And that lyric came about because I saw that today was WOYWW 360, which led me to think of the internal angle of a circle, which led me to wonder if that was the internal angle of a sphere, which led me to think of the world....and so the lyric popped into my head!

Oh yes, my brain is THAT weird :-)

I have managed to complete some sewing this week. Bunting, for example...you don't do any for ages, then three requests come along at the same time.....bit like buses!!

This was what last week's show and tell finished up as:
The lady asked for pink, so that's what she got - with a touch of lilac thrown in.  This has been received and all are happy, so am I. It's always a bit nerve wracking making things sight unseen and hoping the person likes it!

Today's desk:
I've just started making this for the third grandson of a friend in band. The letters are sewn down and I'm fiddling with the ribbons and ricrac until it looks 'right'.  I seem to be incapable of sorting through ribbons without making a cats cradle of it all.....

Hmmm, needs a bit of a sort out, I think!  The fat quarters were a prezzie from Julia - they're gorgeous, fresh colours and I need to have a bit of a think about what to use them for. The little cardi is one of those knit-from -the-top-down ones again - I've made this one to add to the charity pile and need to sew those buttons on. Good colour match, aren't they?!

I thought I'd leave you with The View from my Workdesk!
My tree is just coming into bloom and is looking very gorgeous. And all my fav bits and bobs are on the window sill - so, from L-R we have:
* a squirty water bottle sent by Sandy (EatWriteDreamStitch) in Missouri
* a stained glass panel made by my friend Jenny
* a little wooden mushroom given to me by Chris, my dear late SiL
* an exquisite little picture from Diana (Velvet Moth Studio)
* a gorgeous pic and frame made by our talented Debbie Rock (the pic is me and Julia)
* a teeny thimble in the shape of a teapot, one of the very few things I have of my        Grandma's
*a beautiful perfume bottle made by Bristol Blue glass, given to me by my lovely friend Sue
* a friendship canvas made by Julia
* a Piggy Bank, with 'Immoral Earnings' on the side...this makes me laugh a lot!
* and finally, the big sign, again a present from Julia. All I can say to that, Mate, is Pot calls    the kettle black :-)

So, I gaze at these all the time because they're in my eyeline and I think of the lovely peeps they're associated with :-D

Have a great week xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


No song lyrics today, just a YouTube link: Aberystwyth

It's been a tough couple of weeks, I've had to spend a lot of time at my dad's bedside in hospital while he's been battling pneumonia; he's rallying a little, which is a relief. The link above is one of his (and mine) favourite Welsh hymns. I do love a Minor key :-). Then we heard about the earthquake in Ecuador where my brother and SiL are on holiday, thankfully they managed to email us that, while they were close to the epicentre, they are ok. Phew.

And thank you to the lovely gals who missed me and checked that I was ok via email xxxxx

But I do have a desk to show....well, the start of something at least. I've been asked to make some personalised bunting so have to get on with it.
Pretty pastel colours help lift the mood. I bought some more butterfly embellishments as I'd run out. I think they're supposed to be for scrapbooking but I remove the sticky pad off the back and carefully sew them on!
There you go, a closer shot. Pretty, aren't they?

I have knitted quite a lot while sitting around in hospital and have just got to lightly steam and block out some pieces.

Some folk asked how our decorating was going on...we're back in our bedroom, hooray!!
Nothing fancy, just simple and calming: I love it. I painted four coats onto the wall to cover up the previous darker colour, using a light reflecting paint. It's worked so well, I keep thinking I've left the light on!

Sorry about the rather downhearted beginning today, I shall leave you with something that made me smile. You may remember I've been knitting stuff for a rescue greyhound charity, including matching owner hats/dog snoods? Well, the organisers emailed me a photo....

A lovely chap called Liam bought this set and wore it all day apparently!!  It was so nice to see that what I made is actually of some use and raised some cash :-) Yay. happy dance.

Have a grand week, lovely gals xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx



I tell you, my crafting life has been two steps forward and one step back recently!  No sooner do I get my Jan-cave up and running than it becomes a dumping ground while our upstairs is still a work-in-action!  Never mind about not making anything, I can't see my desk at the moment!

Curtains, hat boxes (not containing any titfers...there's a good word, eh?!), shoe boxes with old bits and pieces from my parents' house, two of my son's lego models which we have to box up and store in HIS attic, clothes rails, boots, hangers...I could go on!  But if you take a peak at the front corner of my desk, you will see some embroidery floss that I bought in a local bargains shop. Don't hold your breath for any amazing creations, it's for when I make a few knitted creatures for a charity :-D

I have been busy in my downstairs craftroom though...ie the settee, whilst tv watching:

I bought 2x100g balls of this variegated yarn in the bargains shop as well, thinking I'd knit a toddler jumper. It's bright and breezy and makes me smile! Fortunately, I already had some green DK at home that matched quite well. The creamy blob to the right is another of those upside-down cardies that needs steaming and three buttons attaching.

It's very nice feeling wool, for all that it was cheap and I'm really enjoying the way the changes in colour are forming almost an intarsia fairisle pattern....without all the aggro of stranding yarn across the back of the work. Happy Dance :-)  I think it'll make a fun jumper for a 3-4 year old!

And that's it for now - I've had two requests for personalised bunting which I have to knuckle down and get made. Hopefully there'll be a bit more to show you next week.....



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