so many since for friends but sewn in velour. They work wonderfully well.
I too love those Carols you mentioned in your comment and when we sang in a choir and group I used to do the Gaudete verses solo! Always reminds me of Maddy Prior's version.
Happy Christmas,
Love JoZarty x

Jacqueline said...

Awww loving that kitty! I have ZERO chance of EVER being able to knit or crochet when my cat is around....lol...If I'm not fighting with him for the end of the neeedles it's for the wool!! * sighs* .. lol.

May you have a lovely safe and warm Christmas and a prosperous, happy and healthy New Year,

Take care

Jackie x

okienurse said...

awww...looking like kitty has settled in well! I have fingerless gloves...I didn't realize they had changed names! Hope you and your family enjoy a Merry Christmas holiday. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #44

Anonymous said...

Lovely photos, I think I have that glass tree ornament and I have a picture of it on my blog!
You're in Winchester, right? My husband works up there but I've never been, maybe one day he'll take me!

jude said...

Great photos of your lap desk!Love the ornaments and the table runner your so very creative wish i was that good with sewing machine .Mine seems to collect dust more than anything!
Have very Merry christmas and please pop by i have candy on offer
hugs judex 22

Sunshine Girl said...

I thought they were fingerless gloves too - but then I dont get out much so they could be one and the same thing! Love all your decorations. Have a wonderful Christmas. Sunshine Girl – No 38

Bella said...

Had no idea what wrist warmers were, so glad you informed me...LOL... Have a great Christmas and New year.

Anonymous said...

I'm seriously impressed with your dexterity skills! How is it you're able to control a cat on your lap, knit with both hands and take a picture at the same time?? Lovely ornaments and table decorations, I wish I was more creative with fabric. Beautiful decorations from both Morti and Lisa, and yes, this blogging lark is quite the thing isn't it? I'm really glad you came along for the ride. have a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year to you and yours.

Brenda 71

inkypinkycraft said...

Happy woyww and happy Christmas trace x

Ann B said...

How come you can't read the words of a carol without hearing the music in your head - well at least that's what happens to me. My Sorrel loves to sit on my knee while I 'try' to type - very difficult so goodness knows how you can knit with a cat sitting there.Wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year.
Ann B

lisa said...

Maybe we are just showing our age when we remember them as fingerless gloves, Jan!! The young folk love to think they invented things... like Abba!!!!!
I had to laugh at your cat, we have a crafty cat too who is attempting to chew the top of my pens as I colour at the minute.
It's lovely when we get our old friends out at Christmas isn't it. I have lots but my main one is the Christmas plate I put my cake on every year.
Here Here to friends. The world would be a poorer place without them.
Wishing you and yours a wonderful Christmas and a very Happy New Year.
See you on the other side.
Hugs Lisax

505whimsygirl said...

The cat looks very interested in what you are doing, perhaps one of your students?!? I thought they were fingerless gloves also. Ah well, the younger generation. hee hee

The table runner looks wonderful, by the way.

Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Mrs A. said...

I think he is counting the rows for you in case you forget!!!! Have been looking at the Janome models and found the blurb on yours but have now totally confused myself over which ones do what and which stitches do I want it to do. That glass looks really inviting. Have just told 'The Doc' that Christmas starts now in our house so off to have a few nibbles and a glass or two maybe three before its time to put the samon in the oven. Best wishes for a lovely Christmas and Happy New Year to you. Hugs Mrs A & The Monkeys.

Princess Judy Palmer said...

You've got Harry's comments down to a T! I've known them as fingerless gloves too, maybe why I can't find them around--I'm looking for the wrong thing!

Twiglet said...

Just watching Nigel Slater as I catch up with my WOYWW hop. Glass of wine on my table. Parcels wrapped and tree trimmed. Happy Christmas Jan. x Jo

Doone said...

at risk of being called a pedant (and I'm often called worse, and respond loudly 'call me from a pig to a dog if you wish, but don't call me late for my dinner'...) I think a wrist warmer has a bracelet appearance and a fingerless glove has a side bit through which a thumb is inserted, thus providing forehand coverage not present in just a wrist warmer, however I may be reading WAYYYY too much into the technical design spec... bet it * whatever nomenclature we plump for) is gorgeous -if the cat don't get it first...


PS Happy Christmas!

505whimsygirl said...

Hi Jan,
You asked what type of bird Tulip is. She's a yellow sided green cheek conure. She was hatched 09/05 so she's still a baby. I just love her to bits. She steps up on my finger quite well and she enjoys being where I am. I just have to watch out for my bird dog, Daisy, who actually is in the background of one of my shots on my WOYWW post.

Merry Christmas!!!

fairy thoughts said...

I love the expression on your cats face. . almost demonic attention to your wool. I think Doone is right about the wrist warmers, they are different to fingerless gloves.
enjoy the festive season and the 'rest'. . as if
janet #24

minnie_mac said...

Yes, Kitty definitely has that look on his face. I've had mine 'helping' me today with the Christmas decs. Christmas tree baubles are her speciality, but she's a dab hand with the tinsel too.

Cheers to you, and have a great Christmas.


TangolikeRaindrop said...

I ~love~ Morti's Christmas bauble! Merry Christmas and all the best for 2012! x

May said...

Your cat is so cute, ready to pounce! your decs are beautiful, Merry Christmas, Hugs May x x x x x

Sam said...

Thanks for clearing up the meaning of wrist warmers. Will always be Steptoe's gloves to me!! LOL!!
Is your cat about to fall off your lap? LOL! You are lucky he doesn't try to "help"!!! I think S's hat will have to be wrapped complete with needles as I only have one lunch hour left in work!!
Merry Christmas

Joanna King (aka Asia K) said...

Love your cat and your Christmas tree! Merry Christmas to you and yours!!!

Shaz in Oz.CalligraphyCards said...

Hi there Lunch lady Jan, ah thanks so much for popping over, and we too have a traditionally coloured tree of red gold and green, and was given a new dec. to treasure in red and gold hand made by a friend so an extra smile when we unpack the bx next year, all being well!
Happy WOYWW! and thanks for being a blessing to me through 2011.
All the blessings of the season as we celebrate the birth of the dear Lord Jesus and the greatest gift of all, love Shaz in oz. x #20

peggy aplSEEDS said...

Just dropping by to greet you and your loved ones a joyful and blessed Christmas season, Jan! Wow, you sure are multi-talented - sewing, knitting, baking, being in a band and what else! i've been seeing your festive banners in some of the other blogs. wonderful! Thanks for sharing your life and projects with us in your blog!
peggy aplSEEDS

SueH said...

Just look at that look in Harry’s eyes…….......he’s going to be in there at any second, Lol!
I know for a fact that BoJangles couldn’t show that much restraint.

Your tree looks beautiful in the traditional colours Jan.
I often think I should change the colours on my tree but it’s taken me years to put together my collection of gold and crystal decorations and I wouldn’t want to part with any of them. They have come from all over the world when I travel and my favourite one of all is the crystal Penguin that I brought from Tiffany in New York………….which incidentally cost me an arm and a leg.

Thanks for your friendship and inspiration throughout the year
Wishing you a very Happy Christmas.


bebebubu said...

Merry Christmas and hope you have a fab new year! I love your decorations and everything is so Christmasy... Also thank you for voting for me! X

bebebubu said...

Merry Christmas and hope you have a fab new year! I love your decorations and everything is so Christmasy... Also thank you for voting for me! X

Sarah said...

A fabulous seamstress and cat hypnotist too - you could get him to do the cleaning in that state! Hope Mr. Tuba scrubs up well and I love the festive bauble. So glad you hopped onto the WOYWW bus - stay on board! Thanks for sharing in such a busy week! Hope you have a very festive and wonderfully merry time - see you in 2012! Sarah at 11.

Morti said...

Oh, that's funny - Harry looks so manic! Love the idea of the wrist warmers - they are very "on trend" at the moment. Glad you like the bauble, I might have to make a habit of it! Hope to see you over the festive period for another spot of something warming, you know where to find us (and that Geocache!)

Angie said...

Sorry I am posting by pasting the same to everyone …I hate to do this but it saves on energy that I lack and time, as I am a slow typer.
THANK YOU so much for your good wishes …they cheered me up so much. I will up date you all on my health issues after the festive break but at least my balance problems have sorted them selves out and I think I shall be well enough to enjoy the Festive Holiday break. I enjoyed reading your post as I always do.
All my good wishes to you and your family. xx
Love your photos ....and I too love everything in a minor key. xx

MaggieC said...

It is ages since I heard about the Friendship starter. We used to pass it around a lot a few years ago. Now I am baking bread etc again, I must look at doing a starter like that. By the way, you might like to pop back to my blog and read about yet another scam which seems to be doing the rounds (we have just been called from them), just when we are up to our eyes in last minute preparations. Have a lovely Christmas.

Tracey Fletcher KIng said...

Glad you cleared up the wrist warmer thing... I read it and thought what are they... they are still fingerless gloves here in Australia, not that we have much use for them in the heat at the moment... have a wonderful holiday break and hope it is just a perfect celebration...xx

Electra said...

You're cat looks like she is concentrating very hard!
I hope you have a glorious Christmas!1

The Crafty Elf said...

Cheers my friend! Sip sip horray to the Holidays!

Love the cat and the face! I was LMAO!!! Such great festive pictures..thanks for sharing! Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas with family and friends and All The Best for a Safe, Happy and Healthy New Year! Thank you for your comments over the last year, I'm so happy you took the time from your busy schedule to visit - Thank You!

Shazsilverwolf said...

Lovely post Jan- full of warmth & fun. I hope you have a fabulous Christmas, and I am sure I am not the only one looking forward to The Spring Collection, lol!Shaz #19

Kim said...

Your kitty is busy figuring it out!! Lord knows I haven't!(knitting, that is) Loved looking at all your into. I hope your have a Very Merry Christmas!

Lori said...

I love your table centre. I hope you have a Christmas filled with joy and family!

Elizabeth said...

Hello, just popping in late to say I've really enjoyed visiting your blog, and admiring your handiwork throughout the year. It's been fun getting to know you, virtually that is :) Call me a grumpy old woman too, but they are fingerless gloves to me too! Your tree looks gorgeous and I love your table decorations. Have a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Elizabeth x #46

BumbleVee said...

I have mixer envy. I so want another KitchenAid.

I had my own little Snow White for many years.... and wanted to upgrade a bit when I began making bread...because I thought I would wreck her. So, like an idiot I got a CuisineArt....bigger and stronger, supposedly... Big mistake! It's blade doesn't even get to the bottom of the bowl... doesn't mix nearly as well as my old one, it is really noisy...grinds something fierce at low speed, which I need to mix bread of course... and I keep hoping it will blow up ... but, so far ...just some odd smells every so often. Sigh... so...I will probably just eventually give it to somebody and buy a new KitchenAid anyway.
My brother...who makes a lot of bread...still has little Snow White and she is still going along as strong as ever ...


MY LOVE IS LIKE A RED RED ROSE.... I've had a lovely few days - yep. it's been busy again but with lovely things like visiting ...