Happy 3rd WOYWW Birthday, Julia - my dear old mate! I bet you never thought, when you dreamt up this desk lark 3 years ago, that it would be not only still going but thriving too! Congrats for being a wonderful organiser of it all because you do an awful lot behind the scenes that many are unaware of. Here's to the next 3 and all the friendships held within this little patch of Cyberspace. xxxx
And thanks from LLJ for all the wonderful support over the past few weeks - how lovely that Desk Friends can come to mean so much :) I love the fact that there's going to be ATC goodwill going all over the world over the next few days.
Anyhow... the desk...
I'm on the final leg of bunting making - there's a craft fair on Friday and I want to get rid of it now! I have enjoyed making it very much. I did a list of all the Bloomin British Bunting entrants..
Then I stood with my eyes shut, arm outstretched and let a button drop to see which name it would  land on. Great idea? NOT. The first few times it pinged off the table and as I had my eyes shut didn't see where it went!!! Undeterred, I soldiered on, lowered my arm a bit to reduce button velocity (!) and ...behold...the button picked a winner...
BJ - the Button picked you!! Yay :) Please can you email your address ASAP and I'll get it off to you so you can use it this weekend.

Finally, does anyone need a laptop case warmer? I've got one right here - he's very cheap to hire..bit of food and a tickle under the chin....what? It keeps me happy!!
If you're celebrating the Jubilee. have a wonderful weekend - aw heck, have one even if you're not!! See y'all next week!

LLJ xxxx


Life is slowly returning to normal. I got some new fabric what seems like ages ago now, so I put it on the desk and looked at it..then looked some more..
I love both of these - the stamp fabric is so funky and stripey ticking is always a winner - but inspiration deserted me. I have no idea what to make with it! All suggestions welcome :)
I won't be taking part in the ATC swap next week, just got too much to do, but instead am going to offer a giveaway of some Union Jack Bunting, ready for the Jubilee and the Olympics. 
In order to enter, you just have to add 'Bloomin' British Bunting' to your comment and I'll pick a winner at random :)

My mother's funeral was sad but amazing. 160 people turned up, many couldn't get in. The hymn singing was amazing (not surprising in Wales!) - my dad's Male Voice Choir was there in force. They sang a medley of Ar Hyd Y Nos (All Through The Night) and a spiritual 'Angels Watching Over Me'. It was the most poignant, beautiful, spine tingling moment - there were definitely angels helping us all then.
And then today, I was walking through a garden centre when I saw this gorgeous rose....

And then I saw the label...
It's now planted outside my back door. She was a mum in a million and I shall miss her.
Thank you for all your love and support, it truly has helped me through this difficult few weeks.
LLJan xxxx


It's been a month of upheaval and emotion (see previous post) but my mum would have wanted me to carry on..so I am.
There is a definite therapy involved in the measuring and cutting out of fabric. It's quite restful to do after all the turmoil. So here's my desk.
I'm using some leftover fabric to make two reversible tote bags for my shop.
I thought I'd make two bags, both the same with pocket details on the spotty side.
The spotty side..
The stripy side
I rather like them - they're bright and cheerful.
A couple of weeks ago, I started making personalised bunting. This was a commission for a friend to give as a present.
You don't hear of many babies called Douglas these days - I think there's a Scottish connection in the family. I also made this colourful bunting for another very special little boy.
And then I got some scraps together for another little project but can't show you the results yet..it's a secret :)
That's it..short and sweet. Please forgive me if I don't return all the comments, I'm back to Wales again tomorrow. xx

My Mum

Dear Bloggy Friends,

It's a very sad LLJ this week - my wonderful mother passed away on the 4th May. No pain, she just got more tired, went to sleep and didn't wake again.
                                             Mum and Dad - 29th March 1947

She was an amazing lady throughout her life, who lived life to the max. She threw herself into any organization she got involved with - she was never one of life's bystanders. The huge amount of visitors to the house has been testament to her many friends.
                                                     Mum and Me - 1962
She was such a support to my two brothers and I - whatever we did or achieved, she gained enormous pleasure from us as we did her. She just made her 87th birthday and 65th Wedding Anniversary which we were so grateful for.
Dear May..loving wife, mother of three, grandmother of seven and great grandmother..you shall be missed so much.


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