Crafting, fun and friendship

Crafting, fun and friendship

Wednesday, 27 July 2011


Cor Blimey......

.....It has been one incredibly busy week.  My workdesk has been temporarily dismantled so here is my washing line instead!  As previously reported by Mrs Dunnit, I was tempted by the call of a fabric shop in Winchester en route to Portsmouth.  There was some sweeeet fabric and as I've got an NCT fair for parents, babies and toddlers coming up, I thought I'd simply HAVE to get some more stash..oh deary me... *grin*. 

These little baby trousers are a prototype for some friends' babies.  The heart material is going to be the outside of a drawstring bag with the floral as lining.  I don't know what the gingham is going to be yet - a tablecloth for me probably as I love it sooo much, I can't let it go (what a saddo....)

Ditto for the little boys' gear - I've made the bag but haven't threaded the drawstring through yet.  The heart material is slightly brushed, it's incredibly soft and strokable...lovely!!

Postscript from last week's post: Julia nabbed the grey/green fabric, so when I have time, she's going to get a cover for her Kenwood food mixer.  I might have to be creative to 'stretch' the amount of fabric - but I relish a challenge!

After admiring Shaz in Oz's beach photos, I thought I'd share 'my' beach in South Wales.  I've just come back from visiting my parents and was on this beach last night.  It's called Cefn Sidan (Welsh for 'Silken Back', referring to the sand banks) and I grew up a mile away. 

You can just spot me and Son No 2 walking out for a paddle! The land in the distance is called the Worm's Head on the Gower Peninsula.  Apparently the Vikings called it Wurm, meaning Snake or Dragon - it's Wales' very own Loch Ness Monster :)  Hope you like it, Shaz!!

It's my 50th birthday next Monday - this is the cake my 86 year old mother presented me with......

I had to put up with A LOT when I was growing up...!!

And finally, Harry was infuriated that Ron got all the fuss last week, so here he is, looking rather snuggly inside my tuba gig bag!!  Honestly, any warm spot is fair game to a cat, isn't it??!

Hope you all have a wonderful week - I'm hooked on this blogging lark now.  It's all your fault.....LOL!!!


  1. what a great post with fab pics - who can resist a pretty fabric... yummy cake - enjoy the 4 while you can!
    thanks for the peek today! Sarah (Sasa at 1)

  2. Really love the washing line full of yummy fabrics.
    A x

  3. Let me start by wishing you an early but very happy 50th! Love the cake that your mom made. Too cute! Love the washline too! The trousers are simply adorable!!! Makes me wish that the sewing machine and I got along better! LOL! Happy Wednesday (even without a desk). Fab beach photo too!- Amanda #36

  4. So much in this post! Firstly, the loveliest clothesline I've ever seen! Secondly, beach!!! Thirdly...what a fun mom you have! a 49th bday cake? Cherishable. Happy Bday!

  5. Gorgeous fabrics! Happy birthday for next week - nothing wrong with being 50.... The beach is beautiful, how do you leave?

  6. Oh wow Jan, what a super post! Love, love all the fabric and the beach photos are gorgeous. I've heard that the Gower Penninsular is stunning but, sadly, never ventured. All those signs in Welsh confuse me - I just seem to focus on the Welsh and can't see the bits in English. It's now on my 'bucket list' though! 50 is great, trust me........I remember it well. Happy WOYWW! Oh, do pop over to my blog to see the results of the Fine Line Pro MArker nib draw!!!Di xx

  7. Lovely fabrics and that beach - so beautiful! Enjoy your birthday :)

  8. Love the fabrics think hearts my fav!The beach piccy is absolutely stunning!Happy Birthday for next week
    Have fab wednesday and a creative week ahead.
    hugs Judex 7

  9. Hey Jan happy birthday for next Monday love the cake!!!

    The beach looks wonderful I wouldn't have wanted to come back.

    The items on the washing line are just gorgeous if you are selling the gingham tablecloth please let me know or can I put an order in for one - seriously. It would go so well in my kitchen.

    Laura x

  10. Fantastic beach photos. Beautiful fabric. Lovely tuba! ;0)

  11. Lol! Very clever of you to put up a pic of a washing line. :) Gotta love you mom's sense of humor. :) And cats are most attracted to places where it is least desired to leave cat hair behind. Somehow they always find that spot. :)

  12. WOW - love the look of that beach . . . just goes to prove that it DOESN'T always rain in Wales! LOL!

    Fab pictures.

    Happy WOYWW.

    Hugs, Sandra Take a peek at MY DESK here

  13. Love your fabrics! I love fabric too!
    The blue chicken was claimed by one of my grandsons as soon as he came around on Saturday!

  14. Ahhh I love those little trousers soooooo cute!! lovely fabrics! The beach shots are lovely, hope it wasn't too cold for your paddle :o) Cake looks yummy. Thanks for sharing, my tummy is rumbling now :o)

  15. What a great post ...I love beach photos ...where ever they are ...or time of year...although i think I love British beaches most,as they have character.
    Your line of prototypes and material makes me smile ...not sure why???? maybe its the trousers that look like pantaloons lol ...A question you wash your fabric before you work with it?
    Thanks for your lovely comment xx

  16. Hey Jan! what a great idea to share your creations on your clothes-line!!! They're jsut too adorable! And a great and wonderful 49th (wink-wink) birthday to you!!!

    addictive indeed :) lol!

  17. Great fabric - I have some to make up might have to hunt it out after I've been away :0)
    Love the cake - god help you when you do turn 50 - you'll have to share. Thanks for visiting

  18. Hi Jan
    lol what a fabulous post oh you shoulda called in for a cuppa as you were passin, lovely material, aww bless ya mum fab cake, me n you both this year hun, thanks for the mocch, have great day, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  19. Maybe you want to start a new item... What's on your washing-line Wednesday? :-) All your fabric looks really great. It brightens up your day.
    And what a gorgeous sunny beach. Maybe it's time to come to Wales. Thanks for sharing.
    Bye, Franka

  20. Happy Birthday for next week!
    Love the washing line! Lovely fabrics on there.
    Thanks for the Tourist information and proving that it doesn't ALWAYS RAIN IN WALES!!! It has been beautiful the last few days!
    Your Mum sounds full of beans!!
    You should have popped in for a coffee and bakestone on your way home!

  21. Great post, beautiful fabrics, love gingham, and those wee trousers are super cute. Great photos of the beach too. What is it about cats - mine refuses to sleep in her designated bed, preferring just about any other odd place in the house or garden - she even sleeps in the cold frame! Hope you birthday is a happy one - I'd love to be 50 again :) Elizabeth x #59

  22. Happy Early Birthday! Your line is full of adorableness! And that cake looks yummy!

  23. Hi again Jan.
    If you fancy a wander in Monmouth there is a lush shop at the top end of the town. Find the National Trust shop, back to the door and this little shop is diagon-ally left. It is full of lovely ribbons, buttons, laces, edgings and stuff! Not cheap but good for the soul. There are also a load of quaint giftey shops for yourself as well as others!!
    If you are after fabric then you can do no better than to go to Hereford and Doughtys!! (also online!) Find Marks and Spencer and as you face the doors you will see a little alleyway to the left. Go down there, cross the little road and about half way down is the Doughty needlework shop. A little further down you will see Capichon Alley (spelt something like that!). Go in there and there are two Doughty fabric shops - one for dressmaking and the other for quilting!!
    Enjoy and don't forget the plastic!!
    Of course, there is the Quilting NEC show next month - Doughtys will be there and they usually sell lots at reduced prices!! 11 - 14 August! I am going on the 11th if you fancy meeting for coffee!!

  24. I'm loving the fabrics and I'm loving thee beautiful silken beach but I really love your Mum's attitude to age!
    Happy 30 plus 20 birthday!
    joZarty x

  25. oooo love those baby you make nappy covers too, can't remember what they are called...for going over terry nappies...

    haha love the flag on your cake.

    have a great week and a fabalicious birthday.x

  26. Thanks for stopping by my blog today. I am trying to get to as many people as possible. But it's hard when I get sucked into every blog I visit.
    I'll be back again soon.

  27. What a brilliant sense of humour your mum has got, love it! Beautiful beach photos too, never got to The Gower before I left England, hubby used to go there on holidays as a little boy. That fabric is lush, worth making a detour for. The gold angel is now on a card and will be posted on Friday if you'd like to pop back!


  28. Happy birthday! What a funny flag for your cake! Your mom is adorable! And I like your beach pics esp the one with the "Loch Ness" in the distance.

  29. Lovely to see all those gorgeous fabrics and that beach looks beautiful:) Had to laugh at your Mum's little flag!

  30. Tee hee... you made me laugh. I love your washing line and that cake just cracked me up!!!! Have a great week

  31. Jan I love your mothers SOH, LOL. Fab beach too. I don't blaim you not wanting to let go of your gingham...I have a thing for it too.
    Loving your little kiddies trousers, very cute.
    Thanks for sharing, Erika.

  32. great to see your mom still has her sense of humor. love the cake. thanks for sharing the pics of the area. i always love seeing personal shots of the areas that we don't so often see in travel mags.

  33. Hi there, Thanks for sharing your desk this week! I'm dashing around this week like the white rabbit; places to go and things to see! Hope you have a lovely week.

  34. Sounds like you’ve been busy with the old sewing machine this week Jan. I love all your makes and the materials are so sweet, thanks for sharing.

    And what a beautiful photo of ‘your’ beach. People are always banging on about the beaches abroad but we have some beautiful stretches of coastline here in the UK, don’t we?

    Thanks for stopping by blog and leaving your message, it’s always appreciated.
    You asked if we could get close to ‘the dress’, well close enough to see all the detail of the lace but we were not allowed to take photos. I have some links to some pictures Here where you can see all the detail though.

    Happy Crafting!

  35. What a brilliant post. I adore your washing line, those cute trousers are just fantastic.
    Thanks for sharing the beautiful beach photos. I would love to live by the sea!!
    Wishing you a very Happy Birthday for next week too. I think I will stay 49 for ever!!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Hugs Lisax

  36. Hi there dear patient lunch lady Jan! thanks for popping over! sorry running soooo late! my "end of weeks" seems to be very busy would be better if on Monday or weekend for me.. not worry better late than never... I just love your "desk" so much interesting stash -strung out on the line! so agree with your logic for buying yet more! and laughed at your mumma's sense of humour (think you may have inherited it?), with your cake great sense of humour and looked nice cake too! Ans wow your beaches are gorgeous can so why it is called silverbsack the first one... and the other too very very lovely;..I did enjoy my brief sojourn in Wales in 2009. Two best friend here in Melbourne and where live now were Welsh bit biased.. Happy belated WOYWW! Shaz in Oz.x

  37. Beautiful beach photos. Happy birthday for Monday - a very special day for my family too.

  38. It's a good thing I'm late on WOYWW or I wouldn't have had a chance to wish you a happy birthday! I just seen on Ms Dunnit's blog so had to come visit.
    I like the little trousers on the line in the top photos

  39. I'm actually here to wish you a happy birthday, but realized I hadn't been by to visit on Wednesday. It's been a week and more this past week. I'm hoping you have a birthday post so I can do it up proper.

  40. Looks like I have to leave my birthday wishes here. Hope your day was perfect!

  41. Late one here for me this week ,uber busy with work! LOve the line full of fabric makes, fantastic!How cute is Harry in the Tuba bag,my Mr Binxz is black & white! Happy Birthday for Monday!!! Enjoy your cake & have a great day!

  42. happy 50th. Mine went by eons ago...
    thanks for leaving a comment on my WOYWW 113 post.

  43. Happy Birthday Jan! I can only imagine what kind of ruckus you and Mrs Dunnit will raise at your "summer cottage!" Hope you have a grand time and celebrate in style!!!