Well, it will be next Monday when we finally move into our new place in Wales!  The past two weeks have been a combination of picking up keys, checking the new place out, packing boxes and socialising quite a bit! And making sure that Julia knows where I'll be living. As she said, I can run but I can't hide...... :-D

My craft room is now all in boxes:
Well, actually it's the plastic boxes behind this lot - I really don't have that huge a stash. I know it's hard to believe :-D  I'm fortunate in that the smallest bedroom will be JanCave Mark2, it'll be great to have a space that I can just leave stuff out in once again.

There have also been a lot of goodbyes - I knew that leaving band would be one of the hardest things to do, but it was made more emotional when they presented me with this:
A painting of the Phoenix Logo, done by the DiL of David, the MD and everyone in band has signed around the mount. And the writing at the top?

Cleverly using some of my favourite tunes to say goodbye. I sobbed! Then I blubbed. I absolutely love it - great memories of wonderful friends in a fantastic band.  It's going to have pride of place in the new house and will be a reminder of some truly lovely people.

I shan't see you for a couple of weeks until we get the Interwebs up and running. So take care and keep crafting xxxxxxxx



Hi there - the first post of a brand new year! Hope it's going to be a good 'un....the year that is, though hopefully the blog will be ok too :-D

There's not much to show you so this is going to be quite short...

This really has to be a job for this week - putting Christmas stuff away, tidying up my ribbon box before it gets packed (sorry Shaz!) and generally getting ready for the move to Wales. We don't have a date yet but hopefully it won't be too long - I'm getting itchy feet now!

The crochet blanket is coming along ok, I spread it out for you to see. The pile of fabric in front of the sewing machine was an impulse buy in the sales during an impromptu hour in Salisbury with Julia.

The rose and leaves fabric were £5 a metre but the grey hearts was £3, so I bought two metres of it! It was really wide too so I'll get lots out of that (I might even make a tablecloth for my very wide dining table instead...watch this space!)

But nothing is going to get sewn in the next couple of weeks, that's for sure. I'll let you know when I'm going to disappear for a month or so - packing, moving, swapping interwebs etc etc means I'll be out of your hair for a while :-D

Have a great week everyone, I may be late returning comments as I'm out visiting today.


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